Japanese to Chinese Garden

Day: Monday
Date: 19 May 2008
Time: 11am
Location: Chinese Garden

Peiling and I went out on a photo trip at Chinese Garden. Monday morning, everyone is at work and school. It was our holidays then.

We walked to the Japanese Garden just beside and took lots of photos. Finally we got tired of walking and rested under a shelter facing a pond. There were quite a few shelters there, but this one has a hill behind and a few rocks around.

We sat down and munched on the potato chips I’ve brought along. After eating we continued taking pictures of each other and the whole thing suddenly got very naughty. We started taking pictures of my hand in her skirt and her hands on my shorts.

After that, I got seated like normal and she leaned on my left side. She covered her legs with her jacket (for the cold MRT, was in her bag during the phototaking).  My left hand went around her to her waist and used my hands to massage her outside her panties.

As there was no water around to wash my hands, no entrance to pussy was granted. And it was too public for her to return the favour, she only massaged my dick for a while through my shorts.

We went off shortly and visit the Chinese Garden. The 7 Storey Padoga was tempting and we climbed up. Once we reached the top, we realised we can actually stand on the balcony stretching OUT of the tower.

We went out and walked into a corner (not all sides were accessible from outside). And into the corner, she kissed me and we did so for about a minute or two.

She then moved her hands to tease my dick outside my pants. The whole teasing thing lasted for about 20 minutes. Our lower body could not be seen because of the corner and the ledge which was quite high.

We did that from the top level downwards for about 2 floors. I then got very tired due to the non-stop kissing and teasing and left. There was no cumming on that day, but nonetheless, fun.

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