Sungei Buloh

Day: Unknown
Date: 18 October 2009
Time: 12pm
Location: Sungei Buloh, Aerie Tower

Both of us have no plans today, so we went to Sungei Buloh for a walk. Knowing that the Aerie Tower can be empty for a long time, I was the one suggested going there. We met at Kranji MRT and she was wearing a spagetti top and a denim shorts with cute covered shoes. I was dressed in a yellow t-shirt and my black and white bermudas.

We took 925 to Sungei Buloh and made our way in the direction I suggested, towards the tower. We climbed up the tower and there was quite a crowd there. I took out my camera took a few pictures of the surrounding, pretending to rest and talk.

After people started leaving, we sat at one of the benches and faced the direction where people would walk towards, so as to keep watch. The last couple left a while later and the fun began.

With no one around, we hugged and kissed passionately while seated side by side. My two hands ran up her spaghetti topĀ  and under her bra onto her nipples. She was already massaging my dick through my shorts then. Moving her hand shaped different from usual due to the position, I find it hard to get a full erection too.

I asked her to face outside while I sit behind her. Sliding my right hand into her shorts, and left into her bra, she was very flushed. I entered her panties and rubbed her pussy. She placed both her hands behind and onto my dick to express her pleasure.

With her left, she pulled my shorts and FBTs down, and the other, grabbing onto my dick. She moved it up and down while I was fingering her. After about 7 minutes of continuous fingering, she could not take it anymore and stood up.

She turned around, sat on the floor in front of me and sucked my dick while I kept a look out. She sucked it non-stop and made sure it’s all covered in her saliva. She gave me her special hand-mouth coordination move and make me cum hard into her mouth.

She saw my contented look and stood up to adjust her clothes. I said it wasn’t over and both of us can’t imagine what more could we do here.

I pushed her to the viewing window of the side where people will need to walk to get in and pulled her shorts and panties down just enough to reveal her love hole. I quickly took out my condom and rolled it onto my slowly hardening dick.

She bent lower and I inserted it into her pussy. With a few thrusts, my dick was again in full length in her. *Slurp slurp slurp*, it was the sound of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

She moved her pussy in the opposite direction to increase the depth of my dick in her and speed too. After about 3 minutes, both of us were cumming, and just at this point in time, we could saw a couple pointing in our direction (I suppose hinting to go to the tower and not us having sex).

We sped up and I unloaded into her, into the condom. Her pussy muscles tightened and I couldn’t pull it out until the twitching and squeezing was over. We quickly adjusted our clothes and sat back down.

That was all for us, we didn’t walk around much, but had lots of short cumming sessions with a mix of handjob, blowjob and fingering. Happily tired.

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