After-shower Sex

‘Done showering?’

‘Yupp! Give me a while more.’

Just as I turned my back on Amy, she pulled the towel around my waist away and spun me around as I get both hands into a t-shirt. Without losing a second, her fingers held it up and a mouth promptly popped over the tip, sucking gratifyingly as I put my clothes on groaning.

My knees were giving way as she shoved her lips up and down my shaft hungrily, until I was on all fours above her head. In that position, she couldn’t exactly move ‘up and down’, so it was her hands (around my hips) that pulled me into her mouth.

‘Faa maa mao eeh eu wang.’

Wait, what was.. oh! ‘Fuck my mouth if you want’! No. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and easily flipped me over on my back, before going all crazy on my throbbing cock. There was no way I could escape her grasp when she would bite me if I tried to push her waway, leaving me no choice but to keep thrashing about.

As the urge built up in my balls, I finally took the chance to pull her away by her hair, causing her to suck harder but to no avail. I had already rolled myself on top of her with my dick at dangerous proximity to her panties.

‘Mmm! Why did you take that away from me?! I want to.. to.. ‘

My lips on hers kept her from speaking any further, and instead, shift our attention below my ‘belt’. While she was getting those kisses on her overly-sensitive neck, I had one hand skimming along her thighs, up under those office skirt she wore. A tiny triangle, belonging to one of her thongs, was pushed out of the way as she maintained her grip on my cock, ready to ‘hold’ that g-string ‘in place’ with it.

‘Are we not using any protection?’

She pulled my neck close and whispered, ‘I haven’t told you this but I’m on the pill’. Immediately, I jammed my cock in and hammered down on her juicy wet hole, turning our excitement into dirty, slurping noises from her pussy. From the way I spread her legs to ram it deep inside, there was only pleasure pumping through our veins.

After three minutes of heart stopping thrusts, she turned over into doggystyle, and let me put myself back in again – very slowly. Once the agonising bit was over, it was merciless, loud slapping that brought us closer than ever, gliding my thick cock into her slippery, feminine slit.

Something, had driven us beyond the lines we had drawn for ourselves. We were both getting raw, hot sex in my creaky old bed. There was simply no words (but deep breaths) to describe how my meat, covered in blood-filled veins and random grooves, brushed along that soft, damp, tunnel of flesh. Her heartbeat could be felt in the vagina I was pounding.


‘Inside.. inside! All of it!’

I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to, pushing harder and faster into her sweet gap till hot cum sprayed out of my hose into her garden of Eve, siphoning that pie of hers full of my cream.

Thick, sticky, white cream that showed up at her entrance where I spread opened with my girth. She never let her ass dropped any lower than my waistline.

One whole minute of desperate panting later, she fell away from me and opened her legs for me to watch, as she brought globs of cum from her pussy into her mouth. She was just feeding herself incessantly!

‘Mmmm! I see something at the tip! Come.’

I let her lick up the oozing remnants before she went back to licking my cum of her fingers. As she fed herself on my cock and cum, my eyes just couldn’t stay open after that intense orgasm.

Before I knew it, I was hard again and it was her turn, to ride me till I cum inside her again.

I guess my new jeans would have to wait till we had expended our two-weeks’ worth of devilish lust.

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