Double RT

Having completed one of the most muscle-wrenching RT I ever attended, there was nothing better than to be back in the comfort of my car, that was parked at a multistorey car park of the camp. For the first time, and likely my last, I had smuggled Amy in through the boot of the car, which was coincidentally accessible from the rear passenger seat.

So, for the past hour, she had been playing with her dildo in the backseat, until I showed up, all wet and tired from all the workout I did. Of course, I was in the back of the car when she pried my shorts open to breath in the sweaty, salty scent of my perspiration, which did nothing to deter her from fondling my unsuspecting manhood.

A single motion of pulling that foreskin back immediately got its attention, rising to the desirable length she liked to suckle on. With my head still spinning slightly, a graceful descend of her lips over my shaft took that discomfort away, replacing it with pleasure.

Lying across on the seats, she sucked on me at the same time she slid her dildo between her legs, under the black tube dress she wore for ‘camouflage’. How could I resist the sounds of her moans and eager blowjob, right?

‘I think he needs to be inside me now.’

‘Is it? How can you tell?’

A nibble at the tip got me begging and pleading for her to stop, but not before she made it all swollen and shining red.

‘YES YES! He needs you now.’

‘Lie down.’

It was my turn to lay down and she climbed over me within seconds, D cups planted firmly on my chest to bring our activity as ‘low profile’ as possible. A well-trained, experienced hips then conveniently swallowed my cock whole into her pussy, elevating my mood and reinvigorated my strength to hug her close.

By just lifting and dropping her groin, my dick easily went in and out of her, in increasing volume as she slammed harder and faster. Her usual display of pleasure, affection and love really stimulated me the way I wished it didn’t, just so I could last longer.

(She moaned) ‘JHAE! COMING! COMING!’

A hand went between our bodies and I felt her fingers vibrating, shutting her vaginal walls onto me so tightly that I reached my own climax within mere seconds.

(I warned) ‘AMY.. AMY! I’M CUMMING TOO! STOP!’

There was actually no need to add the word ‘stop’ when she passed the timing, nor was she going to stop anyway. Huge, powerful squeezes of my loin delivered the warm, soothing concoction of life deep into her as she groaned her heart out, smiling coyly as my breathing returned to normality.

In great difficulty, she picked herself up and massaged her clit gently, catching some of the leaking cum on her fingertips. The moment she licked her fingers clean, she let me out and began scooping cum out of herself, feeding hungrily on her fingers.

Mouths after mouths, she couldn’t stop savouring my cum as more was pushed out of her. When she was done, she returned to my expended cock to slurp it clean like a straw, without forgetting the excess droplet that never stopped forming at the pee hole.

‘I’ll hide until you call me k?’

I started the car in an even more worn out state and drove out of the camp nonchalantly, only to park outside to let her out of that cramped boot. Once she got into the front passenger seat, her hand was back in my shorts as we made our way to the carpark under her block, unleashing a monster that satiated its hunger between two vans.

It is always Amy’s delight to have some midnight snack slide down her throat to warm her tummy up.

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