Fired Up

The instant we broke through the front door of the hotel room, we dropped our bags without a care and got down to making out in such fiery lust that was just waiting to explode. Two weeks of absence, inclusive of a no-fap challenge for an equally long period, our urges were all reflected in the speed belts and buckles were being undone.

At that doorway, the pace was set when she planted kisses down my chest as she unbuttoned my shirt, down to my belt, and zipper where my fly came open to the Airism underwear she picked at Uniqlo. As much as I wanted her to just pulled it down and get started, she decided to make use of that quick-access slit to wrestle my cock out of.

Even before it was fully out of its cave, her mouth was all over the tip, before the sides received a nice coat of her saliva. My legs couldn’t carry myself away from the door no matter how hard I tried, having victimised by her lips that were gliding up and down the shaft.

Looking down at my sexed-up kitty, her unconditional, uninhibited, aggressive-yet-caring moves were growing it to a never-seen-before size – one that truly excited her.

‘That’s enough!’

I cried out in a hoarse voice after ten minutes of unforgiving teases on every inch of my sensitive crack, and carried her to the bed where the rest of the night would unfold.

First to come off were the thongs I bought for her, igniting an irresistible urge to eat her out once I raised her feet into the air. Spreading them sideways moments later, she only managed to get her bra off (under her tube dress) in the midst of my rapid tongue flicks.

Right before she came, she pushed me away and deprived me of more juices coming out of her. In a frenzied rage, I was rolled onto my back and she regained control of my dick, taking me forcefully into her mouth to an unchartered high. My fingers, found their way to her pussy and wriggled inside her as hard as she slurped.

(She whispered) ‘fuck.. ‘

That marked the point in time we stripped all our remaining clothes and got into a tongue fight that we had been dying for. Our genitals were, of course, kept busy with eager hands and nimble fingers.

Before I could get our ‘protection’ out, she had climbed over my hips, grabbed hold of my cock, and used the tip against her swollen clit. We came so deadly close to having sex without any condoms on. How I, no, we, wished there was no need for that.

While she kept herself busy with my rod, I had fished the pouch that contained all our toys, out of my bag. In under a minute, a condom was rolling down my shaft. As expected, she pierced herself with me before I even got the rubber ring to the base, which thankfully was the last thing I needed to worry about.

Her crazy, out-of-the-world, signature cowgirl stance came on and we were screaming our heads off as my lubricated member slid in and out of her deeply, plunging me deep into abyss and yanking me out of it so fucking quickly.



Whatever we had discussed over the buffet lunch had gone out of the window by then. We were supposed to treasure my first delivery of hot semen. My precious load had already begun erupting into the condom between us.


I did feel the ballooning too, and everything was thoroughly emptied by the erratic movements of her hips when she came shortly after. It was such a strong vacuum when she dismounted me.

Well, to our surprise, it was still up and strong.

So before she could do anything else, I turned her head to the foot of the bed and dangled her head over the ledge. Plugging her mouth full of my cock, it was a one-sided face fuck that, combined with spiteful clit rubs, brought her into a trance-of-ecstasy filled with orgasms heightened by mild asphyxiation.

The second load that went straight down her throat gave her no chance to savour any of my goodness. It was indeed the most satisfying orgasm I’ve ever had in a position I fantasised about for a long time.

Having drained of energy, we went into the shower with bath bombs ready, to be used in the tub after a quick rinse. Crashing huge waves, rough doggy and violent cowgirl filled another condom up in no time, sucking more strength out of us than what a refreshing shower should give.

We were barely dried after she dragged me out of the bathroom and to a chair in front of a window, giving me less than a few seconds to prepare before her mouth went down on me again. The exhausted me had totally no more drive to move, but that huge cock in her mouth told her otherwise.

So in front of an open window, curtains drawn far apart, she rode me in reverse cowgirl, fucking me for the world to see. Feeling like a king, she claimed her fourth shot in her pussy that she didn’t want to remove after I was long done.

Once dinner was brought up by room service, I blindfolded her and stuck a dildo inside her, while she ate in the most uncomfortable manner. Once she was done, it was my turn to swallow my food (in the dark) as she swallowed my manhood, to an eternity that we weren’t so surprise to ‘see’.

After food, we took another shower before tucking ourselves into bed, and me, being the big spoon, slipped my cock inside her while we cuddled. Let’s just say that none of us could sleep being that turned on, and it was an experience to be boning a sleeping person.

In the morning, I woke up to a mouth going down my morning wood and she wouldn’t let go no matter how much I begged her. So, I took things into my own hands and mouth-fucked her till my sausage exploded its creamy mayo centre.

There was no hiding our dirty laundry when everyone could see our sunken eyes even after one night of sleep.

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