Park Bench

‘OH SHIT! How long have I been sleeping?’

‘An hour? Why?’

‘On your shoulder the whole time? Oh my god. I just had the weirdest dream.’

Clutching her forehead in disbelief, Joey had her other hand pushed against her groin, as if she needed to pee. After she spent a minute or two to sober up, she drank a mouthful of soju from the bottle we shared.

(As she slapped my thigh excitedly) ‘Okok. So.. I dreamt that you, and I were making out. It got so.. weird that I think whispering it’s wet down there.’

‘Isn’t that called a wet dream?’

‘YES YES! I can’t believe it!’

We had an awkward giggle over it and she laid her head back down, shyly placing her hand over mine. Slowly, without realising how it happened, I was stroking the exposed part of her leg below the hems of her loose cotton shorts.

We were in a secluded area of the park right in front of her block.

(I asked) ‘So.. how did your dream went?’

‘Umm.. you were doing this.. and then, your hand moved up.. ‘

So, my hand moved up two inches, going under her shorts and kept brushing her skin there, before she tugged me higher. Taking her hint cautiously, I slid my palm northward until I felt her gasp, followed by a tight grip at my wrist.

(She said) ‘That was where you did something and I got really wet.’


My final push broke through her ‘feigned’ resistance and I came in contact with her prickly pubes, to which she apologised for not shaving that day. Both you and I knew that there was nothing unappealing about it, even more so when she possessed a barbie-doll figure, at a cutesy height of 150cm.

Between those moist folds, it was her high-pitched squeals that made it so sensual running my finger up and down there, till she hugged my arm to contain her orgasm.

The first orgasm (she experienced) by another hand.

Somehow, she got desperate for more after that and allowed me to push deeper, a place she never let anything got close to. Within a few seconds, I found the sweet spot to poke into, and she just shoved my hand into her pelvis.

In a flash, she had her teeth in my shoulder as she moaned with her eyes shut, feeling my fingertips wriggle and caress her from within. Another orgasm came and clamped my fingers so hard I couldn’t move, but she wasn’t afraid to ‘help herself’.

A few forceful thrusts of my fingers later, I regained control and she spread wider this time, even raising them to the bench we were fidgeting so obliviously on.

‘It’s coming again! Sorry!’

Another tight clench came and she immediately yanked my fingers out, bringing herself to the edge of the bench so she could pull her shorts aside and shoot a gush of pee into the grass. As clear as water, I knew she was squirting when her body shivered so violently in my arms.

The whole thing lasted for a full two minutes before she could calm herself down, collapsing back onto my shoulder and panting breathlessly.

(As she caught her breath) ‘You remember that I said I haven’t seen a cock before?’

‘Yeah? Don’t tell me you want to see it now!’

‘Why? Are you too scared? No balls is it?’

As the chilli padi everyone knew her as, she was someone who could get to me that way. I pulled my shorts down and revealed the uncomfortable hard on to her, only to have her grab it emotionlessly.


‘Oops! Umm! What do I do with it?!’

‘Just.. move your hand up and down.. ‘

‘Like this?’

Three fingers were all she used and it felt incredibly nice, despite feeling a little guilty for taking that first time away from her. I couldn’t close my eyes out of fear that she might decide to try something on it.

For as long as I could remember, she was just jerking me and watching my face as her heavenly strokes made me cringed. For a good reason, I couldn’t last long with her innocent handjob.

‘I think I’m cumming.’

‘What’s that?’

‘ARGH! Sperm. is. coming. out!’


I pried her hand open, wrapped it around my cock, and jerked myself the way I would do it. In under two minutes, I felt that impending urge coming, and adjusted her grip so her palm would cover the tip.

Two more pumps were all I could manage before grunting to her sheepish laughter, before hot cum sprayed into her small hand. A sudden grip went around the tip and more shots went into her milking hand, having learned something new after squeezing out so many McD chilli sauce packets.

By the time we were done, we were worn out beyond words. She rinsed her hand with the bottle of water she brought, and we spent another hour in silence.

(She asked) ‘Shall we go now?’

‘Yeah. I’ve got work tomorrow.’

‘Me too. You know.. I’d hate to sleep alone after tonight.’

I was relieved that my guess was right when we started walking in the direction of her place, to claim a few more ‘firsts’ in the cosy bed of hers. We basically covered ‘everything but sex’.

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