Fourth Rotation

When the four of them returned from the balcony, Tim could smell the unmistakable stench of weed, though he wasn’t going to call in on them. One of them, after all, was his girlfriend Lisa. He was fine with anything they wanted to do as long as everyone enjoyed themselves. Him, being in the military, understood the risk of smoking weed even though he was a social smoker.


For Lisa whom just had her first taste of weed, she couldn’t be any safer in the presence of Tim. It WAS indeed time for all of them to rest. While the girls knocked out one-by-one on the king-sized bed, Tim quietly retreated to the angular sofa so they could sleep more comfortably. At last, the crazy day of good food and drinking came to an end for him to get some rest before work resume the next day.

Halfway through one of the deepest sleep he had experienced, a pair of hands had pulled his beach shorts low enough for a handjob. No matter how hard he squinted his eyes, it was too dark for him to see anything. Out of fear, he caught the hand that woke him up, only to feel another set of hands pulling him away.

A mouth went over his lips to keep him quiet as another slid down his growing erection, sucking the fight out of him with the two-pronged attack. Cold wind, then entered the room, followed by smoke from cigarettes, except that they were really hand-rolled joints of weed.

The break he received from the tongue ravaging his mouth came at a price when he inhaled a lung full of that illicit drug, clouding his mind to a fuzzy blur. He could feel himself getting harder.

His vision got obscured when a pair of panties went over his head, so they could bring him to the bed where hands ravished his body like predators prodding at food. His plight, certainly felt like another shade of grey he could not believe that was happening to him.

Both his hands, spread to each side of the bed, had pussies for him to toy with, while his face, had one to savour. Lastly, a familiar orifice went over his dick that was throbbing with life, that accompanied with skilled, grinding motion that honoured his manhood.

That night, for some reason, he was living the dream of everlasting stamina, as the girl riding him had two consecutive orgsms. When his cock was finally getting a breather, the three holding him down rotated positions for the next, to go over his erection.

Four vaginas he entered, and none received his cum. He was as still hard as ever. One of them then helped him up on his knees, before his hands were placed on a waist he couldn’t identify. A bit of feeling around later, he could make out what was before him – a girl on girl position.

Again, his dick took a shot at the person on top, before they rotated themselves. The next pair went for their turns and he found the one he received the most sensation from. Tim knew which one was most likely to make him cum.

‘You.. don’t go.. ‘

He never let go of the wrist he caught until the rest pinned her down, spreading her legs wide and holding them as high up (against her chest) and they could.

As Tim thrusted his hips at the lucky girl, dense cloud of secondhand smoke filled the room, with him taking puffs at whichever one that was put against his lips. Two of them, besides the one he had his dick in, laid side by side in missionary for him to finger, while the fourth had her head under his balls to teabag them.

When all of them working and moaning together, it sure didn’t take long for him to cum to the most memorable night ever. The girl that earned his cock, received the inaugural prize of his cum filling her vagina to the brim, for the mouth between his thighs to slurp up the excess.

Once that pair of panties came off his head, he saw his precious rubbing her cum-filled gap, while the rest just masturbated to an empty hole.

After what he went through, it was no surprise when he woke up to the cock-raising kisses from his love, while the other three took turns at his morning wood.

I wonder what went through the hotel’s staff minds when they saw a sleep-deprived guy checking out with four, energetic girls. That must be something only a handful could imagine coming true, let alone handle it.

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