Mischief Undone

(Whispering softly) ‘J? Wake up.’

For Janice to be that soft, it must be something important that she didn’t want to wake her boyfriend up for. So I turned very slowly onto my back in that cramp bed, to see her lying between me and her boyfriend.

A head-like silhouette, moving in the dark over her boy’s groin, shocked me as much as Janice who was twisting her head back and forth to me and where the ‘action’ was going on.

‘Do you think she knows?’

‘Do YOU think, he knows?’

In an almost synchronised voice, we hushed ‘shit’. When Janice tried to stop Amy’s head from moving, she got shoved away, with Amy probably thinking that ‘I’ was interrupting her advances.

While I laid confused and worried about how they would react when they realised what was happening, Janice had slowly picked herself up onto her feet (still on the bed).


Right! She had a plan to fix this and our change of position must be the first step. I shifted myself closer to her boyfriend and sensed her walking to the headboard, for whatever maneuver she would be pulling off. Instead, her pussy descended over my face and casually parked her clit at my lips, as she leaned over my belly in 69.

Being this close to that busy ‘couple’, I couldn’t say anything without attracting their attention. It was even harder to contain my groans when a mouth went down my shaft to stop at the base of my ‘launchpad’. My tongue, did the only thing it could, that was to tickle her clit that was shimmering in the light from the open-concept bathroom we left on.

It seemed, that Amy had been teaching Janice how to give a blowjob, given how easily I got all worked up like when Amy went down on me. I hate to admit, that she was even better at this. When she got exceptionally wet at the same time her thighs clamped my ears down, an extended ‘stay’ in her throat got me shivering as well.

‘Ahhh.. ‘

Janice gently got up on her feet again and this time, I made space for her to lie next to her groaning boy. While Amy mounted atop him in the dark, I laid over Janice’s desirable body, ready to penetrate her to the pace of Amy’s moan (when she sat on his dick).

Us, the two who were supposed to be fucking each other, moved rhythmically at our wrongful partners, grunting and gasping as four minds were fucked in the most immoral manner. As the mattress sank deeper and faster to our (Amy and I) intense thrusts, it was Janice to end my stint by wrapping her legs around me as she climaxed.

I still had it in me to go on, but no.

Making as few moves as possible, we went back to our initial position , and I returned to my side-sleeper pose with one phrase from Janice.

To ‘sleep’ until Amy wakes me up.

That three seconds of silence killed me when Janice jolted up from bed, and screamed a whisper.


Lights came on and off almost instantaneously to hasty shuffling on the other side of the bed, with forceful, disbelieving whispers getting thrown around. The most prominent one being;

(Amy whispering) ‘Shhh shhh shhh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t check. Please don’t wake him up now.. can you promise me something? Please? Don’t tell him. No. Never tell him.’

A few more sentences were exchanged in frustration but never once did they speak in their usual voice. After a while, the bathroom door clicked shut and I saw Janice talking to her guilt-filled boyfriend. I didn’t have to describe how fast they got dressed and left the room.

Back in the presence of a confused, lost girl, she crawled into bed and gently rolled me onto my back, giving me a morning kiss with a bitter smile. With that kiss, she moved down my chest and her lips over my ‘morning wood’, that was all hard thinking about she might ‘make up’ for that blunder.

When I brushed my teeth, her mouth was at it.

When we took a shower together, her hand was at it.

When we soaked in the bathtub, she was riding it.

When I got dressed in front of the dresser, she bent over for me.

When she asked me to dress her, I was pounding her half the time.

When she did her make up, I kept her crazy the whole time.

When we were done packing, it was then we had our last go on that fateful bed, fucking wildly like bunnies till she received her milkshake in her mouth – where she remembered I loved to empty into.

Let’s just say, the lady you see when we are out (in public), would turn into my personal plaything once the door is shut.

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