Shooting (on) Stars


‘Jay. J-A-Y.’

It took the ‘bouncer’, who was smoking/ keeping watch at the corridor, just a glance at his phone to instantly make him stub
out his three-quarter stick of cigarette in a seemingly apologetic look, as if I was somebody important.

‘You name is on the list sir. I’ll need your bag.’

Thinking that my ‘complimentary pass’ was limited in some ways, I didn’t think much of his request until I was given an uncomfortable pat-down. Yes, I would understand the need to safekeep my bag to prevent drugs or unwanted filming in the premise, but a body search? That seemed a little too serious no?

As I was led into one of the higher-end chalet at Downtown East, with at least three separate rooms within, two guys were seated in the living room, drinking and talking at a volume I couldn’t making anything out of.

‘Follow me.’

The walk through the corridor felt a little scary as my ears were trying to pick up any noises from the rooms, to no avail as he stopped me in front of my ‘room’.

‘Sir, just wait inside. Someone will join you soon.’

I entered the room he opened for me and heard the distinct sound of footsteps shortly after, reaching the doorstep before I even wandered far.

The door opened a second time to a long-haired girl wearing a cream-coloured cardigan, black sports bra (look alike) and white shorts. Like me, she had no bag nor any signs of phone or wallet in her pants.

Without any introduction, she held my hand and brought me to the bed, clicking on the small bluetooth speaker in front of the TV to play some jazz. In my bewildered state, she began swaying as she stripped her jacket and shorts off, to continue dancing for a little while more.

‘Do you want me to be naked?’

‘Just your top off.’

She unzipped them from the back and threw them in my direction, to which I casually placed them at the corner of the bed.

‘Your turn now.’

The unknown girl then came over to me and undid my jeans for me, getting on her knees as she relieved them from my feet. Through the quick-access gap in my boxer, she whipped my cock out and immediately got started sucking it, combing her fringe behind her ears repeatedly.

As far as the briefing I got went, I only knew that this was a ‘club’ for the crazy. It was then clear, that who those ‘crazies’ were. It had to be these girls right?

My mind, slowly fading out to the gentle music and her impressive blowjob, had lesser to hold back as she varied her moves on my dick. When she climbed on top of me, my shirt was pulled over my head and boxers finally lowered to my feet where I could kick them off.

I then felt wet slit grinding along my shaft as she breathed harder and deeper into my neck. We gradually shifted ourselves to the centre of the bed, so she could continue sucking me in doggystyle at an angle I could reach her pussy, one that was so smooth I couldn’t get enough of.

The whole thing was so mysteriously anonymous that I didn’t know how to process any of it.

‘Do you want to be inside me now?’

‘If you are ready.. ‘

A part of me didn’t want to say yes despite feeling so, in case this could be used against me. Then again, her behaviour was so casual that I suspected I had over-thought about this acvtivity.

She went back into the cowgirl position and slipped me easily inside her body, twitching a few times uncontrollably as a hint of pleasure. In five seconds’ time, she was riding me like a bitch-high-on-drugs, literally overdosing herself on my dick.

Okay. For one, I wasn’t that big, but she was just fucking herself to orgasms after orgasms. I could only assume that she could climax very easily. From a grinding motion, she switched to a hard, bouncing momentum, expressing herself at a volume that amounted to some frantic knocks on the door.

After we turned down the ‘heat’, she went back to doggystyle, ‘wagging’ her ass and rubbing herself at the same time. That was my invbitation.

I wasted no time in getting behind her and plugged her needy hole in haste, thrusting no less than three times to make her raise her body against my chest. We were both looking the full length mirror that reflected the scene of our dirty act.

(As she panted) ‘They said, you have no time limit.’


‘Who are you?’

‘No names’, were two words I recalled in the briefing, for safety’s sake – not even a fake name. I leveraged on the ease of her orgasm to pound her flat down on the bed, working my waist even harder to hammer the curiosity out of her.

I had to admit, it was all intense and hot until I realised how sexy she looked from the back. Those intricate, horizontal tattoos bearing lines of texts, they couldn’t looked better on the girl with a waistline that turned heads. I had accidentally, triggered the beginning of my end.

‘I’m gonna cum soon. Like really soon!’

The moment I pulled myself out of her, she jumped out of bed and brought me to the armchair in front of the window, highlighting her flawless complexion as she went down on me again.

With vigour and lust, she needed no guidance as she face-fucked me to the end of the world, where hot cum filled her cheeks up with achievement. Her mouth, just kept massaging my numbed cock after I was done, till I was too tired to make any noises.

Back into bed we went, where she gave me a back massage that loosened my muscles up, almost putting me to sleep right there and then if not for another knock. She picked her phone that was vibrating non-stop and I was left out of their conversations when she disappeared into the bathroom.

‘I need to make you cum again.’

‘Say what?’

‘I need.. ‘

‘No I mean, I get it. But really?’

She used her might to flip me around onto my back and went back down on my dick, milking that pipe with her lips until I was hard again, only for her to make a request in a tired voice.

‘Can you just.. fuck me in the mouth? Like, hold my head? I’m a little tired.’

‘Yeah sure. But can I be seated?’

‘YES! Anywhere you like.’

I went back to the chair and made space for her to kneel between my feet, and mouth-fucked her till I creamed into her throat again. I sure did felt a little guilty when I took much longer to cum while doing that painful thing (to her mouth).

After a shower together, I left the room as instructed by her and met the bouncer again, who returned me my back and ushered me out of the chalet to see Gary, the guy who brought me into all these.

‘How? Was she good?’

Before I could say anything, he flashed his phone at me and showed me her Instagram profile, of 16k followers. All those pretty pictures, did no justice to I did to her earlier. There was no way she would be doing that for money.

‘Just one of them. I’ll send you the videos after I edit them. I’m sorry that I can only tell you that after this. Chill k! Your face will be censored, but not hers.’

A wink sent me on my way out of the place in his car, to Pasir Ris MRT where buses of NSFs alighted to an obliviously, cruel world.

This indeed is one.

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