Smoking Shit

‘Mei.. is this yours?’

Without saying a word, she snatched the pack of cigarettes and slammed the door shut behind me, despite having no one else at home. Looking all worried and flustered, she tucked it into her bag that was lying on the bed.

‘Can you keep it a secret?’

‘Yeah of course! I don’t think I want them to know too. Anyway.. want to go for a smoke together?’

When that confused face turned into a relieved sigh, with a silly smile, I was just glad that she had felt better. Within three minutes, we grabbed our packs and left the house for another block, ready to have our ‘first’ sticks together.

‘Oh ya kor! I forgot to tell you. I asked one of my friends to join us. She is shocked that you actually didn’t scold me for it.’

‘Haha. Eh. Now we both have a secret to keep hor. Don’t sabo ah.’

Finally reaching the block where her friend lived, it didn’t take more than two puffs before Shyla arrived, in a polka dot blouse and black skirt. She was just done with work.

The three of us spent at least thirty minutes smoking two sticks each, till Shyla invited up to her place. As implored by my sister, I tagged along to keep her company. In the empty three room apartment, things got a little mysterious when Shyla brought out some ‘tools’, that looked somewhat fishy.


‘Are you serious? I’m going to give it a pass.’

Although I was surprised by that twist, it still wasn’t too absurd, given how much I have seen. As the girls puffed out huge blobs of smoke, my sister got high, delusional and then exhausted before Shyla, leaving us to be the only sober one in the living room.

‘You sure you don’t want even just a puff?’

‘No thanks.’


A long, deep drag concluded the joint in her fingers and she tipped over onto my shoulder, forcing me to hold her up. Right then, a mouthful of dense smoke escaped her lips and went straight up into my nose, intoxicating me momentary in whatever high she was experiencing.

Lightheaded, yes. But ‘impulsive’, no. I could barely stop her when she placed a hand over my groin (I was wearing running shorts). A few more attempts to get at me later, I gave up pushing her away and proceeded to drag her to the sofa where my sister was lying against (while seated on the floor).

(Shyla asked) ‘No underwear?’

‘No. I am not expecting anything more tonight.’

With my sister in that groggy state, I knew she needed more time. But Shyla, she was far from done with me. Unsure of where or how she pulled me, I lost my balance and crashed on top of her, ending up in her arms that never let go.

A two-second wriggle of her hand managed to get past my overly tight waistband, conveniently grabbing onto my cock. After that initial, intentional brush (of her hand), I had gotten a little harder since, increasing the ‘surface area’ of my weak spot for this chapter.

As much as I wanted to explain how unwilling I was, it wouldn’t make sense when the predator had a model-like figure, though seemingly too petite to be of legal age (yes she is).

After a few more minutes of struggle that my boner was in full disagreement with, the winner was clearly her skilful fingers.

(She whispered) ‘I’m not wearing anything under.. just so you know.’

By the time she freed the full-length zipper of her skirt, I was staring at a beautiful mound with trimmed-down pubes. My dick was just two inches from her gap.

Without consent, she guided me in and my hips listened, parting, penetrating, and finally filling her vagina up with meat. The soft, perfect-looking exterior did not do justice to the toes-curling sensation I felt while inside.

That blur-faced girl laid quietly in anticipation for me to make up my mind, which was actually made up a long time ago. From the first thrust that sent her wailing, louder and harsher moans filled the house as I pounded her uncontrollably. She was simply too addictive to have any sort of control over myself. I wouldn’t be able to slow down even if I wanted.

The two of us just kept grinding and ravaging each other as the clock ticked away, oblivious to my sister who was watching us in shock. With my back facing her, there was no way I could have known, but Shyla, she knew.

All of a sudden, she got more dominating when I was taking a break (while inside her), hugging me like a koala and twerking her hips upwards. She had taken it upon herself to fuck me in front of my sister.

(I whispered loudly) ‘SHYLA! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!’

Overwhelmed with fear, I backed away from her but went back to her face once she (shifted back to) placed her head on the armrest. Her luscious lips popped me right into her mouth and was allowed to ‘use’, or in uglier terms, ‘face-fuck’ her.

The one hand on her ponytail shoved her into my groin as I jerked forth, dick plunging down her throat that was void of any gag-reflex.

‘Cumming! Now!’

At that point, she took over and let me slip out a little, but continued sucking with all her might. Another few strokes later, my whole body was twitching to the spurts of cum flooding her mouth. She had dutifully taken every wave and even cleared the pipeline for me, to swallow everything in a gulp.

‘MMM! Your brother tastes awesome!’

I quickly turned my head around to see a disinterested face, as if given up on me when she saw what we were doing. Once Shyla and I was done, I got dressed in silence, too afraid to utter a word to my sister.

‘Kor.. ‘


‘You better not run when I make you please me like you satisfy her.’

(Shyla cheering) ‘OOOOOOO!’

My head, heart and mind, almost went blank when I heard those words. They made sense, but not in the way I had expected. Things turned pretty mild once we left Shyla’s place, and got even weirder when we got home.

In an unnerving ambience, she pulled me into her room and stripped every piece of her clothes off, demanding me to do the same. When she went on her knees to suck that recently-used cock, and it turned hard, there was no turning back from where we were headed.

Our parents won’t be back till two days later, and she was in possession of morning-after pills that were supposedly for her boyfriend, if they hadn’t broken up two weeks ago.

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