Four Ways

As the four of us came out of 7Eleven with our favourite hard liquor, which coincidentally were all different types (Gin, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey), these four girls blocking the entrance were caught up in a fishy, secretive discussion.

Bearing no thoughts to them, we were about to head back to our hotel rooms when one of them stepped up to us, and asked, ‘hey.. umm.. do you think we can join you guys?’

Ricky, the one being questioned, looked at us with much uncertainty. For one, we were totally fine with getting drunk on our own, and we did not know how would they affect our ‘trash-talk’.

‘Sure! On one condition. That we won’t change our topics because of you girls. You know, if we talk about sex and stuff.’ Jayden counter-proposed in an effort to scare them off but they instead got more excited.

‘DEAL!’, the girl with the most tattoos among them shouted their consensus out. Unwavered, we made our way back in a group, but as two cliques. For comfort’s sake, we had intentionally got four separate rooms for those two nights, in case any of us decided to get in-room ‘services’.

Within ten minutes, all eight of us had gathered in one room and began drinking, breaking up the ‘ice’ into smithereens. Out of sheer luck, the girls had ‘found’ their favourite type of alcohol after shooting glasses of each type, and Ashe, was tagged to me.

As midnight came and passed to drunken truth-or-dare, we were collapsing one by one to pure, unmixed shots, like the girls whom had given up their decent, conservative impressions we had on them.

(Ashe asked softly) ‘Can we continue drinking in your room? This place is thrashed.’

‘You sure?’

‘Let’s go.’

When we left Ben’s room, one of Ashe’s friends did the same too, following Jason back to his room with one fifth of the rum left. Upon crashing into the bed of my abode, Ashe removed her bra from under her off-shoulder pullover, lying by my side with the bottle of whiskey in hand.

‘I’ll help you remove your clothes.. ‘, she said in a slur that got me worried, resisting her advances with more unanswered questions. In no time, I was down to my undies, while she only had her top on. As I tried to keep up with the alcohol she poured into my mouth, my head was spinning so hard that it hurt.

In the presence of a girl whose body was so tiny for her oversized jacket, it was the occasional flashes of her perfectly-shaven pussy, and supple B cups that stirred the unneeded erection.

‘Oh you.. there’s no way you can hide that.. ‘, with that, she grabbed my cock and held it tight, till I was in pain. Out of frustration, I shoved a hand between her legs and gave her, completely soaked, clit, a violent rub. At that moment of total silence, we could then pick up the simultaneous moans coming from my friends’ room.

That, was all the cue we needed to go all out on each other, with her flipping onto her fours to start in 69. My entire dick went down her throat moving at high speed, while I frantically licked her pussy in utter agony. She did not even resist my involuntary thrusts into her mouth.

‘OH FUCK! FUCK! I’M COMING!’, she wailed out loud and fell onto my thigh, still receiving my oral services in exchange for weak handjob. ‘Fuck.. I want you inside me now.. ‘, as if that wasn’t for me, she instantaneously rotated her ass to my hips, almost helping herself to me if not for my quick-witted response to sit upright.

‘You’re not worried?!’, whatever sanity left in me had stopped our progress before we did something we might regret forever. ‘No? I chose you because you looked the nicest, like nicest person’, she confessed her choice in a 360 degree turn of tone. It was trusting, calm, and reasonable, not that I would arrogantly admit to being the ‘nicest’.

‘Fuck me.. I want you’, those words broke my will like fire on paper, and my hips gently lowered my cock into her. Unlike how we started, things were gentle, loving, as expressed by her tamed moans. We were.. making love.

No bite marks, no loud, desperate screams, no nail scratches, our eyes spoke to each other as our groins slammed together. At the point I put more thrust into my strokes, she got more worked up, and we transitted to the full-length window to continue fucking on a sturdy armchair.

The breathtaking view of the cityscape became our foreground as our perspiration-covered skin slapped against each other, frequently kissing like long-distance lovers meeting after a long time apart.

On the dressing table, my dick pumped especially hard into her upright-seated pose, legs casually wrapped around my hips. Our lips never dislodged no matter how hard we grunted.

‘I’m cumming.. I think.. ‘, I had to warn her, because I had no idea of her fail-safe. It was that moment where everything can be ruined.

‘Wait wait! Let’s move to the chair. There’s something I want to try’, she led me around the table to the revolving chair while she spun herself around, jumping off the desk and scurrying under. Like a boss, she resumed her blowjob with me on the chair, allowing me to guide her head till the end.

Yes, the end came, I came, into her mouth that never stopped sucking nor release my cock till she was satisfied. Somehow, I was still rock hard when she could not get anymore out of me, a situation I usually let the girl decide what to do with ‘it’.

The surprise came when she came out from under the desk with her mouth empty, and gleefully led me to the bed. After a few more minutes of cleaning me up with her nimble tongue, she mounted atop me, with a request – to sleep with me inside.

Drunk and overworked, exhaustion hit us like a bus and we fell asleep before we realised. When morning came, she was already awake, and grinding on my morning wood that was still gaining its ability to feel.

‘One more before breakfast’, was all it took for us to go like bunnies again, wearing out our energy for the day even before we washed up. After the filling meal, the girls checked out of their rooms, got a refund, and joined us in ours.

For day two, we, the guys, had booked a massage session that came with ‘special’, only that the ‘special’ had to be cancelled, and upgraded to a ‘couple’ packages that put two naked bodies in the same room with a jacuzzi.

There is no need to explain how the massage ended right? Okay, maybe a hint – steaming hot sex in the pool.

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