Pre-Bachelor Party

‘So, the night before my bachelor’s party, is the best time you can talk to me huh?’

‘Haha. I don’t think I can disturb you that often after you get married.’

It has been almost a year since I last met Mae, an ex-colleague I once took a liking to, but knew the impossibility of our chances despite her being the ‘dream’ of many guys. For as long as we known each other, we have confided in each other for almost every thing, including our partners we have been through.

Now that I am about to get permanently attached, it was time to catch up and wrap up our own ‘chapter’ too. Over a few drinks, we spoke about everything that happened, from how I had a crush on her, to her own love life, to this moment.

‘Later, after we’re done, I have something for you.’

‘Hmm.. interesting. I don’t see you carrying anything.’

‘It’s somewhere else la! You’re not allowed to reject my last request.’

Of course I wouldn’t even if it meant smoking weed with her, it might be the last thing I could do with her. Having said that, we finished our drinks and left the bar for a ride in her car to somewhere, which she wouldn’t tell until we entered the carpark of Grand Copthorne hotel.

‘JUST! Don’t think anywhere first! Wait till you reach the room before you decide.’

My hair was standing on their ends from the moment we alighted the car, all the way to the doorstep of the room where ‘something for me’ was waiting.

At the beep of the digital lock, I was led into the dark room onto the bed, sitting at the edge while she asked me to wait for her to come out (of the toilet) with it. After the main door was shut, it was pitch darkness that kept me wondering about what she was going to bring out. Was it something I had told her I wanted that I’ve forgotten?

Finally, the bathroom door clicked opened and I could sense her presence in the cold room.


‘Eh.. it’s not anything harmful right?’


Who was I kidding? I knew I couldn’t expect a straightforward answer from her. So all that was left..

‘Yeah! Bring it on!’

The lights behind her (from the bathroom) and me (above the bed) blinded my eyes for a second before I realised what I was looking at. Tattoos I never knew about, had perfectly been etched across her left shoulder to the right hip-area. Floral artwork, dreamy, smoky contours, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

In that momentary, awkward moment of silence, she came up to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. Like a tigress, she pinned me onto the bed before going for my pants, which came off with my unconscious help.

(She whispered into my ear) ‘Will you fulfill me?’

‘You know that I can’t say no to you.’

She then slid her chest down my body and ended up crouching at my groin, dick fully exposed and ready to be pleased. Her mouth, the one I have fantasised about once too many times, gracefully went around my cock before her tongue came out to play. In under a minute of her teasing, she had me completely submitted.

My senses, were all firing in every direction, while my cock was constantly put in such a hard state that felt so dangerously hot. She was working me so patiently and lovingly, in that exact way I wished we had something more.

Ten minutes of that heavenly blowjob was all I could take before I jolted up from bed, overwhelmed by the need to take over. In a semi-rage mood, I threw her between the two pillows at the headboard, raised one of her legs high up into the air, and parked myself right outside her pussy.

(I asked) ‘Condom?’

‘Fuck that. Just for tonight.’

I swung my hips forward and forced myself through that small opening, into an orifice so hot and wet. Her pelvic bones, that shaped her skinny waist, skilfully clamped me in place, causing a little panic to break out. I was in somewhere I might not be able to outlast.

Nonetheless, I started jerking my hips at her pussy, trying to contain my excitement as I desired making this last for as long as possible. This would be my only chance at claiming my love that got away. Mae too, didn’t hold herself back with those orgasmic groans and use of vulgarity, motivating me to keep rhythm.


A loud wail went into the pillow she pulled over her face as her body thrashed around for a while, relaxing only when I rubbed her clit. That break did me good too, as it was impossible to move without cumming prematurely.

(She snapped) ‘ARGHH! You just took all the strength out of me.. ‘

‘That’s what you signed up for no?’

‘I’m not even done with you fucker!’

Not wanting to let her have her turn, I flipped her over and tucked her legs under her chest, guiding my dong all the way into where she screamed loudly to again, this time with a more strenuous buzz. She had intentionally shut her vaginal muscles around me!

‘It’s my turn.. to play.. ‘

Not about to give up, I forced my way in and out of her as many times as I could, in hopes that she would give in and let me have my ways with her. NOPE!

I was immobilised before I got there. A backward crawl then put me on my ass for her to ride me reverse cowgirl, scrubbing her own innards with my brush I had just lost my rights to. So she was indeed, capable of controlling the muscular pressure within. I was floating in the heavens once again under her enchantment.

Of all times that I couldn’t cum, this had to be special.

‘Mae.. I’m cumming.’

‘Are you?’

Somehow, I could sense her vengeance when she rocked her hips faster, bouncing harder once I collapsed onto the bed. Alas, after cumming countless times in the bathroom to thoughts of her, my number one fantasy was about to be realised, and not just (cumming) on anywhere.

She led me to the heavens, then to hell, then shot me straight up to the moon just like my cum spraying wildly into her pussy, triggering her orgasm to come together. It was one of the strongest I’ve ever felt, to the point it ached.

It was so painfully good.

After three minutes of our happy end, she dismounted and placed her creampie over my face, taking my cock into her mouth without any warning. As she sucked me clean, I ate her out, for as long as she took to get me hard again.

‘This time, you are allowed to do anything you want.’

She said those exact words at the same time she threw the curtains open, for the world to see our intimate bond in full view of our nudity, for the next hour.

Let’s also not forget the bathtub, office desk, dressing table, and also once with the door open.

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