‘KFC girl?’, I called out softly in fear that I got the wrong person, but the familiar face that turned was all I needed to put my heart at ease. Long, chest-length brown hair, maroon tank top with a light grey hoodie, light blue shorts that accentuate her athletic legs, I found myself speechless when she slipped a piece of paper across my table when she left with her two other-equally pleasant-looking friends.

Without hesitation, she came up to me and gave me a hug, one that was tight enough to make me wonder if she knew me. Please let us not be relatives, I wished silently. I wasn’t sure if this was what she wanted, to be pressing her boobs on a guy she still didn’t know the name of, placing trust in him not to do anything bad.

‘I’m sorry for giving you my number in such a rude way. I didn’t want them to know. They’ve been talking about you more than me.’

Not sure if it was my lucky day or a fateful prank by higher power, I went along as she brought me to somewhere more conducive, a rooftop garden that I had no idea existed.

‘I think they will kill me for this.’

‘No way. We don’t have to let them know. Or tell them that I followed you and asked you for your number.’

‘The second one might work. Do you remember their faces?’

‘I do.’

‘Who were you attracted to?’

At that point, I began to realise the magnitude of her question. This was beyond friendship, beyond love. It felt a little.. competitive.

‘I think the three of you looked gorgeous, but I don’t know the other two of them. You got to me first.’

On the 5th floor, seated in a corner so dark people have walked past without batting an eye, she leaned over in a way that I had nowhere ‘safe’ to hold her back. It was either her face, or boobs, or shoulders if I had faster reflexes. She was quick to put one hand over my groin while her face closed in on my lips, forcing kisses onto me.

‘Mmmm! Mmmm!’

She stopped my futile efforts to hold her waist back and instead covered my hands with her shirt, pushing them higher over her breasts. In the frenzied situation, I had no idea when did she unclipped the front bra clasp. My fingers were in direct contact with her nipples.

(She said breathlessly) ‘Pinch them Jhae.. they’re yours.’

With full awareness of how she would react, I squeezed my fingertips on them and she grew even wilder. Belt, button, zipper, all came undone for her to wrestle my cock out for a sloppy handjob. In the midst of our heated tryst, it was yet another mystery about when did she loosen her shorts.

That was when, we had our hands in each other’s pants, stroking and rubbing our respective sweet spots to stoke the passion of lust.

(She whispered) ‘Do you want to be inside me?’

‘NO! I don’t want to go that far. Not until you know me better. I don’t want to.. ‘

‘But I want you inside!’

Her hissing, hostile tone caught me off guard, leaving a whole five seconds open for her to straddle over my lap. Things progressed rapidly once she got into a squatting position (her shorts were at her lower thighs), giving me little time to react to that unwanted penetration.

When I felt the soothing, warm, soft insides of her vagina, I knew it was too late to do anything else. She was already halfway down my shaft. That blushing face couldn’t looked more turned on as she twerked her hips up and down, like a pendulum fucking my dick.

My internal alarm had by then stopped ringing, in a way giving in to the fight she just won. About ten minutes of shorted breathlessness later, I gritted my teeth to pick ourselves off the ground.

Since she had been asking for it, I might as well do a good job.

With my elbows tucked under her knees, the wall I put her against acted as a barrier as I slammed my hips at hers, plunging my manhood so deep she could not stop clawing my back. It didn’t take her long to start begging me to stop.

‘I’ll be going all the way. I think you deserved it.’

‘But I can’t.. anymore!’

I set her down on the narrow parapet separating the greens from us, and continued pounding her in a half-fuck missionary pose, showing no mercy in my relentless thrusts.

(She pleaded) ‘JHAE! Please please please.. I can’t! I give up!’

‘Sure. In two minutes.’

That was the time needed to reach my climax, as told by my balls. What ensued was the hardest, fiercest, most unforgiving jabs into her shaven young cunt, while she moaned louder and louder into my palm.

That was it.

The rage-sex ended the moment I pulled myself out of her, helped her onto the floor, and jerked myself off. The brief rub of the tip on her lips set off the huge explosion into her face, coating her lips first before dripping down to her chin.

Not only was she too tired to respond, I was pleasantly surprised when she took my cock into her mouth, sucking the leftovers out and down her throat. The initial load was also pushed between her lips with the help of my weakening rod.

(She asked feebly) ‘Am I yours now?’

‘Yes you are.’

Dressing myself before her, I walked her home before parting ways, with a mind full of uncertainties about what just happened. It seems that peer pressure, wasn’t a force to be reckoned with.

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