Within Boundaries

Not thinking much of the blindfold Anna said I had to wear for ‘the surprise’, it was trust I had for the best friend of my girlfriend, Lia. In all cases, I couldn’t think of anything un-fun when I was invited to a luxurious, sea-facing, Air B&B apartment that took my breath away at every turn. I just had to reluctantly admit that I was impressed by them for planning something this grand without my suspicion.

‘Okayyyyy.. here you go! WOOHOO!’

At her excited ‘HOO’, my blindfold came off for a sight that, for the first time, I had no idea how to react to. As stunned as I was, my speechlessness was in line with what I had agreed with Anna – to stay quiet.

On the bed, laid Lia, with her eyes, ankles and wrists bounded, trembling erratically while sensual moans escaped her mouth a few seconds apart. From how she was lying on her side, I could spot the little black loop from her wireless vibrator she ‘borrowed’, sticking out of her pussy, while the rest of her remained bare.

‘LIAAAA! Jerry is hereeeeee!’

(Lia’s excited voice) ‘HE IS?! OH MY GOD! Come here!’

The two pats on my lower back ushered me to the foot of the bed, where I climbed atop on my knees. When Lia blindly flounder towards at the depression of the mattress (my location), I didn’t know what to make of the devilish grin on her face.

It was a mix of eroticism and disappointment, knowing that there was someone else out there who could get her so turned on.

Once she had her hands on me, she pulled my shirt halfway over my head, for a pause before I felt her lips on my nipples, sucking and licking while she completely removed my top.

When she got started with my belt, the one she bought for me that I wore it for the first time, for this ‘special’ occasion, her tongue departed my nipples for something that was supposedly to be waiting in ‘his’ pants. A few more seconds was all she needed to have her hands on my sweet (and probably bitter) spot once I was stripped down to nothing.

Small, so to say, didn’t stay that way the moment she rolled the foreskin back for her to get on her hands and knees to use her mouth, instead of her hand, to ‘liven’ it up. Unknown to Lia, I was in such a pitiful state trying not to remember the times she pleased me with claims that seeing me squirm and groan would please her too.

Whoever this ‘Jerry’ was, he was someone better than I could be.

As she shifted her hands to my waist to pull me into her mouth, I noticed how much faster, and deeper she was shoving me down her throat. She did everything, from sucking on the tip really hard, to licking the sides like an popsicle, even letting ‘him’ thrust into her face for a short while, as she would let me do to her.

Five minutes of toes-curling ‘roryal’ (royal oral) treat later, she had me flipped on my back in the disheartening comfort of the bed. Right before my eyes, she positioned herself over my groin like the first time we did it, and used the bottom of my shaft to warm herself up. I couldn’t remember, if she was wetter with me or ‘Jerry’, there was just so much stringy bits this time.

‘Are you ready?’


I was sure she picked up the sob I failed to contain, but nothing mattered once she tucked me under, and into herself.

‘Oh gosh! You feel.. different today.. ‘

Was it really ‘different’, or ‘similar’? That was a question I might not want to know the answers to. Either way, her doubts went out of the window once she started riding me, in equally loud moans I often had to quieten.

This night, she had no one to silence her, not that I could even if I wanted. Her moans grew louder, head thrown wilder, hips rocked harder, to every minute I stayed motionless and upright for her.

It was time for ‘Jerry’ to do some work.

It was time, I let my lust and rage loose for this naughty girl.

Without warning, I sat upright, shoved her backwards onto the bed, tucked both my forearms under her knees to spread her legs as wide as she could manage, and straightened my legs, all done while I was still inside her.

Before she could say anything, my body began thrusting wildly into her pussy, at a speed that disabled her speech which translated into gasp-sy, breathless, yet desperate sounds. Her voiceless screams were all I needed to see that she was receiving my ‘punishment’.

Like a measly human possessed by some sex god, I kept choking her pussy with violent jabs, sickly similar to a killer stabbing his victim repeatedly. I wouldn’t care if she was enjoying or suffering this. It hurt so.. good, as I fucked her as if I had something on her.

‘OW OW OW! Stop! Please stop! I’m.. ‘


I could never forget her horrified look when she pulled her blindfolds off. She was biting her teeth so hard at the same time she wanted to say something. My cock was, after all, still churning her vagina inside out.


‘No wait! WAIT! I wanted to.. ‘

Of course, never would I do that, no matter how she hurt me. The thing we had, meant more than just another cock in the picture. I knew everywhere else my cum could go.

With a heavy heart and a cockful of love, I pulled out of her and rolled to a side, where she instinctively took me into her mouth. A hand placed one of mine on the back of her head, and I set the pace and depth I required to cum.

Half a minute later, the signs (of me climaxing) she was familiar with, warned her for the gushes of man-juice she would gladly swallow for me anytime. A TLC, post-ejaculate session then cleaned me up nicely, in hopes of justifying ‘Jerry’.

(Lia confessed) ‘Really! Jerry IS just you! You know the people I text and there is no Jerry amongst them. You can check my phone. I told Anna about how you would allow me to hook up with another guy, as long as you knew about it. So that Jerry idea is her way of fulfilling your fantasy without involving another guy. You know that I wouldn’t cheat on you.’

As far as I knew that she wouldn’t cheat on me, something in me was preventing me from giving her the full benefit of doubt. It was perhaps, the monster inside that wished Jerry was real, to have her moral lines blurred, boundaries tested, limits shattered, sacrifice made known, IF she really loved me.

How could I even think of that?

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