Against My Bag

As I cramped towards the middle of the double carriage 851, I couldn’t adjust my office bag (rectangular in design) in time and hit the legs of a girl standing behind me against the curved plastic wall. I gave her an apologetic nod and received a small shake of her head to tell me it’s alright. With close to 45 minutes before I get home, I was prepared to be standing on this 初一 (first day of the lunar month) packed bus. Most of my attention was in fact on the girl, whom had to endure the discomfort of my bag.

As more people boarded, things only got worse after I was forced to lean backwards at her. There was just so little space and passengers were in a hurry to get home in the rainy weather. After the crowd stopped increasing in numbers, my hand on the centre pole was slowly draining the strength in my arm.

The poor girl behind me had adjusted herself a few times along the way and my bag was slipping between her legs in the most embarrassing accident.

Me: ‘I’m sorry.’
Girl: ‘It’s okay.’

Those were the only words I could say to her. The bus whizzed past stops from then and it was a smoother ride. The handle of my bag was detecting more movements from the girl and a discreet glance at my bag actually gave me a view that made my ride slightly better. The edge of my bag was pressing against her groin and she was in fact using it to get herself off.

Her hands went to my shoulders and pulled me backwards, feeling the tip of her bra on my back.

Girl: ‘You want to turn and face me?’

It was then I took note of what she was wearing, a see-through chiffon blouse with a spaghetti top under, and a pair of high waist denim shorts. Face to face, we were so close to each other that I could smell the subtle floral scent from her. The blushing on her face made her looked cute and I was head over heels for that brief moment.

Me (whispering): ‘Am I accidentally turning you on?’
Girl (whispering): ‘A little?’

I took a step closer to her and placed my bag behind her feet, using my pants to hide the hand that I had covered her groin with. My fingers had to work hard over that thick material but she was receiving well. The constant swallowing of her saliva, and eyes looked mostly downwards. I could tell she was enjoying it.

Me: ‘How old are you? You look young.’
Girl: ’20? I’ve seen you a few times taking this bus.’

Is it? How could I have missed her? The neck length rounded haircut totally fitted her well and the make up was light enough to showcase her smooth complexion.

Girl: ‘I can feel you against me.’

Feel me? My hand is rubbing you.. wait.. did she meant my hard on? She held the collar of my shirt and put my head beside her. Now, anyone would think that we were a couple, which wasn’t so bad with this pretty lady. She undid the zip on her shorts and then did a quick turn of her body to face the boring zigzag wall just so I could have an easier access. Pushing my hand into the tiny zipper opening, I felt her panties under and continued rubbing her pussy, trying to reach deeper each time.

We stood in that awkward position for close to five minutes before she suddenly pushed her butt against me, and I had to pin her to avoid hitting the passenger behind me. The dampness of her panties had told me she had came and she turned herself quickly after to prevent any suspicion.

Girl: ‘Your turn.’
Me: ‘How?’
Girl: ‘Cover with your bag? Face forward.’

This time, I did hit the guy in front of me while getting my back turned and had to lean on her to make space for my briefcase. Instead of unzipping me, she wriggled her hand into my belt and made her way into my underwear. The restricted space did not allow her to do much except fondle my dick until she was reaching her stop. That thumb of hers rubbing over my dickhead was so unbearable but that was what made it fun, to hold back my sensitiveness in the presence of the public.

Girl: ‘Sorry I couldn’t help you. I’m getting off the next stop.’

By then, her hand was out and we were looking as ‘normal’ as possible. I gave her a casual smile and told her it’s okay, since I had more fun than what I expected on this bus ride. The guilty look was unavoidable as she took it as a mutual exchange of pleasure.

Girl: ‘Do you want to alight with me?’

It was only 2pm in the day and I had time to go anywhere I wanted. Getting off the bus with her, we walked to a block deep into the neighbourhood and stopped at a stairwell. The huge wet patches gave us only a few steps to sit on and she was eager to get started. Never had I met a girl so anxious and initiating towards a stranger, we haven’t got each others’ name too.

After listening to the noises in the floor for a few minutes, we felt safer and I undid my belt, lowering my zip to let her handle my hard on. The handjob started off rough as there was no lubrication. The strokes couldn’t get any faster without a burn and it wasn’t good for me as well.

Me: ‘Do you want to put some saliva over it?’

She dropped some saliva over it and continued pumping her fist, smoother and more slippery this time. It was kind of one-side from then as I was the only one who had not came yet. As much as I wanted to lay back and enjoy, it didn’t feel as good as two person cumming together.

Me: ‘Would you like to have sex?’
Girl: ‘I.. I wanted to ask you that too.’
Me: ‘Is it easy for you to cover if anyone walks pass?’
Girl: ‘My shirt is long enough. I think.’

Shirt?! It was translucent! Even if it could cover, it won’t hide anything. At that time, I couldn’t care less and watched her removed her shorts, leaving a plain pink cotton panties to clad her private part. We stood against the railings and I lowered her undies enough to see her pussy. It was that shaved, smooth goodness that every man would like to lay their hands on, I won’t deny I had that urge too. I ran my fingers along her slit a few times before she hurried me in a slightly desperate tone.

Yes, there was no time to waste. With my pants sliding down my legs, I angled my hips upwards and penetrated that sweet, wet hole. Reckless, raw and possibly dangerous. She held onto the handrail tightly while her body shook violently from my pounding. We had to keep ourselves as quiet as possible not to alarm the neighbours, plus the silent sex didn’t feel too bad too.

The mature looking 20 year old was moaning softly as I made deeper strokes, ramming her till she was begging for more. There wasn’t much dry spots to try other positions and we weren’t complaining about the standing doggie too. My naughty hands kept massaging her breasts under the tank top and she was getting tighter from the excitement of being discovered.

Girl: ‘Cumming soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah. A bit more. I’ll go all the way till I shoot k?’
Girl: ‘Before you shoot please.’

A breathy ‘haha’ came and I picked up my speed in that risky situation. Pounding her ass hard, I was doing my best to cum at the same time with her. True enough, after another few minutes, her vagina closed around my shaft and I felt my dick bombarding my mind with an ejaculation siren.

Pulling out of her shivering body turning cold from chilly weather and orgasm, I went to the small drain to kill the biological tadpoles. She rushed over to me, standing in the opening in the wall where anyone could have seen her, and hugged me from the back. Hand jerking me off, I let her did the rest and lazily rested my head on her shoulders.

Unknowingly, she had aimed my meat pipe upwards and the load totally went all over her fingers. Unwilling to stop halfway, she stroked me faster to milk every drop and I was exhausted in no time. With her dirtied hand and nowhere to sit, I took the pack of tissue in her bag for her and helped her cleaned up.

Girl: ‘There’s cum over you too. I should have aimed it at the wall.’
Me: ‘It’s okay luh. I am heading home to clean up.’
Girl: ‘No. I’ll clean up for you. Don’t move.’

I was ready to hand her another piece of tissue when she nudged my hand, crumpling the pack of tissue. She squatted down in front of me and pushed me against the wall, taking my cum-covered dick into her mouth and sucking it clean. More of my goodies went into her mouth and she swallowed it conveniently, citing that she did not want to dirty her stairs.

Thoughtful isn’t she? The short oral ended after my dick was smoothly cleaned and she wore her shorts back. We got dressed and the unexpected quickie came to an end. It was the most random sex I had with a not-too-bad looking chick. How I wished more of such opportunities came, weren’t you guys thinking to same?

Girl: ‘Do you want to keep in contact?’
Me: ‘It will be my honour.’
Girl: ‘Don’t say so soon. You might not be able to keep up.’

A cheeky smile came as we exchanged contacts and she went up stairs back home. Before I left, she pointed at the wall where she lived and that was when I realised we were fucking so close to her house. Someone could have just walked to the lift and see their sweet looking neighbour being boned under the cloudy weather. Does such life-threatening outdoor sex actually excites her? Now I understood what she meant by ‘not being able to keep up’.

For the rest of the journey home, I felt at peace despite boarding a bus as crowded and just could not stop thinking about that beautiful face sucking me off so obediently. I would definitely want more of that. At least I have something to look forward to when I work right?

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