Overflowing Panties

Getting out of the shower in a hurry, Charis slipped on the panties she prepared the night before, wriggling it up her waist for a comfortable fit. It was one of those PE days and her school sport shorts went over it, along with the white shirt that had her ‘house’ on it. She was running late for school despite staying just beside and dashed into the assembly area just before the bell rang.

Her semi-dried body caused her panties to feel a little damp but it did not bother her until PE started for the first lesson of the day. While most of her body was dried, the part where her pussy came in contact with, still felt somewhat wet, in fact, the word to use was ‘gooey’. There was no time to check what was happening and she followed the class after stripping her skirt away.

Teacher: ‘Alternate leg thrust!’

One of her knee tucked at her chest and the other stretched out straight. The wetness had gone but a sticky feeling took over instead. The poor secondary four girl did not understand what her body did and continued with the exercises that kept reminding her of the discomfort.

Wei Hao: ‘Why are your movements so weird today? You got hit so many times.’

The PE lesson ended with a loss on her side in a mini dodgeball game, that had really pushed her physical limits running around in that sticky panties. The sweat from her body soaked into her panties, making the gooey feeling return and she disappeared into the girl’s bathroom without giving him a reply. The rest of the class returned to their classroom for lessons, leaving Wei Hao, the class monitor, waiting for Charis.

Wei Hao (shouting): ‘Charis! Are you alright?’
Charis (shouting): ‘Hao! You want to go back to class first? I am having a stomachache.’
Wei Hao (shouting): ‘Andrew just texted me. Mr. Ho is on MC. There’s no relieve teacher too. I’ll wait for you. Faster!’

She sat on the toilet with her panties in her hands, wondering what the white sticky substance was. There was no other males in her house except her younger brother, whom had returned for a short while yesterday to pick up some clothes. Her dad was overseas and there was no one else. Unless it was really.. her brother?!

There was no way she could wear that piece of panties back, but she had never gone pantyless before. The PE shorts had soil over it when she fell on the field during a warm up run and it was damp from the dew too.

Charis (shouting): ‘Hao! Can you ask Sheryl to bring me her shorts? Mine is too dirty.’
Wei Hao (shouting): ‘I have an extra pair. My mum accidentally packed two. Want mine?’

Shit. Must she wear his? Anyway, things couldn’t get any worse and size just didn’t matter then.

Charis (shouting): ‘Can you pass it to me? Not convenient to come out now.’

After he ‘hello’-ed a few times into the ladies without a reply, he hurried through the door to help his friend out. Suddenly, through the slanted windows above the wall, the giggles of girls AND fast shuffling footsteps came out of nowhere! Wei Hao instinctively dashed into the only cubicle with its door ajar, covered her mouth and signalled for her to keep quiet with a finger on his own lips. Since Charis’ initial plan was to retrieve his shorts through the door, she was still half naked with her school blouse unbuttoned when he barged in.

He only pulled his hand away when he sensed a few nods from her, and in place of his hand, she laid her index across her lips, agreeing to stay quiet for their benefit.

The two of them dare not moved as the girls outside did not know there was anyone else in there. It is actually stealthy like mission impossible, except with more fear than excitement mixed with awkwardness. Wei Hao kept swallowing his saliva in the tensed situation and the sight of the frightened, half-naked girl, was the only thing taking away those fearful thoughts of getting caught. The ‘intruders’ left after a while and things returned to normal, for Charis to wear her new shorts.

When she sat on the toilet to wear them, her eyes caught the obvious huge bulge, and Wei Hao wasn’t even looking at her, for he had already seen enough of her smoothly shaved pussy.

For the first time in her schooling life, she found herself in the most embarrassing position without any idea on what to do. Charis had looked upon him as a leader but never crossed her mind to be that close to him in a toilet cubicle. Not that she liked or hated him, she was at a ‘inbetween’ state that didn’t mind being his. He has been watching her since she stopped wearing that pants, and was more than hopeful for something to happen.

With best intentions, her trembling hand reached for that bulging area to rub up and down against, and Wei Hao brushed his hand past her face for her boobs. One standing and the other sitting, that was all the space they had. He began fondling those nipples as soon as he laid his hand on them and she was gracefully lowering his zip to meet his monster. The shy gentleman took his dick out after she struggled with his underwear and left it ‘in her hand’ for her to play with.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘Sit back?’

She adjusted herself to lean against the flush sensors and raised her feet to the corners of the seat. He had gone to stand beside her and gently glided his hand down her thighs, progressing towards her pussy.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘You shave it everyday?’
Charis (whispering): ‘Yeah. It just feels cleaner this way. Doesn’t it?’

Yes, it truly did. With that said, his fingers contacted her clit and she gasped in shock. It was the first time someone else’s hand had touched her and the quick vibrations calmed her doubtful thoughts down. It had definitely felt better doing it herself and she returned the favour by jerking his hard on, thick to a point only her fingertips could touched each other. A few more girls entered and left quietly, as they progressed in their silent play.

It did not take long for Charis to let slipped the kinky side of her and it totally sent Wei Hao’s mind wild.

Charis (whispering): ‘Put your fingers in.’

He stuck his middle finger in and thrust at her innocent looking pussy carefully. He was admiring her slit most of the time to watch how the juices covered his finger, and the beauty of her was well hidden between a plump, fleshy mould of skin. He had accidentally triggered the most sensitive spot in her and she was responding to him in arousing arches of her back. Her handjob was moving at the same pace as his fingering hand, sending momentary waves of pleasure through his slow-shutting and opening eyes.

Subsequently, her mouth opened and turned towards his dick, where he stood up for and let her lips went around his shaft. The girl did not know how to execute a blowjob then and just moved her head up and down, maintaining a suction that caused him to groan.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘It feels damn good.’

She had thought the same too, with a second finger poking into her body, spreading her pussy lips even wider. He was prodding at her g-spot non-stop and the fingering only lasted a minute before her legs closed onto his hand, immobilising him with a strong contraction that hurt his fingers.

Now, she had came and he had not. Charis folded her legs and turned her body to face him, at the side of the cubicle. One of her hands went between her pussy and continued masturbating herself while she sucked faster, with a little help from his hands that were licked clean (by Wei Hao himself). He was shoving her head down on his dick and she was holding out fine from some unknown reasons.

The discreet ‘physical exploration’ slowly came to an end as his hips buckled in a couple of strange, twitching wriggle. She had expected things to come to an end about then.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘I’m cumming. How?’

She took her dirtied panties without thinking and wrapped the butt area around his dick, using it to jerk him off. After a minute plus, he blew his load into her underwear and it seeped through the thin material easily, sending her into a frantic mode to contain his cum. The deep, breathing schoolboy did not move as his dick kept squirting, till every drop was out.

Wei Hao was done in a few long seconds and was mostly cleaned during the panty-rub. He then helped her put on his spare clean shorts and buckled her bra for her, before leaving the toilet behind Charis. Just so no one would spot him coming out of the ladies first.

Charis: ‘Don’t tell anyone about it k?’
Wei Hao: ‘I won’t. Who do you think I am?’
Charis: ‘Our class monitor. And my good buddy.’

They walked uneventfully into their class that had gone havoc in the absence of a teacher. No one had questioned their disappearance and appearance, leaving them to be the only ones to know what they did.

Classes came and passed quickly for that day as their MC teacher was supposed to take them for two subjects over three periods. It was freedom for everyone after their last lesson and Wei Hao got a message after he stayed behind to ensure everyone left the classroom.

Charis (WhatsApp): ‘Left school yet? There is no one in the toilet now.’

Of course, it was a Friday and everyone had rushed off for their weekend activities. The school emptied itself in a flash, and even the teachers were no longer around. I guess we would understand how it felt. Wei Hao happily made his way to the toilet and did the same, hello-ing a few times before going into the same cubicle where Charis was waiting in her school uniform.

Charis: ‘We have till five before the uncle locks the gate. This time, you are going to strip me.’

A smile broke his cool look and her buttons popped off easily. What would they do this time? Using just their hands and mouths? Who knows? ;)

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