Acquired Taste

Joey: ‘Yuck! It’s so disgusting!’

She opened the door of her boyfriend’s car and spat the load onto the concrete ground. He had been fingering her since they started on the road and she gave in to his request to suck him off, for the third time in their relationship. It was the first time he shot in her mouth and it totally turned her off. Tony did not care about her comfort and made her did it against her will, but it was nothing too painful she could not handle.

Tony: ‘You just need to used to the taste.’

He started the car and drove on, making their way back to her place where her parents were out at work. The perks of having a good looking, sexy figured girlfriend was that she could easily turn him on by just removing her bra under her shirt. Although she had a killer body, never once she flaunted it causally even if he demanded her. The plain body hugging t-shirt revealed a little of her slim waist, but nothing more. Her pair of leggings took her some time to remove but it was gone at the same time Tony stripped to his underwear.

Tony: ‘Lie on the bed and wait for me. I go wash it first.’
Joey: ‘Again?’
Tony: ‘Yeah. You don’t know you have a horny boyfriend meh?’

She tied her hair as she asked him to hurry, knowing that the CIM act had gotten her in a situation he would always want it. He came out of the toilet after a while and found her lying on his pillow, ponytail adjusted to the side so she could lie comfortably. Laying beside her, he planted those relaxed lips on hers and she was immediately brought to speed to meet his desires.

Her hand went to his raw dick and his fingers wriggled into her thongs. The mutual masturbation turned each other on wetter and harder, making them as energetic as before they had the first round. Must of her handjob was out of sync as he fingered her deeper, curving his fingers upwards to tease the g-spot she always succumb to.

Joey: ‘I.. I am cumming!’

She grabbed him by the wrist and kept his fingers buried deep, biting her lips as she trembled to his satisfied look. Panting from the meek orgasm, she was still horny and used his hand to resume the masturbation.

Tony: ‘Someone so horny huh?’
Joey: ‘You luh! Turn me on with this.’

Her hand went back to jerking and he was eager to move to fucking his hot girlfriend. He was the type of guy liked the normal sex positions and somehow, her cowgirl did not stimulate him as much. But she loved how his dick would poke at her g-spot in that position. He moved between her legs and opened them, pushed his dick down at her pussy and gently let the head pop in.

Joey’s hands were on his forearms beside her hips as he ripped his way in, spreading those closely stuck vaginal walls to fit his size. The teasing entry simply made her want more and her legs were over his ass once he penetrated into her.

Tony: ‘Ready?’

She nodded shyly and he started the missionary. Her head tilted upwards and eyes shut themselves to enjoy every inch of his manhood, thrusting vigorously at her. It was one of those non-overwhelming, slow-build up momentum that she knew would ‘charge’ her orgasms up to the max before he would let her cum. The demure looking girl had taken on a wilder side and moans were filling his ears as he rammed harder.

Joey (whispering): ‘Yes yes.. keep going.. don’t stop.. ‘

She neared an orgasm and he picked up his speed, pounding her deeper till he felt her pussy tightened around his shaft. Suddenly, he paused right before she could climax and made her use her legs to pull him in.

Joey: ‘Why did you stop? Don’t torture me.. ‘
Tony: ‘Let me shoot in your mouth again?’
Joey: ‘Anything.. just move.. ‘

The correct answer pushed him to fuck her hard all the way and she was shaking once again to his powerful dick that was stroking against the sensitive spots on her pussy. It was so mind blowing that she went blank for a while and Tony’s dick disappeared out of her. He was lying next to her when she regained consciousness and his finger was rubbing on her clit to wake her up.

Joey (tiredly): ‘I thought you wanted to shoot in my mouth?’
Tony: ‘I haven’t cum yet.’

She flipped around and went between his legs this time. Lying with her hand on his dick, she gave it a few stroke before she licked it up and down like an ice cream. Joey was in charge this time and she kept doing that until he had to beg her to put it in her mouth. A sheepish grin appeared on her face and she put the head in, sucking it so hard he groaned in pain. The subsequent swirling of her tongue brought a relieve to him and her lips slowly descended down.

Keeping it at that depth, she did not move much and only used her tongue to wriggle under his shaft.

Tony: ‘Your turn to torture me is it?’

A nod from her gave him a new sensation that was both soothing and arousing. He liked the little stimulation on his dick head and she nodded a few more times to his request. A while of watching the grown man falling weak to her motionless mouth later, she began the blowjob proper and pumped her head up and down.

This time, she was making longer strides and he was totally weak from her mouth. She had successfully found the perfect tempo, pressure and spots to press her tongue against. Never had he been so helpless and the urge to cum came much sooner than expected.

Tony (groaning): ‘Fuck.. I’m shooting!’

The surprised look on her face did not stop the blowjob and she went faster, neck stretching and moving in a circular motion. In less than a minute, his hands went over her head and her mouth was forced all the way down. The first wave came hard onto her throat and she quickly pushed against his thighs to get the choking feel away before she really stopped.

He knew better to let her relax and his arms fell to the sides, letting her lips stop midway along his rod and she flicked on his pee hole to get the rest of his cum out. The blissful expression on his face was priceless as the cum filled her mouth up. She did not taste much of his sperms since it all went around her mouth that was pointed downwards.

The long minute finally ended and she removed her mouth, climbing over his body in a cowgirl stance. Joey sat over his sperm-covered dick and faced down at him, where he thought she was going to let his cum fall over his face. Instead, she swallowed and began grinding her hips, rubbing that slippery cock in her.

Tony went soft despite having a pussy over him and she understood her boyfriend well. Laying on his chest, he was still inside her when she rested.

Tony: ‘You like to sleep with me inside?’
Joey: ‘Yupp.’
Tony: ‘But the sperms.. ‘
Joey: ‘I’ve licked it clean.’

His arms went around her and patted her to sleep, smiling at his wonderful girlfriend who was getting accustomed to swallowing his load.

Tony: ‘I love you baby.’
Joey: ‘I love you too.’

The couple fell asleep for a long while until he felt her getting off him. The tired guy did not stay tired for long after her mouth went around his dick again, sucking him to reach a full size for another round of frenzy sex.

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