Rotan Case

Sitting in the library, I was partially distracted by the school girl who was in such a tiny skirt that was ‘fashionable’ among schooling kids. Her crossed legs had showed so much of her thin thighs that her skirt was barely covering. Plus, the twirling of her long ponytailed hair while she flipped her books was so seductive, appearing totally too mature for someone her age to be doing.

I was at the library to read some books for inspirations and did not realise she had noticed me staring at her. As the hour passed, she started packing her bag but did not keep most of her books she could carry. The girl was soon done and approached me, asking if the seat opposite me was taken. As all libraries tried to maintain quietness, I gestured with an open palm to ask her to take the seat and she went back to one of the thicker books she was carrying.

The girl scribbled on a piece of foolscap paper before sliding it to me, reading;

I saw you looking at me. I find you quite cute too. Do you want to go out?

I took my Parker pen and wrote a four letter word – sure, before pushing it back to her. It was one of those dangerous things I should not be doing knowing she was underaged, but surely ‘going out’ meant like a walk around a shopping mall and it should be harmless right?

We packed our stuff at the same time and headed for the exit, keeping a distance that would not attract any attention. The walk to the nearby housing estates was quiet with only a few sentences exchanged to know each other’s name, and what we were doing so early on a school day.

Charlotte: ‘You want to find somewhere quiet and sit?’
Me: ‘Do you have anywhere in mind?’
Charlotte: ‘Not really.. ‘
Me: ‘There is somewhere quiet, but not sure if anyone will be walking pass.’
Charlotte: ‘Let’s go and see then.’

We made our way to the older building where Courts occupied two floors, and found a stairwell filled with unwanted display cabinets of huge electronic companies labelled on them. She sat on the highest step and I shifted a tall cabinet heavy enough to block the door and the tiny glass window above the doorknob.

Me: ‘Is it too hot for you?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah. You are.’

I am? In shorts and a collared tee? I joined her and placed my bag away, letting her move closer beside me. I did not know what to do then as she was at such a tender age, fourteen to be exact. A secondary school girl wouldn’t have gone as far as having sex right? That would be safe for me.

The girl did not just sit there and wait for me but daringly unbuttoned the top few buttons, took my hand and placing it outside her school blouse. She wore a half-cup white bra and I must say a lot of her breasts were showing in that tiny opening. It wasn’t her size that was huge, but her top that was almost body hugging.

Charlotte: ‘You dare to do it here?’
Me: ‘I don’t mind.. but.. are you sure?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah. I saw how you type on your iPad, going so fast and swift. I don’t mind letting you touch me.’

Heck, what happens later can be left for later. I moved her one step lower and sat behind her, slipping my hand into her shirt and bra. For her age, it was understandable to handle a 34A cups and my fingers could not stop rolling those nipples around. It was hard when I laid my hands on them and she was leaning back between my legs, enjoying the one-side pleasure session.

As I was fondling her breasts, her skirt was lifted to her hips, all the while seated. The cute pink laced panties was a little sheer and that small curve of her pussy was so tempting to touch. She took my other hand over her shoulders and pulled it down to her groin, letting my dreams come true in such short notice.

I did not waste any time and began rubbing on her panties, until she could not take it anymore and tugged at the waistband to let me hand in. I dived in for the kill and went for her clit straight, massing and vibrating my finger till the grip on my arm tightened. Her semi-wet pussy suddenly got super wet and her panties soaked up most of the juices that was leaking.

Charlotte turned a few times to kiss me, and it was when she felt exceptionally good.

Charlotte: ‘Lower your pants for me?’

She shifted herself away from my legs and sat another step lower this time. My dick was smelling a little from the tight underwear but she did not mind at all. Her hands went over it to explore it and placed some saliva to help with masturbating the monster size.

Charlotte (whispering): ‘Is it this big for guys your age?’
Me (whispering): ‘I think there are bigger ones out there.’
Charlotte (whispering): ‘Oh my god.. I think I can’t take anything bigger than yours.’

Wait.. what did she just said? She had sex before? And.. mine was the biggest? On one side, I was glad for her compliment, but on the other, was she hinting at something else? It would get me caned! Again, I was already in a situation caning was part of the sentence if I got caught.

So, might as well right?

Me (whispering): ‘You want to try it?’

She did not understood what I just said and just placed her lips over it. Bobbing her head up and down, the knowledge of foreplay was still new to her but I couldn’t expect more. She was just fourteen, still a long way to go. Her mouth was pretty much inexperienced and I could only get that much out of her. Her tongue went all over the place and she even choked herself a few times. Watching the small girl struggle with my size got unbearable soon and I had to stop her.

Charlotte: ‘Sorry. I am not good at it. You’re just the second guy I have done this for.’
Me: ‘Tell me tell me. Who’s the first?’
Charlotte: ‘My ex? He forced me to do this for him. I don’t like it when he choke me.’
Me: ‘Then why did you do this for me then? You don’t like it.’
Charlotte: ‘Who asks you to be so cute?’

I sighed without knowing what part of me is ‘cute’ and got on my feet to join her at the step she was sitting on. Instead, she pushed me down and I landed on my butt with a thump. Apparently, she wasn’t done and I should be seated. The petite girl stood with her back facing me and I watched her panties appear from under her skirt, and into her bag. She flipped her skirt upwards and it hung around her waist easily.

Not sure what she was getting at, I did not do anything until she questioned if I had sex before. Of course I had it before, if not where did my stories come from right?

Charlotte: ‘Put it in?’
Me: ‘I don’t have a condom.’
Charlotte: ‘Umm.. just pull it out before you shoot?’

Hesitantly, I lowered my shorts and stood where I sat.

Me: ‘Come up here. It’s too dangerous to stand there.’

She hopped into the mini-fort of the display stands and I went behind her. Her legs were already at shoulder-width and all I had to do, was to penetrate her. At first, it was impossible to get even the head in. But she simply asked me to put some saliva and it went in easier, though it was just the tip.

Charlotte: ‘Slowly k? You’re too big.’

I made sure to sink one millimetre at each thrust and she was holding onto one of the stands so hard I could see the veins. After a long two minutes, I was finally deep inside her and she was almost upright with her back pasted on my chest. There was no time to waste as anyone could just try to enter through the door, so I picked up my pace and started banging her.

We were really banging each other as our position kept knocking into the stands, and her moans were getting louder too.

Charlotte: ‘I’m cumming.. ‘
Me: ‘So fast?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah! You’re so big!’

True enough, she came with the same amount of liquid leaking out of her pussy and it drenched my balls. It was only after a few seconds of motionless rest that she asked me to pull out.

An apologetic look appeared on her face as she led me by my hand to the steps, sitting herself down and wearing her panties back.

Charlotte: ‘Sex really feels good. Sorry I stopped before you finish.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. Doesn’t it feels good with your ex?’

The fear of getting caught disappeared since we were no longer having sex, and things wouldn’t be so wrong if she was to report me.

Charlotte: ‘Huh? We didn’t have sex.’
Me: ‘You mean I’m your first?’
Charlotte: ‘Yeah. I didn’t have sex with my ex. You just.. don’t seem like a bad guy.’

Thanks for that I guess. She was dressed by then and I was ready to pull my pants up after letting it air for some time. But before I could hide my junk back, her hand was over it again and stroking me.

Me: ‘You still want to do it?’
Charlotte: ‘No.. I just want to please you.’
Me: ‘You don’t have to. I am fine.’

She moved down a step and her face between my legs made me lose my cool. She was so adorable and daring, like someone asking to be loved.

Charlotte: ‘Are you sure you don’t want it?’
Me: ‘Yes.’

I nudged her head away but she quickly covered her mouth over my dick, throwing me back with a saliva filled blowjob. She was sucking much harder this time and her tongue knew what to do. Her thin lips were wrapped so closely around it and all I could do was groan. The fear of choking went away as I watched her going much deeper, almost reaching 3/4 of my shaft.

Deep breaths were taken as my mind went numb from her oral skills. There was no way she could make me cum with that and I knew it. It was no right to let her keep doing this without an end right?

Me: ‘Put your hand at the bottom and pump me while you suck. It will be faster.’
Charlotte: ‘Faster?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I.. I can’t cum with your mouth.’

A sweet smile came to me and she did what I suggested, jerking me while her mouth worked around the hood. The whole thing took close to five minutes but she was going non-stop, as though she had a favour to return. Her cheeks were collapsing as she sucked me harder, letting her saliva lubricate the handjob.

Me: ‘I think I’m shooting.’

The girl paid no attention to what I just said and kept going, until the hot load gushed into her mouth and she choked dangerously on it, snorting out some of the cum while her lips were still moving.

Me: ‘Stop stop.. you’re choking!’

She made another few strokes before finally letting go of my dick, although it was her mouth that stopped. Her jerking hand was squeezing the rest of my cum out of the meat tube and tears were seen swelling in her eyes.

Me: ‘You don’t have to do so much for me.’

She used the packet of tissue to clean herself up and went down on me a few more times to lick me clean. We hastily left the place after unblocking the door, and she was all smiles when we walked towards the nearby bus stop.

Charlotte: ‘You like it?’
Me: ‘No. Not when you are suffering.’
Charlotte: ‘But I don’t mind.’
Me: ‘Why? Cause I look cute when I cum?’
Charlotte: ‘No. You look cute when you are so worried.’

She slipped her arm under mine on the bus, even though I knew the bus did not bring me home. I sent her to her block and she stopped before the lift to give me a kiss.

Charlotte (whispering): ‘I know a place where there is no one.’

She dragged me into the lift and we made out passionately until we reached the highest floor, where the whole level only had two units with pamphlets choking the rusting gates. She was quicker than me in lowering her panties and raising her skirt up to let me see her pussy, assuring the worried me that no one would come to this floor.

As I pounded her in standing doggie again, she told me a secret that no one else knew.

Charlotte: ‘I always masturbate here before going to school.’

The harder me rammed her mindless till she came three times, and I did not give in to her pleas to stop. The girl never regretted my decision and rewarded me with blowjobs, that she got so good at I couldn’t get enough of. To be unfair, I was living the dreams of every man fucking an underaged girl whose driving force was to have sex as often as we could.

Was it worth getting caned for this fantasy that came true? You tell me.

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