Help Ena

Update: A loan of $300 (yes.. S$300) has been given to Ena, so any donations will be used to offset the loan on my side. Her immediate crisis has been averted. Please contact me for details.

Hi guys, I believe it has been some time since I reached out for help. An ex-erotica blogger, Ena, is in dire need of money to tide her family over this period of difficulty arising from some complications in her job hunt. I had written this plea with hope, that some of you out there may be able to make a small donation, that wouldn’t require her to return, given how stressed she is already.

I have given her a loan of S$20 that I won’t be asking for, and sincerely wish that some of you might be able to lend a hand. This is not a ‘Indiegogo’ or ‘Kickstarter’ campaign, so be aware that there is nothing to be gained from this. There is nothing sexual about this entry, remember that.

For those who are in contact with her, please do not alert her about this post, for I will tell her that the money comes from her followers, and my helpful readers. If you have ever been in such helplessness before, you’ll understand how a small amount from a few people can go a long way.

Please help, if possible. Drop me an email, with a username or real name. I will list the names of those who have contributed, under this post that will be deleted in time. This time, I’ll need you to trust me that all the money goes to her.

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