Sing Along

After Mr. Dee ended his remedial lesson, he made his way to the staff room where two other male teachers were waiting. The three of them had planned to visit a newly opened KTV outlet to mark the beginning of a long holiday, though they still had to go back to school for administrative work. It was truly a day Dee felt freed as he was leaving for Mauritius on a week long holiday. Being single, there was no one to hold him back at the KTV lounge, where the mamasan was breaking the ice to find out what kind of girls the guys preferred.

Mamasan: ‘I think you guys will like the new girls we got here. They just joined us recently. I’ll bring them in, treat them well k?’

The guys were dying for some company on this wild night where they had three bottles emptied slowly on their table. The group of girls entered shortly after and Dee was spotted looking at one of the youngest looking one.

Teacher: ‘Wah.. 老牛吃嫩草.’
Translate: Wah.. old cow going for young grass.

The two guys gestured for the sweet looking girl whose long fringe covered most of her face to sit next to Dee and proceed to cuddle with their partners, holding glasses of hard liquor for them to get drunk with.

Dee (shocked): ‘Cherry? Is it you?’

The girl in the black laced dress looked up in surprise and could not utter a word. It took her some time before she could express her awkwardness to him. So, who was she? Cherry was one of the students in his class and had just reached 16, a year older than the peers in her cohort.

Cherry: ‘Mr. Dee! Don’t tell anyone about this can? I.. I needed money.’
Dee: ‘Why did you choose this instead of some other part time job?’

Thankfully, the karaoke was at full blast, drowning out their conversations taking place beside the drowsy couples. She was in a dire state for a couple of hundred dollars and resorted to this quick cash idea. There was no way Dee could believe her when she said it was only one night she was doing this, she appeared to fit this job well with her cutesy, innocent look. The short dress was distracting him throughout the small chat, alluring to the slightly drunk teacher, forcing him to fight against his wish to just grope her.

Dee: ‘Don’t tell the class I was here too can? Let’s keep this to ourselves.’
Cherry: ‘Promise. And.. since we are here already.. why don’t I drink with you? It will be safer with you than with some other customers right?’
Dee: ‘Fine. Just tonight.’

She snuggled herself into his arms and knocked her glass into his, emptying the content at one shot. Cherry could not hold her liquor well and was soon getting drunk, while Dee was also high. Running his hand across her thighs, things were quickly getting out of hand without any restraints on themselves.

As all private KTV lounges were, the glass doors were heavily tinted and the outlet they visited had a strict policy about intruding rooms. Only when the customers required attention, the staff would then enter. So, there was nothing that would bother them for that crazy evening.

In no time, the two other teachers were going all out on their hostesses and hands were moving vigorously under dresses and skirts. Cherry was much influenced by what was happening around her and grabbed Dee’s hand to slip under her dress.

Cherry: ‘Just do what you want. I feel safe with you.’

Dee wasn’t thinking straight then and simply dived into her panties, swiping his nails along her slit. Cherry had not been touched so intimately before, especially coming from a much experienced guy. Her pussy got soaked wet in no time and the drunk underaged girl was pushing her hand into his zip too.

The hands of the both of them were busy getting each other off and were still drinking while at it. Slowly, three panties landed on the table and the men had their pants off.

Cherry: ‘Ever been sucked by someone my age?’
Dee: ‘Of course not. Who would have any dirty thoughts on me in the school?’
Cherry: ‘You have no ideas what the girls said about you right?’

Her stroking hand left his dick and her head went down onto his groin. Being the first girl in the room to do that, the rest followed suit and pleased their customers.

Teacher2: ‘You’re good with her huh? So fast!’

Dee gave him a wink and returned to Cherry, whose head was bobbing on his lap. Her confused mind was triggering her tongue to roam everywhere and the saliva was flowing all over his thighs. Nonetheless, he paid for this and enjoyed her small, hardworking mouth for a few more minutes before he let her take a break.

Dee: ‘You know? You look pretty tonight. I want you to do something for me.’
Cherry: ‘And that is?’

He shoved an empty bottle in her hand and tapped on the opening. Cherry did not think twice about his suggestion and cleared a space on the table. Spreading her legs for him, the tip of the bottle went in after she tilted it to empty the few drops onto her pussy. Thrusting the bottle non-stop, the girl moaned in the sexiest voice and led the rest of the girls to catch up with her.

The two couples did not do the bottle stunt, but went on to their round of noisy sex. Dee could not be bothered with what they were doing. He was about to take over the bottle and fuck her with it. Holding the squarish design firmly, he rammed it upwards into her and made her moan like a crazy woman, juices leaking all over the glass and dirtying the table with a small puddle.

Dee’s dick was twitching from her foreplay and she knew he was waiting for her. After a few minutes of bottle-fuck, she had enough of it and climbed over his legs.

Cherry: ‘Hold it upright.’

And he listened. She sat down slowly over his reddened dick and gripped his shoulders tightly as it pierced into her tight cunt. Dee almost blew his load if not for the pause she needed to get used to his size.

Dee: ‘Cherry! You’re too tight! I don’t think I can last.. ‘
Cherry: ‘Drink more? It will help a bit I think.’

The teacher had no reasons to turn her down, as she was right about that, and took a few mouthful from the bottle directly. She began bouncing on top once he signalled for her and the groans in the room grew louder from the new participants.

It only took him a while before the position was numbing his dick, and she went on her fours along the length of the couch. Standing at her rear, he rammed his cock in and pounded her mercilessly, sending waves of orgasms into his sweet, young student. She was already out of her mind when he used the bottle on her, and this was what she was looking forward to – to feel her teacher inside.

The slapping sounds of flesh echoed behind the blaring music and the three couples kept fucking. Feeling hornier from her squishing cunt, Dee could not hold himself back any further and rammed her with all his might, getting drowsier as he banged. The cumming sensation was slowly building up in him thanks to the alcohol, but it was coming no matter what.

Dee: ‘Cherry.. I’m cumming!’

Quickly crawling away, she took a mouthful from a new bottle and kept it in her mouth, swallowing just enough so she could suck him off. Plunging that hard cock into her watery lips, she made sure to leave a little of the liquor to lubricate the blowjob. Going down forcefully, her gag reflex was gone from the drunk-like state. He was watching his dick disappear balls-deep into her throat until she was picking up speed to finish him off.

Dee: ‘Cherry!’

She swallowed the rest of the liquid in her mouth and poked her tongue onto his pee hole, flicking it at the same time. At last, his huge amount of cum fired into her mouth and she kept her lips moving along his shaft, milking him to a groaning agony.

Cherry swallowed his load to the bewildered look on her friends and they were just letting the teachers cum into the condom they wore.

Dee: ‘Hang on.’

The panty-less girls adjusted their clothes as the ‘1’ button alerted the mamasan.

Dee: ‘I think we are more or less done. Can I get the bill?’
Mamasan: ‘Going out with the girls? Hope you enjoyed yourselves tonight.’
Dee: ‘Yeah. I think all of us are.’

She notified him about the extra charges and led the girls into a corner for a briefing. Finally, the thousand plus dollars bill was settled and Dee hopped into a taxi with Cherry. All three teachers left with their partners for an adventure they never spoke of. For the unconventional teacher-student couple, the three rounds of sex at his place added up to eight orgasms for Cherry. They were fucking till dawn and his rest between ejaculation was challenged by her blowjob each time.

By the time they were done, he had offered to take care of her financial needs as long as she kept pleasing him. After all, the money he made teaching was going nowhere except investing, and she was an investment too.

A few days later, Cherry made her way to the airport, wearing a red tank top dress without any signs of panties or bra straps across her shoulders. She was to be his for the whole trip and the excitement of spending a week fucking and relaxing drove them hungry. Hungry enough to have a quickie before boarding their midnight flight.

Dee: ‘Ready for the one week stay?’
Cherry (whispering): ‘I will be naked as long as I am in your room. You can do anything you want then.’

Well, that is one hell of a trip I wished I could know more about and write it for you guys. Imagine how she would be walking to school on the first day after the countless rounds of sex they had. From what I heard, she remained panty-less from then on so she would be able to fuck him anywhere he wanted. And for Dee, he planned to remain single while she continued her studies, with the promise of getting married to each other once she reached the appropriate age.

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