Daughter’s Best Friend

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Jeslyn: ‘Hi Uncle!’
Andy: ‘Hello. Going to sleep over tonight?’
Jeslyn: ‘Yeah. We have some projects to rush.’

He watched the 19 year old girl in yellow floral bralet and high waist shorts went into his daughters room, knowing that the two best friends often spend nights at each others’ place during the busy period.

His daughter and Jeslyn stayed in the room, occasionally giggling till it was dinner time, where they joined Andy for dinner over a sumptuous meal he cooked. Being a single father, he cooked as often as he could for her as it was the only time he could bond with her.

Jeslyn : ‘Thank you Uncle. The food is super awesome!’
Claire: ‘Thanks dad for cooking extra dishes tonight. We are so hungry.’

Jeslyn then took a photo of the clean plates for her Instagram and went back to their projects, going for hours after midnight. Andy did not have much work to do then and went to bed at 1am, still hearing the girls’ voices discussing work.

Soon, the lights in his daughter’s room went out and their door opened, with a figure pushing his master bedroom door to peep into.

Andy: ‘Yes?’
Jeslyn (whispering): ‘Oops. Goodnight Uncle!’
Andy: ‘Goodnight.’

He turned off his phone’s screen and hid under the blanket, spending the last few minutes of consciousness in thoughts about his work. After some time had passed, he felt the blanket moving and the empty side move to someone lying on it.

Jeslyn (whispering): ‘Uncle?’
Andy: ‘Yes? Why aren’t you asleep yet?’
Jesyln (whispering): ‘Don’t know too.’

He could see her eyes looking at his neck, appearing too shy to meet his line of sight. Her hands were moving around his arm, hugging them into her cleavage with a sense of loneliness. Perhaps it was homesickness, but being a father, he could not just fuck her daughter’s best friend. It was too much of a fantasy to imagine it happening to him.

Jeslyn: ‘Uncle, do you feel lonely being alone every night?’
Andy: ‘Not really. I just want to be a good father to Claire.’

The tiny cotton shorts under the sheets was one thing he felt awkward about, especially with a guest in the same bed as him. Jeslyn did not feel shy in the darkness though, moving her palm over to his slightly protruding tummy, and downwards to the thin material.

Wrapping her fingers around his flaccid rod, it awakened to her gentle touches and got harder gradually. It was his turn to be afraid of looking at Jeslyn in her eyes, knowing clearly that he should not be letting her grope him.

Andy: ‘Should you go to bed now?’
Jeslyn: ‘Nope. Your daughter snores.. ‘

He almost burst into laughter after hearing that, but the strokes running along his shorts had kept him distracted, or focused. Slowly, he shifted his hand to her side as well, feeling her naked thighs, followed by the pair of soft silky panties that she was in.

Pushing his middle finger down on her slit, it was the cue for her to slip her hand into his shorts. She was listening to her primal instincts like him and did exactly just that when he pulled her undies to a side, giving him access to her young, fleshy folds of meat.

Rubbing vigorously on that pearl, she let off a groan and stroked him faster, locked in a mutual masturbathon to relieve her urges.

Jeslyn (whispering): ‘Uncle, when was the last time you had sex?’
Andy: ‘For almost as long as Claire’s mum passed.’
Jeslyn: ‘How long is it?’
Andy: ‘One year?’
Jeslyn (whispering): ‘I mean this.. ‘

She dug her nail into his pee hole and shocked him into a hornier state, almost jolting his body upright.

Andy: ‘Umm.. I guess.. eight inches? Why?’
Jeslyn: ‘My ex is only six.’

She tucked her knees in to remove her panties and rolled over to his body, getting into a cowgirl position almost immediately. Letting her pussy glide along his shaft a few times, Andy was just looking at her sexy neckline, with her bralet still on.

Andy (whispering): ‘Want me to remove these?’
Jeslyn (whispering): ‘Don’t. I like to do it clothed.’

She blindly let her hips guide her pussy over his dick and sat down very slowly, gasping at each inches that were piercing into her tight hole. It felt never ending to her, obviously thicker and longer than anything she had inside.

After a minute, their bodies were in each others’ arms and the moment of silence was for her to adjust to his rod size.

Jeslyn (whispering): ‘Uncle, can you move? I’m a little tired.’
Andy: ‘Yupp.’

His short answer came easily and she perched her chest up by straightening her arms. Her knees had locked in place to raise her butt up to the ideal height, so he could..

*Ahh.. ahh.. ahh*

Her moans broke the silence as he thrust upwards, piling violently into her pussy that got wetter as he went deeper. Her hair was neatly placed behind and he could see how horny she was from the biting lips expression she gave to suppress her voice.

Her vagina was stretched so thinly that every area of his dick was in contact with her sensitive muscles. The fixated pose of Jeslyn, and the fluid ramming body of Andy, made her seemed like she frozen on top of a sex machine.

Pounding non-stop, Andy had full control of the tempo and was totally immersed in driving her crazy with her orgasms. Watching her gasp desperately for air, he knew he was doing a good job to make her feel comfortable. Although he was the one working hard, she was perspiring as though she was riding.

Jeslyn (panting): ‘Uncle.. doggie.. ‘

He wriggled himself out from under her body and legs, hopping into her requested position with lots of excitement. In one stroke, he shoved his dick into her and made her squeal so scarily loud. There was no way Jeslyn could say anything except to muffle her moans in his pillows, enjoying the deep thrusts that was bombarding her mind.

Jeslyn (moaning): ‘Uncleee.. I.. can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Andy: ‘You came?’
Jeslyn (moaning): ‘Yes yes.. too many times.. ‘

He stopped moving suddenly and let her collapse forward. Lying sideways, she was glaring at that cock covered in her juices, as though that monster had just did something irreversible to her.

Andy: ‘You alright? Like it?’
Jeslyn: ‘No. It’s painful down there. But I like it.’

He gave her a weak smile and moved to where she patted on the bed. Right in front of her face, she took that burly little man in her hand and pumped it rhythmically, allowing Andy to give her clit a massage to take away the pain.

The handjob lasted for a good five minutes before he took over, aiming it at her mouth while he jerked himself off.

Jeslyn: ‘Uncle, I’m feeling better le. Wanna try putting it in again?’

This time round, he went into her in missionary, moving his hips in a dance-like thrust that did not just plumage her genitals. It was just slurping in and out steadily, till Jeslyn dug her nails into his biceps.

Andy: ‘Cumming?’
Jeslyn: ‘Yeah. I can feel it at the max level already.’
Andy: ‘Let’s cum together then. Inside k?’

She nodded eagerly and let him pull out 90%, before driving it back in powerfully. It only took eight strokes to unlock the rapid-fire of their orgasms, forcing her pussy to convulse while his dick throbbed hard to eject all his cum into her.

They remained in that position for almost five minutes, experiencing the most intense climax they had in a long time. She was just panting and disbelieving how long she could cum at one time, and he was being drained of his cum with the wave-like squeezes of her vagina.

After they were done, he pulled out of her reluctantly and she quickly reach for her panties.

Jeslyn: ‘I have to go back now. Thank you Uncle for the dessert.’

She tucked her knees once again to wear her undies back, before skipping out of the room with a blow kiss to him. Unknown to them, Claire was awake all these while and she had heard that they did.

Well, she never spoke of it to her father as Claire’s dad had been fucking her during her sleepover at their place too. So it was a fair deal right?

Part 1 | Part 2

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