Job Perks

Alex: ‘J, hop in. Time for interview.’

I went into the front passenger seat of a 6-seater sedan and turned around to give a quick glance of his ‘talent hunt’. The three of them were wearing those low cut spaghetti top and skirts ranging from body hugging to flaring ones, unknowing that such clothes do not fit their petite figure. I couldn’t care less about what they wore and returned to my seat while turning up the music.

Me: ‘How old are they?’
Alex: ‘Old enough lah.’
Me: ‘Fuck you. Are their ICs with you?’
Alex: ‘In front of you.’

I popped the compartment’s latch and saw a thick stack of plastic cards, all being identification cards from the numerous girls under him.

Alex: ‘Top three.’

1995.. I did my slow mental calculation to get their age and yes, legal. The car stopped at the hotel I had been assigned to and the looked forward to get some privacy with the girls. Just before I continue, let me just tell you guys briefly what I do.

The position I held in an unnamed society was ‘Head of HR’, meaning I am the one ‘talent’ scouters would go to when they found girls. What happens after the classification was up to me, to put them under a sub-group for immediate commencement of work (if they had the necessary experience), or put them under the men in my group for training.

‘Training’ isn’t like what you guys imagined to be, binding them and using tools on them in preparation for the industry, but in fact, going through basic etiquette course that would enable them to meet the demands of what you guys known as ‘escorts’. Or better still, put them up for ‘adoption’ by the wealthy who needed a fixed partner for relieving their primal needs.

Alex: ‘Kay, you follow me. She’s mine for this week. The rest of you, follow J.’

I shook my head in disappointment and helplessness from the protocol from this line of work. The three girls walked behind me chattering as we headed for the room, where wires covered the floor.

Me: ‘Okay. You girls sit here. One by one, come to this bed and introduce yourself in front of the camera.’

After that, I gave them a more detailed breakdown of what was going on and they were excited about the idea of earning much more being an escort. I had no idea where they came from but somehow this was better than what they had been doing.

Me: ‘What’s your name? Speak English?’
Girl: ‘Elaine. Yeah. I am from here ah.’

Me: ‘Okay. Introduce yourself once I give you the thumbs up.’

The record button went live and she began the story of her life, short and sweet to capture even my attention. The Singaporean girl had turned 18 just last month and was looking to be independent without the support of her parents. There was no mention of why she was alone but she had spoken about the plan to have a stable life. Once she was done, I went over to the bed and stood before her, making sure not to obstruct the camera.

Me: ‘Show me what you got.’

She undone the belt and pulled my ripped jeans down, stroking me while maintaining eye contact with me. The two girls behind me were keeping as quiet as possible, tilting their bodies to see what Elaine was doing. After a few minutes to get me rock hard, her mouth came down on me and began working her lips across my shaft.

Me: ‘Don’t rush. The more you hurry the less people will come back to you.’

She nodded with my cock in her mouth and kept sucking, slurping up all the excess saliva that was leaking under my rod.

Elaine: ‘Take my clothes off for me?’

I bent forward to tug her panties under the skirt off her legs, and she removed her top for me. Her 32B cups were firmly protruding from her chest and those pink nipples immediately increased her value. Lying back onto the bed, she hugged the pillow over her chest while her knees went up into the air.

Me: ‘Customers like to see bodies like yours, slim, sexy. They will love those nipples too.’

It was one of the rare occasions I did not sense the ‘dirty’ feel when I asked her to show me what she knew. The 155cm girl had long legs that made her look like a mini-barbie doll instead. You have no idea how tempted was I to make her mine. Or should I?

I took a condom out of a drawer and passed it to her, guiding her (and the girls) to place it over their pussies while their customers thrust. Elaine picked that tip up quickly and I was pounding at her in no time, listening to the moans she was giving off.

Me: ‘Elaine, do you remember the first time you had sex? That scared but nice feeling? Moan like that.’

She quietened down and her voice went soft, like a cat’s purr. Her eyes shut themselves after a while and I was brought back in time when I first did it with my ex, innocent but trying to hide her horniness. Priceless was the only word suitable to describe what I was going through and I found myself take a liking to Elaine as we fucked.

Me: ‘Doggie style.’

She tucked her knees close to her chest and rolled over, sticking her butt out and inviting me to just put it in. That wasn’t the way to get your customer’s affection right?

Me: ‘Elaine.. kneel higher, let your customer guide you a little. And tell me to be gentle.’

She raised her back higher and in a sweet voice, told me to go slow. Of course, being a difficult interviewer, I did not just give it to her the way she wanted. I popped the tip in and held her waist firmly, before jabbing deep into her causing her to yelp loudly. The machine gun alike violent pounding started and I got tired quickly from the intense sprint. Not even five minute had past when I had to slow down and she was getting a light headed from the orgasms that was exploding in her pussy.

Many times she had begged for me to go slower but I simply could not do it to a girl that was so sensitive and tight. Until I finally felt myself breathless, she was growing weaker in her knees till the position was too difficult to thrust.

Me: ‘The customer can be tired, but not you.’

I went to sit at the edge of the bed and picked her by her arm onto the floor. I gave a nudge on her head towards my dick and fell onto the bed panting. She knelt upright and fondled by balls a little before the warm mouth relieved the tiredness, sucking life back into my body as her sloppy blowjob got the better of me.

Me: ‘Keep going. I am about to shoot.’

Just before I came, I stopped her and realised there was a condom on, I couldn’t believe how good she was to execute the blowjob as though there was nothing between us.

Me: ‘Remember girls, always use a condom no matter how much the customer want to pay you to do raw. I rather you earn less than risk getting any diseases, understand?’

Elaine took a break after what I said and rolled the condom off, while the other girls whispered ‘shit’.

Me: ‘What are you doing?’
Elaine: ‘You’re my first. So it should be safe right?’
Me: ‘I am planning to keep you by my side. But for the two of you, never do this for anyone k? First time or not, they can have STDs.’

This time, her tongue was all over my dick and I was groaning in pleasure. The skilled mouth took only three minutes to get me shooting and I unloaded all of it where she wanted, sucking me non-stop throughout for the last drop.

Me: ‘That’s enough. I have nothing left for you.’

She climbed on top of me and sat over my shrinking dick, scaring me till I almost flipped out. She swallowed the mouthful of cum before my eyes and licked her lips.

Elaine: ‘It’s okay. I am infertile. My parents disowned me because of this too. They knew I cannot give them a grandson.’

I closed my eyes in another sigh of relieve and carried her in my arms to the other bed. She took her rest while I continued the video interview with the other two girls, ending up putting them together on the streets as one of them did not want to be separated. I guess that’s the spirit of being sisters.

Me: ‘Okay. Both of you will be pros. Someone will pick you up tomorrow. Have a shower and sleep well.’

No, pros doesn’t stand for ‘professional’.

Elaine: ‘Then what about me?’
Me: ‘You will stay with me. Until someone take over you.’
Elaine: ‘Can’t I be yours forever?’
Me: ‘If you can keep me happy.’
Elaine: ‘I will do my best de. I rather be with one person than many.’

Doesn’t every girl want that? We went for a shower together with her sucking me off, and the morning came fast with the night ending late from her undying motivation to stay by me. The guy picking the two girls walked in on her giving me a blowjob but did not mention a word, knowing that he would be having his share of fun with the two ‘sisters’ before they were put to work.

For meeting her, I took a day off wanting to recover my energy, but Elaine had never left my dick alone for more than fifteen minutes untouched. I assumed she had plans to keep my satisfied so I would never consider giving her up, and it had worked well so far. Now I just need to get used to fucking her when I did my interviews with other girls.

Even right now, she is sitting under the table sucking me off as I wrote this. Would anyone else want this life?

Me: ‘Good girl Elaine. Go to the bed and wait for me, I am almost done here.’

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I saw the news but didn’t see the link to my story! Haha. Sharp eye there. But no, J doesn’t have $1 million.

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