Portable Shaver

Shuyi (shouting): ‘Oh shit!’
Me: ‘What happened?’

We were the last in the resort room to leave for the pool as we both woke up late for breakfast. The rest of our group had left after their meal and we had to change since we had totally forgotten about the morning swim. We were shouting through the bathroom door just as I was lying comfortable on the queen sized bed.

Shuyi (shouting): ‘Do you have a shaver?’
Me: ‘Yeah. It’s for my moustache eh.’
Shuyi (shouting): ‘Lend me first can? I forgot to shave.’
Me: ‘You very unhygienic leh. Can use the blade one inside the toilet what.’
Shuyi (shouting): ‘Don’t want. What if I cut myself?’

The door opened a little and I reluctantly slipped the electric pocket shaver to her. The buzzing sound came with a few loud whizz, ensuring I heard the ‘pain’ the device was going through. Waiting for a girl to get ready was truly boring and there was nothing else to do. After ten minutes, the door finally opened but she was not yet done.

Me: ‘You open the door for what? Invite me in ah?’
Shuyi: ‘Umm.. ya.. I need your help la. I can’t see clearly.’
Me: ‘Where’s your specs?’
Shuyi: ‘No lah! I am wearing contacts, I just can’t see where I am shaving.’
Me: ‘Are you sure you want me to help?’
Shuyi: ‘Shut up and come in.’

I walked into the bathroom where she was sitting on the sink top, legs opened in front of the huge wall mirror. Her back was facing me then and it was only I learnt she had a tattoo above her butt crack. Shuyi had been a girl we all known to be a little bimbotic (if there was even such a word), but remained a good friend whom we all asked out when any of us was feeling down. Standing behind her, it was a sight to behold, milky fair skin wrapped around a slim waist.

Shuyi: ‘Stop looking and help leh.’
Me: ‘How?’

She raised her hands for me to go around and placed the shaver into my left, remembering I was left-handed. The blur girl did not seemed to know what she was doing and just guided my hand around the parts she could not see clearly.

Me: ‘You realise that this is not much difference from doing it yourself? You are just using my hand.’
Shuyi: ‘Ya hor. What am I doing?’

She closed her legs and turned herself around, before moving to the spacious side. Again, her legs spread and I was asked to see if she was shaved. Her folds of raw flesh was protruding slightly, so unlike of the first impression. You know? Sometimes not knowing how it looks like will keep your mind happy? So it wasn’t as beautiful as her below.

Shuyi: ‘Is it clean?’
Me: ‘You don’t shave the insides one ah?’
Shuyi: ‘I am scared doing it alone.’
Me: ‘Okay. Just don’t get turned on when I help you.’

Carefully, I peeled her labia to each sides and ran the curved perforated of my shaver across, fully aware that the blades would never cut. The amount of prickly stubs were a pain to get rid off but she was quietly sitting there, while I got tired cleaning her out.

As I was about to question the slippery liquid that was covering my shaver, her body shivered a little as I accidentally brushed across her clit.

Shuyi: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘I think so.’

I stood up straight in front of her to see her flushed face, coupled with a few gulps of her throat.

Me: ‘Are you like.. turned on?’
Shuyi: ‘Duh.. you lah! Keep touching there.’
Me: ‘Eh.. I helped you and you do this. It’s very red down there you know.’
Shuyi: ‘Yeah. I asked you to come in cause I pulled out some of my hair when I tried to hurry.’
Me: ‘Okay. Turn around to face the mirror. I show you something.’

There was nothing to show her though, I just wanted to stand behind her and feel her pussy while she looked. My hands went around her waist and I split her pussy lips, pointing at the reddened spot. Of course, from where she was, she could not see as clearly as I did. So I just placed my middle finger over her clit, and started massaging it.

Shuyi (breathing faster): ‘What are you doing?’
Me: ‘Massaging the red part lo.’
Shuyi: ‘Don’t.. ‘

Her head fell onto my shoulders and the knot of her bikini top was bitten off. My fingers circled her sensitive clit non-stop and it made her softer each time, moaning for me to stop but that was all she did. Instinctively, her hand reached behind for me and dug into my beach shorts, rummaging till she found my dick that was rock hard.

Our mutual masturbation was progressing well as she got more tired, legs getting sore from keeping them apart.

Shuyi (whispering): ‘Let’s get dressed and meet them.’

Something in what she said did not tally with her intentions and I let her go, picking her up and dropped her on her feet. We went into the bedroom with our clothes and it was my turn to challenge her.

Me: ‘I can’t go out like this eh. How?’
Shuyi: ‘How what? Tell me?’
Me: ‘Cheeky girl huh?’

She had not put on anything below yet and she dared question what I wanted. I climbed on top of her and laid her on the bed, putting my dick directly above her lips. I had never imagined us to go as far as this from the thought that she would ‘make herself difficult to get’. But I guessed it was our friendship that helped her get this close to me without any guilt and we were progressing fine.

She parted her pink luscious lips and I tucked a pillow below her head.

Shuyi: ‘I can’t move much in this position. You don’t go too deep k?’

I nodded excitedly at her request and leaned over her head, sticking my dick into her mouth without wasting anymore time. As I was gently fucking her mouth, she was getting herself off between her legs, thrusting her fingers as fast as I were. In less than five minutes, I was done with enjoying her mouth and needed something more.

Me: ‘You want me to use my fingers?’
Shuyi: ‘Huh? You have one big part and you want to use ten small parts?’
Me: ‘I don’t know you are so open mah.’
Shuyi: ‘Shit you. I am not k! Just want to thank you for your shaver.’

Her tongue stuck out in the most cutest manner and I moved myself between her legs. Pressing onto her knees, I pierced my rod into her.. sigh.. not so beautiful pussy. The loose parts were caressing my groin as I sank deeper, till her feet suddenly stopped my advances. Her palms pasted lightly on my cheeks and brought me down to her face, kissing me in pecks while asking me to enter.

Shuyi: ‘You’re so big.. ‘
Me: ‘Like it?’
Shuyi: ‘Yes.. ‘

I began a slow thrust into my hot friend and she was moaning at the same time giving me the little kisses. We were picking up speed when I felt her body tightening, transferring us to another level of frenzy sex. Under a minute later, my groin was pounding against her butt and the moans grew louder. The suction in her cunt kept pulling me inside and she could not stop herself from screaming.

Shuyi: ‘Stop stop.. let me get on top. I want to try riding it.’

I rolled my eyes to express my ‘do you need to?’ look and she impatiently squatted over me. Lowering herself at a fearful pace, I was getting lazier resting on that comfortable bed. At last, she was seated over my rod and she fell forward onto her arms beside my head.

As though I had missed that naughty grin on her face, she was grinding me fast, sliding her body up and down my abs. No matter how hard I tried to calm myself, her pussy felt way too good for me and I had to exclaim my urge to cum.

Shuyi: ‘You can’t take it is it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Really.. stop. If not I will shoot inside you le.’
Shuyi: ‘I want to see your cumming look.’
Me: ‘Whatever, get off first.’
Shuyi: ‘And if I don’t?’

She sat herself upright and moved her hips faster, till I bent my body upwards like a piece of cooked bacon. The week’s load of cum fired hard into her and she kept moaning ‘oh yes’ as it filled her up. The cowgirl did not end when I did, further driving me crazy till I almost flipped her off the bed.

Lying beside me, we were catching our breaths when her phone rang.

Shuyi: ‘Go pick it up for me leh. I think it’s them.’

I went over to the dressing table and told them we were having stomachache from the breakfast. In front of me was Shuyi playing with her pussy that had cream oozing out of it, smearing it with her fingers all over her slit. The conversation ended in an urgent tone (rushing for the toilet) and I handed her the thongs she had intended to wear.

Shuyi: ‘I need to wash up first.’
Me: ‘Can’t you just keep it like this in your thongs?’
Shuyi: ‘Can ah. You want? Then you can’t wash yours too.’

My dick had this powdery feel to the dried juices from her and it didn’t feel too bad too. We got dressed shortly after and went to our respective beds, snuggling under the 18 degrees air conditioning we set the previous night.

I could not take my eyes off her semi-worn out look and she was staring at me the same way. It felt like we had brought our friendship to the next level or something. Deep inside me, I knew there were guys out there better than me in sex, and it was as easy as fuck for her to get them.

Shuyi: ‘What are you thinking about?’
Me: ‘You?’
Shuyi: ‘Being inside me or really me?’
Me: ‘Both I guess.’
Shuyi: ‘Did they say what time they are coming back?’
Me: ‘They say they are going for lunch straight and will da bao some food for us.’

She flipped her blanket opened and joined me in my bed, snaking her hand into my shorts and fiddling with the recovering python. Without a word, she climbed on top of me with the thick sheets behind her back and started riding again.

Right then, the door swung opened to the group of guys and girls with us for the trip, dropping their jaws in an instant.

Jake: ‘Wah! You guys started already?’

Mandy pushed Jake through the door and fell onto our bed, dropping her see-through beach cover up that hid her 34C cups. She went down on her knees immediately and tugged on Jake’s shorts, sucking him in front of the six of us.

Shuyi (whispering): ‘Shit. I forgot Mandy told me she had a crush on you. That’s why she wore so sexy to the pool today.’

The rest of the group hurried into the room and close the door, while the last pair of male and female took an awkward minute to decide what they should do. Like clockwork, everyone got naked in the room and started banging. The mass orgy got so messy without a single condom used and cum stains were all over the girls.

Mandy did get to fuck me after Shuyi was done, going for two rounds non-stop to get my acknowledgement of her love for me. I was like a dead person when she rode me, milking the non-existent cum till it spewed into her. Halfway into the sex, Shuyi had crawled behind Mandy over my legs and was being pounded by Jason when she grabbed Mandy’s boobs.

Shuyi: ‘We are still good friends right?’
Mandy: ‘You took my guy and still want to be friends?’

Her erected nipples were still being pinched my Shuyi when we all laughed, knowing that this three girls would never turn against each other over guys. Talking about sex drives, the girls won an expensive buffet treat that night and everyone else in the restaurant did not know why were we in a hurry to eat and go, heading back to our room for an early ‘rest’.

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