Caught Without

Mr. Ho: ‘You know what is the consequences of not wearing panties under your skirt?’
Jamie: ‘I didn’t mean it. They are all in the washing machine.’
Mr. Ho: ‘Can’t you at least wear a pair of shorts?’
Jamie: ‘I was in a hurry. I have no choice. I promise it won’t happen again.’
Mr. Ho: ‘It is not just that I asked you to stay back. Look at these photos.’

He placed his phone on the table where a series of pictures of her smoking in her uniform was cycling in the slideshow, wearing an old school uniform that was going translucent was bad enough. But to be caught with cigarettes, and some photos even showed her sitting on the railings exposing her panties to passer-bys.

Jamie: ‘Who sent this to you? You can’t let my parents find out. They will kill me.’
Mr. Ho: ‘I am the head of discipline you know? A new teacher saw this and took the photos. It was only after he asked me what to do before I noticed it was you. I have to let your parents know no matter what. If not how would I get their signatures?’
Jamie: ‘Please please.. don’t. I can do detention or whatever.’

The usually defiant girl suddenly turned soft in this situation, and Mr. Ho showed no signs of any other options for her but to embrace the consequences.

Jamie: ‘Is there anything I can do so you won’t let my parents know?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Even if I can close one eye, I don’t know if the new teacher will forget about this.’
Jamie: ‘Who is he? I can talk to him another time.’
Mr. Ho: ‘How can I just put this on hold and do nothing?’

Jamie’s feet under the table rose between his chair and pressed onto his pants, wriggling her toes to tease the unwavering teacher’s mind. Knowing that his student was doing something he should not be enjoying, something in him held him from pushing her away. Sitting back onto his chair, he shut his eyes to feel her feet stroking his growing bulge. It was definitely a way to convince him not to report her, and after him, Jamie needed to settle with the new teacher as well.

Mr. Ho: ‘Alright. I will forget about this if you do a good job.’

Seeing the glimmer of hope for her offence, she went around the table to sit beside him and unzipped his pants obediently. Her hand took some time to fumble into his underwear, beginning a handjob that he was groaning to.

Jamie: ‘Is it good?’
Mr. Ho (whispering): ‘Yes. Keep going.’

A little struggle in his pants while she whipped his cock out, ready to do more than just using her hands. The desperation was not only to keep her smoking habits from her parents, but to ensure that she could keep going to school. It wasn’t the first time she had been a bad girl and the demerit points were almost reaching the limit.

Her long hair fell over her face as she brought her mouth to his lap, flicking on the tip a few times. Jamie’s mind was delighted at the second chance to correct her wrong and her hardworking mouth totally showed him how grateful she was. Still groaning non-stop, the slightly plump teacher’s hands were over her head and forcing her to go deeper.

Jamie (breathlessly): ‘Mr. Ho. I can’t take it any deeper. Can I do something else instead?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Up to you.’

She stepped between his legs and perched herself over the edge of the table, holding onto her skirt with one hand to keep it out of the way. So was it a coincident that she was pantyless with a debt to pay? Right before him was a freshly shaved pussy that reeked a bit of sweaty goodness. He was in full control by then and took his time exploring the young cunt that was gapping in response to his massage.

At first, it was her clit being tortured in a fierce vibration. Slowly, his fingers penetrated into her love hole and started thrusting his hand in long strokes, make each pump count. Jamie was too turned on to care about the rightfulness of doing such a thing and finally begged him to put his cock in, getting more horny by the thick, rough fingers.

Mr. Ho: ‘You asked for it k? Not me.’

A loud gasp came from the girl as he slid his dick in one stroke, stopping only when his hips landed on her butt. There was no way she could take all of his length but he could not be bothered with that. An underaged pussy was too much to resist for anyone I guess.

Pinning her body firmly onto the table, he began pounding her pussy, shaking the table. As he increased his pace, the table was screeching across the floor as she moaned louder. Her body was drifting into convulsion quickly from that oversized dick, pushing along the sensitive areas of her vagina.

Jamie: ‘Mr. Ho. I am cumming.. ‘

It went unheard as she felt him going even deeper, causing her mind to shut down momentarily as an orgasm shot through her spine. It was so mind-numbing that the words she mumbled after was barely audible. All Mr. Ho cared about was his own ejaculation that was coming soon. There was no way he could last with that tightness, packaged with a petite body designed for some hard fucking. The next moment she woke up was when another climax struck her, jolting her up with the dick still pounding behind her.

Mr. Ho: ‘I will shoot in your mouth later. Don’t move after I pull it out.’

The grown man went for another five minutes at the lifeless, panting girl till he pulled out way before the urge came, just for precaution. Hurrying over to her mouth, she was waiting for this moment and took his dick in. With her body still lying on the table, there was nothing much she could do except to let him fuck her lips, pumping deep and choking the poor girl.

As expected, her lack of an active tongue delayed his orgasm much longer and she was barely awake when he told her he was cumming. A few shallow thrusts later, his watery, warm cum streamed into her mouth and her tongue got a taste from every bit of it. It wasn’t pleasant at all to have a mouthful of cum that was bitter. Bearing the deal in mind, she kept it as long as she could till he sat down on the chair in front of her.

Mr. Ho: ‘Swallow it.’

The ‘hopeless’ look appeared across her face as she closed her eyes to empty her mouth. It took her a few gulps to clear her throat that had cum still sticking around, and Mr. Ho’s smile was all she needed to see.

Mr. Ho:: ‘You want me to ask Mr. Yap over? I think he is still in school.’
Jamie: ‘Okay. I think he won’t mind ba.’
Mr. Ho: ‘He doesn’t need to know. I will be leaving soon. Make sure to thank him well for not reporting you k? Tell him I gave you a second chance.’

She sat down on her chair and tided her hair and clothes, in preparation for the next teacher coming in. Hopefully he would be as ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ like Mr. Ho, if not she would be having a tough, or should I say ‘fun’, time with him.

Right as the school bell rang for the remedial around the campus to end, a burly guy, smartly dressed walked into the empty classroom. Jamie swallowed her saliva unneeded this time, as she could already see the bulge in his pants even before they were erected.

Mr. Yap: ‘Mr. Ho said that you wanted to see me? I am Mr. Yap, home economics teacher for the lower secondary.’

What? A big guy wearing an apron and cooking? That would surely be interesting.

Jamie: ‘Yeah. I wanted to ask you about the photos that you took of me smoking. Mr. Ho said I should thank you for not reporting me.’
Mr. Yap: ‘Thank me? I don’t even.. ‘

She went up to him before he could complete his sentence and ran her hand along the erection under his pants. Giving a hint so strong, he did not need to question any further and sat her down on the teacher’s desk, unzipping his pants immediately for her to start work.

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