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Me (shouting): ‘Devi!’

The girl looking barely 18 walked towards me in a decent red dry fit tank top and pink FBTs, waving as she took the notes out of her wallet. Devi had contacted me through my site to purchase a bullet vibrator and the deal was quickly sealed with a meet up in the neighbourhood. Handing the toy over to her, she took it out to check if it was working.

Devi: ‘You included batteries?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I have a few lying around. But I don’t think they will last.’
Devi: ‘Means I can use it tonight!’
Me: ‘Haha. Too much info!’

She gave a cute tongue out smile and walked beside me as I headed back home. I had no idea where she was going but it was the least I could ask from the short brown haired girl wearing so simple yet suggestively.

Me: ‘Aren’t you afraid of being raped going braless?’
Devi: ‘No ah. You live around here only, and if anyone comes, they will rape you first! I have perfect vision you know?’

True enough, she had noticed the hard on under my thin shorts from the short messages we exchanged about using the toy. We walked a little distance towards me place before I spotted a void deck with flickering lights, imagining to do something fun with her. The alert girl knew where I was walking through and stopped with me at one of those seats around the lift, with our backs facing the main walkway.

Devi: ‘You live here?’
Me: ‘Nope. Just see if you are going to accompany me.’
Devi: ‘Okay then. I am going home.’
Me: ‘Just kidding luh!’

I grabbed her hand out of playfulness and she collapsed onto my lap, poking my dick at her shorts instantly. There was no signs of her getting up and I proceed to take the toy from her hand, uncoiling the wires to give her a test drive.

Me: ‘I show you how to use it k?’
Devi: ‘Very outdated pick up line huh? I think everyone knows how it works.’

I pressed the pink coloured bullet against her crotch and rolled the speed dial, setting off a powerful vibration across her body. As how foreplay went, I quickly slowed it down and felt her legs spreading to the sides of my thighs. The girl was grinding her butt as I guided the toy up and down her slit, getting her hornier for something more adventurous.

Me: ‘Can I put it in?’

The few seconds passed without any reply from her and I pulled her shorts opened, slipping my hand into her panties directly to conserve the battery. The moment it came in contact with her clit, her hands went to my hips and the fingernails dug into my flesh. As painful as it was, I did not squirm a bit and focused on running the bullet all over her pussy.

Devi: ‘Do girls put it inside?’
Me: ‘Let’s give it a try?’

I brought the toy lower to her entrance and pushed it in slowly, closely monitoring her body’s reaction to it. Instead of letting me continue at my pace, her hand took over the docking and shoved the rest in, arching her back forward as an orgasm caused her body to shake in the most gentle shiver.

I knew she loved it inside and it had answered her question. While she was indulging herself in the vaginal stimulation, I lifted her shirt to massage her bare breasts, nipples erected to my pinch-roll actions. She only lasted about five minutes before complaining that her pussy was going numb from the powerful vibrations. Knowing that the ‘demo’ was over, I tugged at the wire to pull it out and she was comfortably sitting on me.

Devi: ‘Want to check this block out?’
Me: ‘Isn’t it like any other blocks? That is a flat out lousy pick up line.’
Devi: ‘Okay. I am really going home this time!’
Me: ‘Ehh!’

I ran to the lift pulling her along and clicked on the second highest floor, no reasons in particular. Our little fling continued in the brightly lit lift with one of my hand in her shorts and rubbing on her clit so fast her knees almost gave way before we reached the floor. It was just an attempt to get back at that shy but adventurous girl.

After the lift, we went to a corner of the stairs between two floors and she hastily lowered my shorts. I didn’t even feel fair when she began jerking me, cause she did not allow me to touch her (anymore). A few minutes of boring handjob later, I could not take the lack of excitement and gave her the emotionless look until she stopped.

Devi: ‘What’s wrong?’
Me: ‘I can’t cum.’
Devi: ‘Okay.. that’s new. Good or bad thing?’

I did not speak a word more and led her in front of a wall where no one could see us. As soon as I made sure the distance was sufficient for her to bend over, I nudged her body down and roughly tugged her shorts down to her ankles. The surprised girl did not resist a single bit and I proceeded to aim my meat bullet at her, before ramming it in in one swift thrust.

I anticipated her oncoming groan and covered her mouth as I sent my hips into a violent shiver, sliding that piece of meat deep into the unprepared girl. One hand was over her mouth and the other was at her waist, pulling her backwards as I rammed forward. She did not last more than two minutes before an overwhelming tightness stopped me in my tracks, sensing a relaxed pee-like stream onto the ground between our feet.

Right before I felt her loosening, I carried on fucking and resulted in her almost kneeling onto the concrete ground. My hand had moved to her waist and prevented her from falling, all the time pounding my hard stick at her.

Devi (breathlessly): ‘You really can’t cum?’
Me: ‘Of course I can cum. And it’s coming soon.’

Her hands reached for the PVC pipes beside her and held onto them, while I felt another wave of contraction from her.

Me: ‘Are you squeezing me?’
Devi: ‘No.. I am cumming!’
Me: ‘So fast ah? Let’s cum together then.’
Devi: ‘Outside k? Not inside.’

I gave her my last burst of strength, ramming her brains out and exited as the last stroke clicked the ‘Fire’ button. The sight her whitish cum over me, with the incoming strong jets of semen rushing out for war, remained deep in my memories. The super glue landed on her pussy lips and I kept myself occupied by aiming at the ‘clean’ areas to cover every part with my cum. Thankfully I was still sober, avoiding an accident when she suddenly lost her grip and falling back on my body.

Seeing the girl had no more energy to even stand straight, I helped by pulling her panties and shorts over the lubricated pussy, even giving it a quick rub to make sure it was snuggling fit. We sat at the steps for sometime to recover our strength and she was leaning on me throughout.

Devi: ‘You very mean eh. Pull my panties so high up. Want to make sure I get pregnant ah?’
Me: ‘No lah. Keep you warm mah.’
Devi: ‘It’s really warm though. If only I can sleep right now.’
Me: ‘Let’s go home then?’
Devi: ‘Your home?’
Me: ‘Why not your home?’
Devi: ‘Serious?’

We were caught between an awkward joke that turned serious all of a sudden. Of course we went back to our own homes, but I didn’t sleep there though. The still-horny me went to her place for the night, where we explored every possible use for the vibrator and kept ourselves sweaty till the sun was almost out.

The worse thing I had imagined came true when her mum knocked at her door, walking into the two of us naked under the bedsheets. Smiling as she placed the tray of soy bean curd and fried fritters, the only greeting I could mutter was ‘Auntie’. It was only during breakfast (on her bed) that she told me her mum was so happy to see her with a guy instead of always bringing girls home to sleep.

Auntie: ‘Going home ah Ah Boy?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Need to work later.’
Auntie: ‘Come by often k? Don’t need to be shy.’
Me: ‘Sure sure.. ‘
Devi: ‘Ignore her lah. Still sure sure.. ‘

Devi hurried me out of the door to her waving mum, with a confused but glad face following me home. Thinking about it, isn’t her mum a little too young? I am now in a dilemma about the night I spent with her, unsure if she was les, bi or straight, cause girls bringing girls home could be a totally harmless thing.

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