Wishful Thinking

After the young girl dressed in a lacy office wear alighted his cab, Wai turned his vehicle into a nearby coffee shop where he would usually drink at. As usual, he did a check on the passenger seat before leaving his car and saw a thick brown envelope stuck between the backdoor. Taking it with him to the coffee shop table, he ordered his two bottles of beer before opening the envelope. As he had expected, it was money. Not in denotations of fifty, but the rarely seen ten thousand dollar notes of Singapore. There was no need to count it as he knew that stack would be in the millions, and a sudden realisation of getting out of his mediocre life put his morals to the test.

Wai lost his mood for beer after the thick wad of notes awakened in his hand , no longer sure if ‘the right thing’ mattered any more than ‘the sensible thing’. After a few mouths from his mug, that forgetful rich girl came running into the carpark, frantically looking for his yellow cab. Seeing that there was no one in the vehicle, she scanned the tables at the coffee shop and spotted him at the smoking area, looking at her in a disappointed gaze.

Girl: ‘Did you see a brown envelope in your car?’
Wai: ‘You mean this?’

He raised it up from the yellow chair and placed it on the table, resting his hand firmly on it.

Girl: ‘Yes yes!’
Wai: ‘I can’t give it to you. I don’t know if you are the person who left it in my car.’
Girl: ‘What the hell! I just got off your car! It’s really mine.’
Wai: ‘Any proof?’

The poor girl was almost crying when he said that he was bringing it to a police, suspecting that the money came from unclean sources. Despite being saddened that he could not claim the package, he did not want to part with it so easily too. If he had turned it over to the authorises, there might even be a chance of a reward.

Girl: ‘Can we don’t talk here? Let’s go to my place.’

Wai wasn’t sure she was alone in this, for there might be men waiting, even ready to kill for it.

Wai: ‘Why don’t YOU come to my place. I don’t want to get killed by your friends.’
Girl: ‘But I really want to settle it.. Argh fine. Let’s go now.’

He hugged the envelope tightly in his arms before leading her to his place, right above the coffee shop. Before he could removed his shoes, the girl kicked her heels away and went to the middle of the living room, stripping her dress in repayment.

Wai: ‘What are you doing?’
Girl: ‘Get my money back.’
Wai: ‘You tell me where it comes from.’
Girl: ‘I.. clean money for a living.’
Wai: ‘How?’

In very simple terms, she explained to him how it worked and the dreams of earning from her job was tempting too. She continued stripping her bra and panties off, going down on her knees between his legs. Wai did not move an inch except to give her a ‘what are you waiting for’ nod. She undid his belt and whipped his cock out of his sweaty underwear, taking a sobbing sniff after.

As her mouth went over his dick, he took out the wad of notes and opened the piece of folded paper clipped between them.

Wai: ‘Alicia Goh. 28. Address is here. Company is here.’
Alicia: ‘What are you planning to do?’
Wai: ‘Why did you stop?’

She went back to sucking his salty dick and going deeper this time, trying her best to distract him from the contents in the paper. Although Wai did not receive a high education, he was gifted with good memory and stuffed the note back in between the stack of money.

Wai: ‘So, you’re going to Royal B*** casino for this huh? I have seen what you are going to do. You think the police will give me a reward for this?’

She ended the blowjob abruptly and started climbing over him. The sofa was wide enough for a little cowgirl ride and she mount herself over his dick with a sensual moan into his ear.

Alica (whispering): ‘You won’t be so bad as to expose me right?’
Wai: ‘And you know I can get better sex with this money right?’

Her pussy began rising and falling, engulfing his dick in a constant motion into her warm hole. As he recited the procedure for the money laundering, Alicia went faster and harder, till he was finally groaning. In a swift move, he grabbed his old Nokia phone and took some time to go into video recording mode, holding it at her face as she was moaning.

Wai: ‘Suck me again.’
Alicia: ‘Can you don’t record?’

No words came from him as she went between his feet again, slurping his wet cock and keeping her sight on the phone. The bright LED light was blaring into her eyes but she was on a different mission – to get the money back. Going deeper with her tongue roaming around his dick head, Wai was truly enjoying the girl’s service by then, watching her suck his dirty cock in the tiny screen of his phone.

Wai: ‘Bend over the table. I’m going to fuck you from behind.’

Alicia had no choice but turned herself around, half squatting with her butt facing him. He held his dick upright and commanded her to sit. The slow descend down his cock was captured so clearly in his phone that he was already tempted to replay it. After he was fully embedded, she began rocking her body forward and back, massaging his dick with the long strokes.

Wai: ‘Don’t move like that. Use only your butt.’

The first few tries ended up all over the place but she quickly found the tempo to just bounced her knees, slamming her pussy over his groin.

Wai: ‘Yes yes. Just like that. It feels so good.’

This particular position set off her pleasure spots and she was getting into the mood, feeling her vagina being stretched by his manhood as he entered, over and over again. Soon, the girl was getting disorientated and could not maintain her pace. Alicia slammed her butt onto his groin during the orgasm and Wai grunted like a bear as her pussy squashed his rod.

Wai: ‘I think that’s enough fun for you. Just suck me off.’

Sitting in the tiny space between the table and couch, he moved closer to the edge and let her work those luscious lips, milking him as he kept filming. He slouched onto the backrest after she went faster, and no longer threatened her anymore.

Wai: ‘I’m going to cum in your mouth.’

Right after he said that, a huge load burst into her mouth and she swallowed each time he squirted. Going down on him after he came resulted in the most wonderful sensation he could not forget, as it was the first time he felt it. Alicia knew exactly when to stop and used her hand to extract the last bit, slurping it up before looking blankly at him.

Wai: ‘How much commission do you get?’
Alicia: ‘Twenty percent.’
Wai: ‘Quite a lot for a simple job huh? I’m going to keep nineteen percent for you first. Use the one percent to finish the task. Then come back for the rest.’

A quick mental calculation gave him the total figure and one percent alone was a piece of ten thousand dollar note. She hastily took whatever that was left and snapped a picture on her phone, sending it through email to presumingly, the person who had entrusted her with the money.

After Wai requested to keep her underwear, Alicia put on her dress and left his place, wondering how many more times does she have to do it before he would return the full amount. The confident taxi driver had her personal details, compromising videos and a huge sum of he money, almost nothing to be worried about, not even a police report about blackmailing.

As they spiralled into the depth of the seven sins, Alicia found herself feeling something for her unexpectere partner-in-crime during the next few months they met. From then, they had set off on a journey that could not be undone. She later sold her place moved in with Wai, to get even more collateral to expand her business. You know? Something like insurance for get her clients to entrust her with more money.

Alicia: ‘We’re going to Dubai tomorrow. Don’t bring anything, we’ll shop there.’

Wai was already standing in front of the bed, naked and rock hard. Alicia wasted no more time and granted him with a striptease, before falling on her back with her legs opened for him.

Alicia (whispering): ‘I want you to rape me tonight.’

He grabbed the silk rope that was always on standby around the bedframe and wrapped her wrists together, attacking her nipples to the unprepared girl. Her pussy was the last to receive any love from him, a routine she had never gotten used to, for him to heightened her desperation for sex.

That very night, although it was just one out of many, she struggled herself free after his foreplay and rode him till he came. Throughout the years they had been together, he was getting stronger and fitter from the twice-a-day sex, lasting for close to an hour before she could get him to cum.

Let’s hope their blissful relationship would last before the law catch up with them.

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