Almost Forgot You

Guy: ‘Bye J! See you next week.’

Emily: ‘Bye bye.. ‘

The girl who have been chatting with me a lot gave sweet smile as she left, behind the guy who brought her along. See how they interacted, I could only assume he was after her when he ordered a tower of beer, which she finished almost half of it without any signs of drunkeness.

After ten minutes of washing up, I took out my personal stash of sake and sat by the window, enjoying the warm breeze outside the freezing bar. Sipping quietly, the main door suddenly creaked opened and I got off my seat ready to tell them we were closed.

Instead, it was Emily, in that light pink layered spaghetti top with a black skirt.

Me: ‘Forgot something?’

Emily: ‘Yeah. Forgot you.’

She came to my table after dropping her bag on the couch, emptying my glass without knowing the contents. A slight wobble backwards got my arm around her back and she wriggled that tiny ass on the bar stool next to me.

Me: ‘Where is your friend?’

Emily: ‘He got on a cab first. We stay different places anyway.’

Pouring herself another shot, she took the cup and tugged at my wrist, pulling me to the sofa against the darkened room. Another mouthful of sake went down her throat and she leaned against me, brushing her hair against my neck while I figured out what was happening.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey.. You’re drunk.’

Emily: ‘Are you still worried about him?’

Me: ‘A little?’

Emily: ‘He is just a classmate. Just another guy who wants to bed me.’

Well, it wasn’t a surprise to me. Her pre-teen look, thin figure with that ‘thigh-gap’ girls are after, long highlighted hair that flowed past her back. Who would say no? Before I served them the tower, I had checked their ICs and they were of legal age. Yes, legal.

Emily: ‘You’re the first though.. that pays more attention to him than to me. Can tell you don’t want to offend him by hiding behind the bar.’

Me: ‘I’m just doing my job. I need to tidy up anyway.’

Her face turned red with that two shots of sake faster than half a tower of beer. Those fingers working at my shirt buttons, she was no doubt drunk. As they came undone one by one, she was pecking my neck, out of control.

Me: ‘I think I’m done. I’ll get a towel for you k?’

That guy with her had tattoos over her legs, and with those stereotypical mindset, I could really get into trouble. She knew too, she could sense my confusion.

Emily: ‘Stop trying to push me away. And he is really nothing. If he dares to lay a finger on you, I’ll get my friends to settle him. No one dares to stop me from liking a guy.’

On the other hand, given her looks, she certainly had no problems getting ‘brothers’ to take care of her. Perhaps what she said was true. It was more deadly to offend her than that guy whose agenda for the night was written all over his face.

By the time I clear my mind, she had clear my shirt. Those snap-release belt came off with a click and my zip was halfway down. I turned her back towards the empty space and placed her lying down, before jerking her body to let her head rest on the sofa. With that move, her skirt hiked up to her hips and those pink panties were in full glory.

Emily (whispering): ‘Take it off.’

Sitting between her legs, I slid those underwear off easily and that smooth, glorious sight.. my underwear and jeans stripped themselves. Climbing over her body and resting on one arm, our lips melted together with her top was messed by my hand running under it. First under her shirt, then under her bra. They weren’t huge, and that was why it was such a turn on to fondle them. B cups I guess? Her nipples turned hard as I pinched them around, causing moans to whizz past my ears like a whisper.

Her hand reached for my dick and caressed them gently, using her palm to slide it like a revolver. Her womanly scent, the occasional touches of her nipples on my chest. If anyone had taken a picture of her, it would be the most unglamorous one with her top at her neck and skirt around her waist.

Emily (whispering): ‘Put it inside.. ‘

I lowered my hips and the tip was guided right to her doorstep. Her genital lips parted to my advances and I could feel how small she was from the tightness.

Emily (whispering): ‘Keep going. Don’t stop. I can take it.’

Me: ‘How many times have you done it?’

Emily: ‘Just with one guy. He’s my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. I’m sure he’s fucking some other girls right now.’

She said it with an assuring smile. But it wasn’t her status that I was going in so slowly, instead, it was that sensual entry into a tight, yet welcoming spot that I took my time to enjoy.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Emily (panting): ‘Yeah.. you’re really big.’

That final year ITE girl brought my confidence way up high and my hips were moving in excitement. Starting with gentle strokes, I made sure to pull out as much as I can before replacing it into her deepest spot, where her mouth would open to a silent moan.

Emily (moaning): ‘Oh yes.. oh yes.. do that again.. ‘

Somehow, she liked the torture and I went at it for a full minute, going about 20 spm (strokes per minute). After that, I began to pick up pace and exposed the other side of her.

Emily: ‘Fuck me harder.. fuck your little bitch.. I’m all yours.’

Her hands on my cheek, staring at me with those gleaming eyes. The slopping sounds went faster at a steady tempo, till she pulled me in for a tight hug. With my dick still slamming into her, a clench came in and sucked me right in, pulsating rhythmically with her vaginal walls.

Emily: ‘I’m cumming.. don’t move. Don’t move.’

I kept still for the ten-plus seconds she breathed hot air into my ears, till I felt her thighs relax and her hands pushed my body upright.

Me: ‘You like it?’

Emily: ‘A lot. He never did this before. It was just all fast and intense sex. But never this.’

She reached her arms out for me and I helped her up. Lying on the sofa in her place as she requested, she turned her body around and placed her knees on each side of my head – a 69. Right as I stuck my tongue out to lick her, I found myself immobilised. Her lips had sealed my dick in the equally tight suction as her pussy and the overwhelming pleasure distracted me from even reaching out to please her.

I could sense her head nodding quick, but none of her teeth hit. It was just tongue, saliva and lips. As time passed, she slowed down and I resumed my job of licking her, listening to what she said as she took a break.

Emily: ‘If you are still fucking me, I would have gone crazy by now. Just cum when you feel like it k?’

Me: ‘Umm.. how about I make you crazy?’

Emily: ‘I don’t want to tire you.’

Me: ‘I can’t be tired around you.’

She giggled and crawled forward to the armrest. I went on my knees still on the couch and slipped my dick right into her pussy, where a groan told me I was in the right angle.

Holding her sexy waist, there was no other words to describe what came after. Her fists grabbed the armrest with such killer force as I pumped my dick at her, slamming into those firm, tiny, fair ass. Moans turned into screams, and screams turned silent.

Waves after waves, I felt her pussy closing in, but I bit my lips and endured. Juices were dripping between our legs and she was trying to escape my vengance.

Emily (groaning): ‘How long more? I can’t take it anymore. I’m going crazy.. ‘

Me: ‘Soon. I’m going to cum.’

I took a second to compose myself before changing my grip to her shoulders. Pulling her back as I rammed forward, she straightened her body and let me go supersonic on her. In a couple of minutes, I had pulled out and leaned back just like the 69 position from before.

She then crawled backwards and took my dick in her mouth, going deep throat for a few times before my legs held her down.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.. ‘

I frenched her pussy as the first load fired and she bounced her head in whatever tiny motion she could. The oversensitive move got me shooting the most times I could remember while sucking her off. Right there, a long moan came and a small stream of juices came into my mouth.

I swallowed them and she sat herself over my head before climbing away from me.

Emily: ‘You.. swoah llok gaem?!’

I nodded and she kissed me once again, throat emptying her mouth as we paused in that moment. She got back into the sofa after our crazy little adventure ended, dressing me up like a little boy.

Emily: ‘It’s super crazy.. I super love it.’

Her arms didn’t let go of me till I gave her butt a squeeze. We cleaned up the mess we made and left the place with her arm under mine. Being a gentleman, I told the taxi driver her address and we were soon on our way.

Throughout the ride, she never left me and her hand was under her skirt, touching herself till we arrived below her flat.

Emily: ‘Uncle, we will be alighting here.’

She pushed twenty dollars into the driver’s hand and dragged me out. It wasn’t till when we reached her doorstep did she talk to me.

Emily (whispering): ‘Spend the night me with?’

Me: ‘Do you have clothes for me?’

Emily (whispering): ‘Shhh! Yes I do. Umm.. I bought some guys’ clothes that I really like but have no chance to wear.’

Me (whispering): ‘I guess I can sleep here tonight.’

Emily (whispering): ‘But can you fuck me here before we go in? I always wanted to try it.’

I raised her skirt and she lowered her panties, while I whipped my dick out for the second time. In a stroke, I was inside her again and the silent outdoor sex began, right outside her door. It was so hush hush against our bodies’ wishes, yet our hips pounding against each other was impossible to silence.

This time, my cum ended up inside her but it wasn’t just ‘this’ time that I thought initially. Upon entering her room (with our clothes still out of the way), we went for our.. third.. forth round, with all my seeds going into the creampie guys love to ‘bake’.

After that encounter, she finally allowed herself to be the little bitch that yearned to be owned by someone – me.

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