For Him

This is a message from an anonymous female sender. To whomever it was intended for, I hope you can forgive her.

When the thick, solid dick poked into my pussy, he came to my mind immediately. There is no way I could imagine myself to be where I was right now. Taken by two guys, one at my rear and the other in my mouth. As bad as it sounded, I was actually enjoying this. Rape, gangbang, threesome, whatever you call it. It was so wet everywhere, not to say feeling as dirty as I could get.

I had left him to find my true happiness, one which I strongly believed wasn’t what he showed me to be. Everything was so perfect with him, those playful dates, random shopping trips, occasional movie outings, casual excursions to sightsee Singapore. Sex was normal, without any of those extreme pain or bondage. It was just intense love making, sometimes at his place or mine, and the others outdoors.

Once we separated, I found myself in this mess. To be put on the pill by her, and have these sessions arranged. He.. I couldn’t ignore him at all. Especially when everything could be normal. He was my first boyfriend, to love me, to have sex with me, to teach me all the kinky and fun things to do. He was the shoulder I never expected to need so much.

And now, emotionless dicks just fill my holes, blowing my mind off with orgasms one after next. It was a drug to me, one I couldn’t resist thinking about even though I know it was wrong. If I had stayed with him, would I desire sex so much? Or was it better not to desire?

At my zoned out moment, the bedroom door opened and a familiar pair of shoes walked in. The guy moved away from my mouth and right in front of my eyes, was him. I saw him swallow. I saw him glance at the state I was in. He took the rolling chair and sat on it, while the guy whom just mouth-fucked me left the room.

Her: ‘Enjoy yourselves boys.’

The dick inside me began moving again, and moans escaped my mouth involuntarily. I was sure I sounded the same. We made clips before, we recorded our sessions on his compact camera. Does he still watch them? Has he grown any bigger? Does it still smell like him? Does he still love me?

I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. The dick inside me was still pounding away, making me claw the bedsheets tightly as my vagina tightened. The expressionless face of his was the most torturous. Somehow, I wanted to know what he thinks. If he wanted, or should I say, how I wished he would tell me ‘if only.. ‘. Even a sneer or grin at my pitiful state would suffice.

Him: ‘Are you okay?’

I buried my head as I nodded to hide the orgasm I just received from him. The man behind me groaned and I felt his shaft widen, followed by a huge load of cum that filled me up. Part soothing, part guilty. He wasn’t even allowed to enter me raw, and now this.

The man’s finger dug into my pussy and scooped out his cum, using my bum to clean his fingers. After which, my panties served as his tissue and he left us to ourselves.

‘Why are you here?’

Him: ‘She said I should come and see you.’

‘I’m sorry.’

Him: ‘It’s alright. I’m still here for you. You can find me if you need anything. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.’

He stood up and walked towards the door.

‘Thank you!’

I was almost desperate after hearing what he said. Has he already seen through me? I don’t know if he did. I climbed into the bed and covered myself up with the moist blanket, from all the perspiration and juices and cum that those men had soiled it with. If only I stayed with him..

Her: ‘The next two is here.’

I hugged the blanket tighter around me as the next two men entered, pulling the sheets away and staring at my cum-filled pussy. Instinctively, I had flipped over into doggie and had my legs apart, ready to receive another dose of climax. The addiction that my body could not break free from, the very experience I am going through that I can never forget for the rest of my life.

‘Ahh.. yes.. ‘

Once again, I was on my way for another orgasmic ride. As for him.. I’ll never forget him. The one that loved me so much, that I can still feel it when he laid eyes on me earlier. If he wanted me back, I’ll be his sex slave for the rest of my life.

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