Alpha Cat

Cedric was an average guy in his 20s, single and had all the freedom to chat up girls online. Although he had girlfriends before, the search was a pretty instinctive one, priority being sex, since he still had years to go before settling down. There was this girl, Cat, whom he chat with every two days, that attracted him with looks, and character. Their conversations often made Cedric pause before he reply. Nonetheless, the shifted towards sexual topics were of higher maturity for his age, despite her alluring age of 19.

After a month plus of chatting, she finally agreed to meet up with him, for a meal before heading to somewhere quiet. At last, he found someone to relieve his urge, and it was with someone that good looking. From that one profile picture she posted, the low neckline of her unbuttoned blouse and sharp face enhanced her naturally big eyes, parted by the genetically given high nose bridge. He must be the luckiest man in the world to meet such a fine young lady.

They met at Vivocity for a meal in one of the Japanese restaurants, before she led the way to her area of residence. That day, she wore a short sleeved dress that revealed her slim but proportioned limbs, with her ample chest shielded behind a bra that was pushing against the dress. The imaginary contours of her bra made Cedric’s mind went wild with excitement, all the while remaining decent in front of her. That wait to reach somewhere private was an agonising but worthwhile.

Cat stopped the lift at the highest floor of a block in Punggol, before slipping her arm under his trembling elbow to bring him to a dark corner that has a door leading to the staircase. After all, it had been months since he met anyone new, let alone someone so initiating as Cat.

The door creaked shut and she took out the receipt from the meal earlier, folding it into a little V shape and tucking it under the door, securing their private ‘room’ in a makeshift attempt. Now, there was no one to bother them, and if anyone did enter the stairwell, they would be able to hear as well. She sat on the top-most step and placed her bag down, removing the rubber band that bundled her ponytail. The moment her hair was let down, Cedric’s dick rose in the tight boxers to an ache.

She asked him to sit at the other end of the step and went on to remove her underwear, slipping it off her legs that had her heels removed for comfort.

Cat: ‘Aren’t you going to take it out?’

Quickly, Cedric lowered his jeans and took his dick out, making Cat smile at his size. Was she that tempting? Reaching higher under her dress, she peeled the silicon NuBra off and placed it on her panties by the side. Damn, he was all ready to plunge his dick into her once the green light lit.

Cat did not make anymore requests but spread her legs, pulling the hem high enough for her hands to reach under. Her arm then started moving in a circular motion, signalling to him that she was getting herself on.

Cat: ‘Masturbate with me?’

He placed his mouth over his dick and let a teaspoon of saliva dribble over his rod, and started stroking his dick. Her moans were as sensual as it could get, and his dick was frantically pulsating to slow him down.

Cedric: ‘I can’t take it anymore.’

Cat: ‘Wait for me.’

His strokes went into a stop-go rhythm and she only moaned louder for him, almost approaching climax if the sounds did reflect what she felt. After a small shiver, Cat’s head fell on the railing and her hands left her pussy. It was time for part two.

She moved herself beside Cedric and yanked his jeans and boxers lower. One hand rested on his neck making light squeezes, and the other was on his lap. As she massaged his stiff muscles, the nails on her other hand was trailing up and down his inner thigh. His hands were pasted on the floor, while she continued to drive his sexual urges higher.

Cat: ‘Close your eyes.’

Everything went black and her fingers went up his body, gliding across his hips and under his shirt. He felt her curling her fingers to use her knuckles to push against parts of his chest and abs. Slowly, she stopped at the V curve, between his hips and thighs, pointing downwards at his upright dick.

A hard shove was delivered into one spot along the line and another was done to the other side. Suddenly, his legs went weak, but his dick grew harder with blood heating it up. Cedric could feel what was happening, but knew he wasn’t in any danger. Or was he?

Her fingers finally went around his dick and started pumping him, stroking up and down along the slimy skin. He was getting what he wanted, but something felt different. By the tenth minute, the urge to launch his seeds were at his balls, but he couldn’t cum no matter how he imagined to be fucking her. The friction of her handjob was creating a burning sensation, and he had to stop her once it got too much to handle.

She sank her thumb into his shoulder and triggered a wave of hormones, cycling a strong force of energy throughout his body. At that point, he closed his feet together and prepared to stand up. However, the acupoints she tapped on rendered him immobilised, and fear lit up in his blood flowing through his body.

Cat: ‘Can’t move? Good.’

Cedric: ‘What the hell did you do to me? Undo it.’

Cat: ‘Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.’

She stood up and pulled him backwards onto the flat ground, laying him down with his dick standing tall. She stepped over his body and raised her dress, sitting down over his rod in one swift motion. The satisfaction of being inside a pussy did calm him down a little, but there was no knowing of what would happen. She rode him like a cowgirl, screaming out as though they were really in a bedroom. Her hips rested on him once she got tired, and changed to a grinding motion to continue pleasuring herself.

Cedric couldn’t cum no matter how hard he tried, and his limbs laid weakly before his eyes. There was just nothing he could move. As Cat’s pussy contracted around his dick for the countless time, the passing climax disappointed him as his dick was helplessly unable to ejaculate. How could a woman have so much control over a man?

After an hour of torture, she finally got off him and stumbled down on his side. Smiling from ear to ear, she had her share of fun and her face showed him how tired she was. Her panties disappeared under her dress and the bra was tucked into her bag.

Cedric: ‘Don’t leave me here.’

Cat: ‘I won’t. I’ve gotten what I wanted.’

Good. Once she ‘freed’ him, he would pounce onto her and rape. That was the only thought that would bring justice to what she did to him. She lifted his shirt up and pulled one of his arms to ninety degrees. A jab of her knuckles at his armpit brought his limbs back to life and he got up immediately, pulling Cat by her shoulder down onto the hard concrete floor.

As he stood in victory between her legs held open by his calves, his dick remained hard for the revenge. Thankfully, he was holding onto the railings as he felt his testicles shrink into a solid ball. And before he could sit himself down, hot cum gushed out of his dick and Cat skilfully dodged away from the onslaught of sperms that reached a metre onto the wall behind her. ‘A warrior dying from stab wounds in a dramatic style’, that was the fitting phrase to how it looked like.

He did a flip to sit himself down and stared hard at his penis, still twitching while cum sprayed onto the steps in front. He was shocked by the amount and the level of energy was decreasing as though his life force were dependant on his cum. Those being the bad points, there were benefits as well. The ejaculation of all his long-storage cum bombarded his mind with sensations equivalent as shooting into a pussy, with waves of heat and cold running along his shaft like a death-ray with ion rings around.

She got up and stood by the door, ready to make her escape if he wasn’t 100% down by then. True enough, his pride gave him his ego not to appear weak, but his brains were fried into a mush. No, that previous line was not to be taken seriously. The anger and frustration disappeared, as though he lived with no regrets.

After two minutes or so, he packed his manhood into his pants and got up, hanging onto the rail for support.

Cedric: ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.. ‘

Cat: ‘It’s okay. I’m not angry. Just a little worried if you would hurt me.’

She helped him walked out of the block and sent him away towards the bus stop, where he boarded his bus home almost immediately. For Cat, it was more than sex and orgasms she got, but theYin that she got from him, made her felt much younger. Is Ying andYang real? We don’t know for sure. But for the approaching weekend after he got home, he felt lighter in terms of mood and stress. On top of that, he found himself to be in an ‘ejaculation’ state of mind whenever he peed, giving him energy to do some work from home.

Back to the reality you guys know, I have to ask, what was that all about?

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I am unable to make out what I wrote as of yet. Perhaps I can get back to you after I read it again? It was written in the ‘heat of my moment’ too.

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