New Year Thoughts

With every beginning, it marks an end. Welcome to the first post of 2015. Apart from a server failure, there should be no interruption to all 123 (or more) stories that have been written for this year. Enjoy what I have planned down below, and hopefully take something home that will set your new year straight.

Besides the usual 1-every-3-days stories, J will be looking out for opportunities to bring more contents to you guys. The profit-sharing photoshoots have long been in place, so I shall skip that. The straight out irritating form of advertising proposal continues to be ignored. The ongoing requests for user-inspired stories are in progress, if not completed.

One guideline that I have for this site is ‘not to contact until contacted’. As many of you understands, this blog isn’t exactly one that needs constant marketing. Word of this blog spreads by curiosity, or by me using the link as a signature in a few specific forums. Though I might be looking, it is not at any level of desperation that I am required to openly approach people with offers or incentives.

The word ‘open’, means serious discussion, negotiation, consideration, and explanation. But as an entertainment blog, I hope to get some form of returns doing what I love. Money hasn’t been a problem until recently (out of job), but it has never and will not affect this site.

If any of you would like to open up an online sex shop and wants to leverage on my readership, please, contact me. I’m sure readers wouldn’t mind a catalogue to browse through, and if justifiable, even make purchases. If you are already a retailer in that category, feel free to contact me too. I have plans in mind to contact U4Ria for some unbiased reviews.

I am not sure about how you guys feel, if there is anyone out there who wishes to buy me coffee, I wouldn’t say no to that.

Now, some facts or guidelines I want to highlight to close this wonderful year.

Q: Does J get laid as often as once every three days?

A: No. He gets laid thrice every day. Yeah right. While some of my stories are fantasies, some of them are recounts. From guys, girls, but nothing inbetween – yet. While I do write about my own adventures, I do change the names used. And do I only write one version of my own adventures? No. I write it from her point of view, from a third person’s point of view. No matter how much sex I’m getting, once every three days will be what you guys are getting.

Q: Where does J get his inspirations from?

A: I got it from ‘what if’s. That question can also be ‘Can I?’ or ‘If I were.. ‘. Photos, stories, imagination (a.k.a. fantasies), they help me get the stories out. Skipping real life accounts, we know men has way too many fantasies to live out. One thing I love most about writing, is the ability to include emotions. Feeling it while I write, and writing it so you guys can feel. Jealousy, envy, guilt, gratitude, sadness, or straight up pure raw lust. The best stories are those that plays itself out once the plot is set. Start writing, and it may see the light of the day – or not.

Q: What does J thinks about laying those sweet, young things that often dressd like they are asking to be raped?

A: First, look at yourself. Then look at others. You are not the only guy who wants to shag her. Does she care about those thoughts people have around her? No. Girls dress up to attract that one guy she wants, ladies dress up to make other ladies jealous. The only benefit (or tragedy) that vicious cycle has, is on men’s mind.

Let’s face it. You are not going to have her. No one is. Except her boyfriend, her fling(s), the people that attract emotionally. Wealth is a mental attraction, looks is a visual attraction, emotions is an attraction on its own too. But lust.. is way too common, and well understood threat they will avoid.

Take a look, fantasise and get on with life.

Q: Since J ‘knows-it-all’, why doesn’t he teach or blog about getting girls? He only knows how to shoot us, the single and needy men down.

A: Trust me when I say this. I have written two handfuls of indepth, precise posts about ‘how to get girls’. Only to delete them after I finish. Why? Cause I don’t want to create a ‘foolproof’ method of fishing. If there is a chant that makes girls lust after you, would you still bother to befriend and understand them? Sure, there are certain barriers to get through before you have full access to their pussies. And they are all different, if not, structured as a maze that you need to read and understand. Take the easy path, and she will leave you easily. Take the impossible path, and she will leave you impossibly.

These four questions might turn off guys who are looking for a get-pussy-quick scheme. And it is that group of readers I am willing to forgo.

There is ONE tip I am willing to share though.

For a guy, things can never be ‘too fast’. ‘Make the kill, seal the deal’, right? No. There are certain times when you, will personally feel ‘it’s too fast to be true’. It will often be challenged by ‘so do you want it or not?’ You feel chemistry between a girl and you, and after a few drinks, or dates, things get frisky. C’mon, kissing doesn’t hurt. But what comes after that, might.

No matter what phase of a relationship you are at. Be it friendship, or already stripped and naked, stop. Yes, stop. We can always stop. For a reason, or none at all. What makes a boy a man, is control. With control, you show her discipline, and with discipline, she feels class. Who would turn ‘class’ down? Unless you are a lazy ass student. Then your learning stops.

So, Stop and think. ‘Can this wait? Or is this all I am after?’. A relationship built on lust will ensure that that will be the reason she leaves you for. There are men out there who is bigger and can last longer. Just don’t jump into something you cannot hold on to.

‘Can I just cuddle naked with you?’, if you are already naked. ‘I just want to be with you for now’, if you are sitting by the river bank, watching the night scenery next to her with HER touching you. Or ‘Sorry. Can I just be in your arms?’ if you are in between her legs wriggling your fingers.

It is not yourself that you need to lie to or pretend. It is the small gesture that will go a long way to secure her feelings towards you. For sure, it feels good to know when a girl is with you because she loves you. She wouldn’t leave you for reasons related to your bedroom skills. When that kind of bond develops, I’ll bluntly put it here, you are in luck with unlimited sex.

If she isn’t for you after you sobered up or snapped out of your colour wolf mode, you haven’t done anything wrong cause you stopped.

‘Too fast’ is designed innately to hold us back. Before your heart or dick feels it, your mind has already picked up something that might go wrong. Trust your body, and then convince your body if it is wrong.

With that said above, I wish you guys a happy 2015. By now, I am very tempted to delete this entry. Cause who knows if such information is meant to be known. If you have read to this part of the entry, you deserve to read what I think shouldn’t be known. Please use it for good. Any girls you have misled with that ‘tip’, will be a mess to break free from.

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