True Love

Eugene had resigned from his job that was constantly having internal conflict, and his education level did not make things any easier to find his next job easily. His girlfriend, Sarah, was a high maintenance girl who often go for branded goods, and he was even more worried about her leaving him for the long line of suitors who had more money and time. Although she seldom bothered Eugene with any demands, he still occasionally spent lavishly on her lifestyle just to keep her smiling.

After he was jobless, she had spent more time with him, discussing about his next course of action. Strangely, she did not express any disappointment nor signs of breaking up with him.

Eugene: ‘I think I’ll be taking a few weeks off to rest. I have some obligations to fulfil in my previous company as well.’

Sarah: ‘Does that mean you’ll spend more time at home doing nothing?’

Eugene: ‘Probably. I’m sorry for.. ‘

Sarah: ‘It’s okay. You need to rest. So I can stay at your place for now?’

Eugene nodded with a vexed expression about putting his girlfriend in such a sorrowful state. She had brought a luggage to his place the next day, and unpacked her clothes into his near-empty wardrobe. She had remained devoted by his side throughout, cooking and cleaning his place, very unlike of her. Imagine a sweet looking girl, with a model-like body with a nature given 24 hour make up face.

That first night they slept together, she entered the bedroom after doing the dishes, walking into Eugene using his laptop on job sites. Grabbing a few pieces of clothes from her stash, Sarah just went into the shower and cleaned up. About thirty minutes later, she came out with a nightgown in a tube dress design, lacy blue across her 34B breasts, and pink translucent material running down her waist.

Sarah: ‘Let’s enjoy ourselves tonight? I don’t like it when you look so stressed.’

Eugene: ‘Getting a job will make everything easier.’

Sarah: ‘So you don’t think I can make things easier?’

Eugene: ‘I don’t mean it that way.’

She climbed onto the bed and crawled like a tigress towards him, pulling the blanket covering his lower half away. He was wearing a pair of loose boxers, exactly how Sarah wished it to be. His limbs laid lifeless by the side and she proceeded to remove his boxers, slightly excited by his flaccid rod. It meant she could have the chance to work her magic to get him up.

She opened his legs and sat between, hands resting on his thighs. Her head lowered itself over his rod and a little suction brought his lump into her mouth. Sucking on it like a lollipop, her tongue ran all over until his body accepted the fact that she really wanted it. Growing into a monster in her mouth, it was easier to accommodate his size which she normally couldn’t. Sarah’s head bounced non-stop up and down over his dick, making him struggle like a girl having orgasms. How he wished that blowjob would last a lifetime.

Sarah: ‘Fuck me now?’

Like an enraged bear, his hands went under her arms and pulled her to his face. The kiss was the only gentleness she would feel that night. He flipped her onto the bed and went on top of her, yanking her dress to her sleek waist before his dry dick dipped into her cunt. She wasn’t that wet yet, just a little moist from those dirty thoughts in her mind. The slight friction actually turned them on even more, and he rammed hard knowing that her juices would soon change things.

No man could ever take the sight of a FHM equivalent model moaning in front. Her legs were in the air, jerking from the hard thrusts he was giving. Her helpless pussy just kept leaking juices to relieve the overwhelming stretching of her vagina, and the high speed he got into. Her eyes rolled up in ecstacy, and was contracting all over that monster cock.

Eugene felt way better than before, pounding his little girl and hearing how much she enjoyed herself. Suddenly, in a pleading voice, Sarah asked him to stop. As her boyfriend, he immediately pulled himself out and laid on the bed, right next to her. He took her into his arms and cuddled, while his hand reached down for her pussy for a massage.

Eugene: ‘Painful?’

Sarah: ‘No. But it’s my turn now!’

She went on her fours and jumped on top of him, sitting backwards over his shrinking dick. A short handjob quickly brought him back to size and she was grinding and moaning in no time. The smile on his face would not go away with that beautiful scene before his eyes. He could feel her climaxing from the tight squeezing of her pussy, and he knew the end was nearing.

Sarah: ‘Are you cumming soon?’

Eugene: ‘How do you know?’

Sarah: ‘We’ve been fucking for so long now. Of course I’d know.’

She dismounted and went back to th initial blowjob position, sucking down deep on his rod, going as fast as she could without choking. Although she was tired, her dripping pussy kept reminding her about the load she was dying to taste.

Eugene (whispering): ‘Cumming!’

She wrapped her fingers around the base of his dick and pulled herslef together for the gush of cum that flooded her mouth. Her mind was all blank with that erotic scent of his semen and her mouth was filling up quickly. Just before her lips gave way, he ended the rapid fire and let her handle the mouthful of goodness.

Sarah pulled her mouth away with her lips closed, and fell on her back onto the pillows. She opened her mouth for him and then swallowed all of it, with a bitter expression. His hand went back between her legs to massage and she cleaned his dick up with the blanket strewn around.

Sarah: ‘While you’re home, let’s have lots of sex.’

Eugene: ‘I know I am the luckiest guy in the world, with a girl that loves me more than herself.’

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