Fierce Competition

*mumbling in distance*

Two girls were sitting by the stairs nearby to Jake, who was playing games on his iPhone at the void deck. They were in their teens and wearing those tight tank and spaghetti tops which were common for girls their age, but he bore no interest as he focused on his game.

Their chattering were originally loud until he walked past them, hinting that they were talking about him or on some topics that were best not to be heard. After ten minutes, he saw them walked in his direction with their belongings in their hands, staring at him until they were out of his peripheral vision.

Just as he returned to his game, they turned back and went to him, taking their seat on each side.

Girl: ‘Hi. Are you waiting for your friend?’

Jake: ‘Nope. Just playing games here.’

Girl2: ‘Oh. Why not play at home?’

Jake: ‘It’s too noisy.’

Girl: ‘Want to make a friend?’

Jake: ‘Sure. I’m Jake.’

He paused his game and they introduced themselves as Kelly and Joyce, further talking about his interest and job in a casual conversation. They were very open about everything under the sun and made him felt comfortable sharing his experience since he was a few years older than them. After some time had passed, he was brought into more mature topics and was slightly aroused telling them about the anatomy of the female body as he knew it, all along catching glimpses of their fair legs from those short denim shorts.

Joyce: ‘Do you get horny talking about such things?’

Jake: ‘Usually no, but.. with you girls.. a little I guess?’

They giggled in their sweet voices and Joyce moved herself to the edge of the seat, leaning in closer to him.

Joyce (whispering): ‘Let me see it?’

Jake: ‘See what?’

Joyce (whispering): ‘See how hard you are?’

Jake: ‘Here?!’

Kelly: ‘Yeah. Don’t be shy. I will help you look out.’

He scanned around to be sure and finally felt safe to give them what they wanted. Sitting nearer to the stone table, he made sure to keep his hips under the edge while tugging his waistband down, revealing a little pink flesh with a cut in the centre. Kelly, who was acting ‘normal’ while looking around, reached for his pants after she glanced at his manhood which was poking a little out of his underwear.

Her hand disappeared into his shorts and held his dick, warming her hands in the cold wind. Jerking slowly, Jake was feeling excited about her progress and the fact that Joyce was sitting next to him watching. Joyce gave his shorts a pull to bring it lower so he would not have to keep stretching the opening. Seeing that he had sat at the edge of his chair too, she moved to his seat and took up the tiny space that only allowed part of her ass to be on it.

Two hands belonging to two girls found their way onto his shaft and they were taking turns to pump him, alternating his senses from two different grips.

Kelly: ‘Wanna go somewhere else?’

Jake: ‘But it’s all quite bright around here.’

Joyce: ‘I know a place, quite quiet and dark.’

They picked their phones and wallets up, leaving for a block of flats behind a school. It was a specific building for the elderlys that had long walk ways and stairs that were mostly unused. Well, it is one perks of the lift-on-every-floor programme that the government laid out. They found a spot dark enough for their little fun and he sat on a step before the two girls took their positions in front and behind him.

Kelly, who was pasting her boobs on his back, resumed the handjob while Joyce remained on the ground in front of him, stripping her bra off before sitting herself down. Her back was facing Jake, and that position was good enough to return the favour earlier. He rested his arms over her shoulders and reached into her spaghetti top, cupping her soft and tiny breasts, kneading them until her nipples were erected.

Joyce: ‘You’re quite good in this huh?’

Jake: ‘I like to serve pretty girls. Kelly, you’re next.’

Hearing that, Kelly placed some saliva on her hand and gave him a sloppy handjob, one that almost pushed him over the edge. In a row, it was kind of a threesome get-off session, but he had other ideas in mind. Once Joyce was turned on, he proceeded to unbutton her shorts and slipped his hand in, pleasantly surprised by the absence of any underwear. His fingers knew exactly what to do and he began fingering her, driving her to moan in a sexy tone.

Kelly: ‘Joyce! My turn!’

Joyce sobered up and exchanged places with Kelly, letting Jake do the same, with his dick poking on her back occasionally from the handjob Joyce was giving. The two girls couldn’t wait for each other and kept swapping, until Jake’s fingers got too tired to continue.

Jake: ‘My hands are tired.’

Joyce: ‘But it’s my turn now.’

Jake: ‘I know. There’s another part I can use that is still strong and standing.’

Joyce gave Kelly a grin and the two girls rearranged themselves. Joyce stood on a step above where Kelly sat and waited for him to get ready. Jake had completely removed his shorts and nudged Joyce’s petite body forward on her hands. Their shorts were stripped by then and Kelly’s panties were resting on top the pile of clothes.

Jake plugged his dick into Joyce in standing doggie and used one of his hands on Kelly, thrusting both his fingers and hips at the same time. It was difficult for him to reach down for her pussy, but the thought of pleasuring them made all the work seemed worthwhile. His dick was in the releam of a tight hole belonging to this wonderful girl, body designed to be taken in doggie with her slim waist that made her looked so sexy.

Kelly, who was lying back in ecstacy, rubbed her own clit while being fingered. Their sensual moans were keeping Jake so high that he knew he had to deliver. Five minutes later, Kelly got impatient and pestered them to stop, so she could have her turn. Jake just shifted to where Kelly was and directed her to spread her legs wider, and he was in missionary for her. The slapping of their gentials brought Jake to his dick’s limit but she wasn’t as tight, extending his stamina for more time.

Joyce, who was left alone, kept her body in the doggie position and placed her knees on the same step with Kelly. One hand was in front, cushioning her forehead while the other went between her legs, masturbating herself.

Jake: ‘I am going to cum.’

Joyce: ‘Do you want to finish it with me? Or her?’

Damn, what a question to answer. Both of them had their speciality and how he wished they were one person. Kelly had a figure that was slightly meatier, providing soft flesh for continuous thrusts. The recoil was well dampened by her body, in a perfect fat-to-muscles ratio. He couldn’t give her an answer and kept pounding at Kelly who wasn’t even listening.

A minute later, he went back to Joyce, shoving his dick and she responded by jerking her body backwards. Fuck! was all he muttered when he wished he could cum right then.

Kelly: ‘Joyce, let’s help him finish together.’

Joyce, Jake: ‘How?’

Kelly: ‘Use our mouths.’

Hearing that, he pulled out before he lost control and stood still while Joyce turned herself around to get off the unbalanced steps. He was asked to sit and they took their place between his legs. Kelly started off by licking the bumpy foreskin and coating it with her saliva. Joyce could not hold herself back after watching how much Jake was enjoying her oral sex, and joined in the licking as well. Each of them gave a few strokes until Jake could not resist anymore.

Jake: ‘I’m about to cum!’

They interlocked their fingers and laid their head on his groin, lips on each side of his shaft. They managed to kiss with their mouths and moved up and down, while their hands took turns to jerk him. About a minute later, Kelly’s hand on his testicles felt his engines running and brought her mouth to the tip. Joyce saw the unfair headstart and shoved Kelly’s head down, giving him a deep throat experience that threw all of his seeds into her mouth.

Three seconds of unloading into Kelly’s gagging throat, Joyce lifted her head away by her hair and took over, resulting in a revengful push down to her throat. Joyce was smaller in size and she immediately choke at the depth. Kelly was scary to the point she forced her to accept all of Jake’s cum until he was done. Once Joyce was out of the way, Kelly returned to his dick and cleaned him while, while her good friend took the time to catch her breath.

Joyce: ‘Fuck, you know what you did?’

Kelly: ‘You started it first.’

Jake could not ignore the sparks and held them down, bringing them into his arms and hugging them until they went silent.

Jake: ‘Girls.. don’t fight over this.’

Joyce: ‘But she cheated!’

Kelly: ‘I didn’t want it to go to waste!’

Jake: ‘Hey hey.. don’t start. Why not.. go for another round?’

Joyce: ‘You can?’

Jake: ‘I don’t want you girls to fight.’

Kelly: ‘Okay. Fair enough. Let’s go to my place this time.’

Jake had no idea what happened or how he got himself into this threesome challenge, but his little head was nodding in agreement when they asked him to meet up whenever he could. The girls had landed themselves into this competition, with Jake as the winner no matter who won.

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