Closer for Comfort

Bernice was talking on her phone one night with her bestie when another call interrupted their conversation. It was Eric, her bestie’s boyfriend and it was so unexpected but strange he would contact her at such hours. She made an excuse that another friend called and switched the line over to Eric, who was patiently waiting for her to pick up.

Eric (on phone): ‘Hey, I’m around your place. Want to meet up at the void deck? Bought some drinks as well.’

Bernice was free by then and went downstairs in her sleeping outfit of a FBT shorts and plain t-shirt. He was all smiles when he saw her and she suggested to sit elsewhere further as his girlfriend stayed near Bernice. They went on drinking the 6 pack of beers he bought after they were a distance and spoke about their relationships. After an hour, she got drowsy from the alcohol and needed to pee. There was no 24 hours McDonald’s or coffee shops around, and the last resort was to go up to his place. The trip up was uneventful and when she was done with the toilet, her body was reddened to a glowing pink and he invited her into his bedroom where the air conditioning was blasting cold air.

That moment they were alone, the room was dimmed and the last cans of beers each one held flushed down their throat. In the darkness, she was still feeling warm and the sudden realisation that she had a thin pair of panties on quickly made her shut her legs together.

Eric: ‘Still feeling warm?’

Bernice: ‘Yeah.’

Eric: ‘Come. Sit up.’

His hands went behind her and pulled her shirt off, exposing her unpadded bra with pokies. She let him removed all of their clothes, and waited in silence. Slowly, he leaned on her sides and pushed her onto the bed, frenching with their lips tight together. His hands glided up her body and felt her boobs, kneading them and teasing her nipples with small pinching roll.

Bernice seldom initiated during sex as she didn’t quite get the sensations, but doing it with Eric was a totally new experience. He was her best friend’s guy, and she was attached herself. He had skipped getting a blowjob from her during their foreplay, and before his fingers even touched her, her pussy was all wet and ready.

Eric: ‘Someone so wet already huh?’

Bernice: ‘Just put it in.’

He shifted her to lay on his pillow and raised her knees. He went down to finger her a little to spread her juices all over and climbed on top. A wave of excitement made Bernice wrap her legs around his waist and pulled him in, right into her pussy and shoving it all the way in. His long rod filled her up completely and she was moaning for someone other than her boyfriend. Even during sex with her own guy, she was usually quiet as she did it for him, not that sexy really fascinated her.

His body continued slamming onto her without rest and she could felt how hot it was between her legs. Eric was much longer although not thicker. Her pussy was instinctively clamping itself over the foreign meat as the excitement kept replaying in her head, turned on by the adulterous romp she was having.

Eric was going well with his stamina and Bernice’s pussy felt nothing like his own girlfriend. Bernice was warmer and not too suffocating. He was proud of his stamina that kept her moaning and climaxing. It could not take long for him to cum. But he knew they would be able to meet anytime too.

Bernice who was perspiring on the pillow, had closed her eyes to the onslaught of pleasure bombarding her senses. The weird wish for her sex with boyfriend to be as thrilling seemed impossible, because of the nature of Eric’s relationship with her. Right then, another orgasm knocked those thoughts out of her head and she panted heavily to the droplets of sweat landing on her chest.

As he waited for the PNR (Point of No Return), he rammed harder at her and made it difficult for her to think straight. But he wasn’t an ass too, he knew it would be outside of her. Going full speed at a loud slapping noise, her feet were in the air, held by her hands under the knees. It would get him much deeper than before, and the size was also expanding inside of her.

Abruptly, as she breathed in deeply for the orgasm that was going to take her breath away, he pulled out and aimed it downwards on her stomach, where the strong force coated her tummy with the hot cum. She rubbed the sticky substance over herself and went for a shower after, while he tidied the bed up so they could sleep. They had a few more drinks from his fridge after they snuggled into the cosy bed, and made out for a bit before going to bed.

In the morning, she left for home and got changed for work, still bearing thoughts of the merciless sex that her pussy got, extremely addictive doing it with someone she shouldn’t. How had she wished she brought another pair of panties to work, cause it got wet even before she alighted the bus on her way to her office.

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