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Perlin had just returned home after a dinner with her other two best friends, with their lovey dovey boyfriends who were all cuddling with them. The girls had been together since they were in primary school, and she was the last to get into a relationship that didn’t last more than three months. Still wearing her modest tank top with an off shoulder top and mid-thigh length skirt, the loneliness in her room was the constant reminder of how unlucky she was, while her two friends were getting closer to marriage.

Pulling up her contact list, there was one person whom she always confided in, and it was one of her best friends’ guy. Ray had knew the girls when he got together with one of them, going out occasionally but mostly remained shy and quiet while the girls were chattering happily away. Nonetheless, his relationship with her friend was strongest, yet mildly intimate when they were out. A few minutes of texting later, she was on a cab to his place, less than ten minutes drive away.

They had originally intended to sit at a community centre nearby but it was already closed, leaving them with the dark study table in a small corner. Armed with tidbits and packets of fruit tea, she immediately felt better knowing she had someone to talk to. The next hour was spent asking him questions about being a guy, and their relationship. It was certainly a little heart wrenching to know that she was totally not ready to be in love, without the knowledge of the things couples usually do.

Perlin: ‘So, does she usually initiate?’

Ray: ‘Most of the time it’s me, but sometimes, I wish she would be more daring too.’

Perlin: ‘I see, and how will you want her to show it?’

Ray: ‘I don’t know, just touching or whisper into my ears? Guys get turned on easily.’

Perlin: ‘Haha! That I know.’

He tended to his phone which was flashing with notification and she sat quietly opposite him, thinking of a better way to get educated on ‘love’. After a few minutes, he was off his phone and munching on the crackers, and her slippers slapped onto the ground without going noticed. Using her smooth feet, she ran her waxed calf across his hairy legs and went on to straighten her leg. The distance between the two chairs were just enough for her to reach his groin, and the pressure on his bulge had vibrations to it.

Perlin: ‘How do you feel?’

Ray: ‘Turned on?’

His eyes were staring into her top that was too dark to make out anything else. But the skirt which he remembered her wearing, was appearing to be shorter than before. His naughty mind was pulling it higher.

Ray: ‘Want to change to another place?’

Perlin: ‘Are you guys that direct?’

Ray: ‘Your ex?’

Perlin: ‘He would usually be the one putting his feet under my skirt, no matter if there are people around us. I will often push him away as I was too afraid. But it’s different here.’

He squashed the plastic bags into a bigger one and dropped it into the dustbin, bag slung across his shoulders waiting for her to get up. He grabbed her hand like how he held his girlfriend, and brought her to a corridors, hoping that one would be left unlocked. Being the guy, he tried on the first few doors in vain and when one finally clicked opened, he gave a ‘come here’ tilt of his head.

Excitedly, she entered the room and was glad that the emergency exit sign was bright enough. He had placed his bag down and stood behind her, waiting to pounce. Once Perlin was done, he gently held her hand and brought her to a wall. Without warning, he wrapped his arms around her waist and planted a kiss on her lips. This was the first time she had tried this outdoors, and the pace he went was considered to be romantic. Her ex-boyfriend would just get her naked and please her so she could return the favour, which any girls would hate to do.

Ray’s kisses were trailing down her neck, onto her collarbones that were extra sensitive. She could not believe how wet she got even before touching any of her private parts. Feeling secure and safe with him, she allowed him to pull her off-shoulder, tank top and bra off, patiently awaiting for her pussy to get some attention. But unlike her ex, he bothered to get her loose top on before her panties was yanked down her legs.

Perlin (whispering): ‘Why put this on?’

Ray (whispering): ‘Huh? In case anyone appear?’

Perlin (whispering): ‘My ex wouldn’t care, he would get me naked.’

Ray (whispering): ‘And that is dangerous. I’m different from him.’

That small gesture touched her heart a little and she got worried about being attracted to him. Her hands dug into his hair as he tugged her neckline down to suck on her nipples, seldom attended to. That thrill of doing it in a public place had made her all pointy and wet, feeling extra good with his tongue flicking non-stop on them.

Her hands reached for his bermuda that had a knot and untied it, and yet again faced with another pause.

Perlin (whispering): ‘You don’t want it?’

Ray (whispering): ‘Not yet. You’re the star tonight.’

True enough, the sky was clear but starless, the way he moved his hand up her leg and under her skirt, was slightly electrical on her skin. What he said next embarrassed her but it was irrelevant in the darkness.

Ray (whispering): ‘Your juices are flowing down your legs.’

Perlin (whispering): Shhh..

He dragged a chair next to her and raised one of her feet on it. His fingers docked into the entrance and it went in gentle thrusts, until he could reach no further. A little surprised at how tight she was, his impression of her was of a decent, shy girl, who could easily be more conservative than his own girlfriend. Now, he was totally lost on what to expect.

He fingered her for a good five minutes, pumping his hand fast at her pussy. All she could do was to hug him around the neck for balance and moaning into his ears. Needless to say, his dick was growing impatient. The respect and boundary was all that was holding him back from penetrating this best friend of his girl.

After his arms got a little weary, he had to pause and politely apologised before taking a break. She asked him to rest on the chair she had been stepping on and he spent the next minute recovering his energy. Somewhere inside him, was wishing for her to energise him up. Standing in front of him, Perlin turned around and dropped her skirt, letting him smell the womanly fragrance from her body. What was next?

She helped him up and led him towards a table in the corner, sitting herself at the edge with her legs opened. There was nothing to guess, it was a willing invitation. His shorts laid on the chair and he stopped in front of her, where she took her time to hold his dick and feel how large it was. After all, she was the one that caused him to get so hard. It would be uncourteous to leave him high and dry.

She leaned back on the long table onto her bent arm, holding onto his dick and pushing it a little downwards so it would not slip. Inches by inches, he felt his rod sink into the fleshy tunnel, overwhelmed by how tight it was. Before he started moving, he had to ask if she had ever did it, and a shake of her head almost made him cum that instant.

Ray had claimed a virgin while he was attached, and it was not just an ONS, he would have to face her and his own girl from time to time, increasing his number of secrets from his girlfriend by one. Seeing that the oyster had been opened and had no refund options, he hugged her in his chest and gave her a kiss, filled with honour and gratitude for her trust in him. In return, he would thrust in her too, so not to have any regrets, or worse, get reported.

He let her lay on her arms while he began moving his hips, jerking the wooden table lightly as his dick dipped into the abyss. Perlin’s mind had long sworn to be his little secret, and would never tell anyone, because she knew she could still enjoy him no matter if he was attached. Excess juices were leaking out of her pussy, all thanks to his dick that had occupied most of her inner space. Moans were inevitable, but she did a good job containing it to the softest.

The quiet action had him pounding at her non-stop, alternating between different speeds so he could last as long. Her body had been shivering with the continuous bombardment of her sensitive spots, giving her orgasms that were less than three minutes apart. It was the excitement and secrecy of this hook up that made her so horny.

This battle of stamina soon brought Perlin to weakness and she had to plead for him to stop, or cum. He had been delaying himself until this moment, and there was no words to express how much he would miss being inside of her.

Perlin (whispering): ‘Don’t stop till you cum k?’

Ray gave her a nod and rammed harder into her, ignoring the creaking sounds from the furniture. There was no stopping of this monster until he satisfied her request, and Perlin was already regretting that she asked. Her legs wrapped around the fast moving hips while her pussy collapsed into the perfect vacuum that pulled him right in when he was out. And each inward stroke threw her head back, almost changing her moans to screams of pleasure.

They went on for another one or two minutes before he fell two steps back, sobering Perlin who quickly hopped off the table and got on her knees. She slapped his jerking hand off his dick and brought her mouth to it, sucking it and letting him pump a little deeper down her throat. She maintained her head’s position while he finished himself off, and right before he came, a warning came and she sank her face into his groin, using her struggling throat to massage his dick head into a frenzy before his load spew into her.

He had tried pulling it out and only managed to get it up to her lips, where her tongue tickled him for a few more pulses of cum. After which, he instinctively gave her a few more deep throat to release all of his seeds, and felt her close lips pressing against his girth. Finally, he was allowed out and stumbled backwards onto a chair.

She remained on her knees, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and licking her lips. The dim lights portrayed her in such a manner that he could never forget the sight. They got dressed quickly after their hormones were satisfied, and left the room back to his void deck, where the bright overhead lights prevented them from getting all naughty again.

They sat panting and sweaty without saying a word, and that was when he realised her off-shoulder top had nothing underneath.

Ray: ‘Where is your tank top?’

Perlin: ‘In my bag?’

Ray: ‘Your bra and panties?’

Perlin: ‘In my bag too.’

Ray: ‘You’re not afraid?’

Perlin: ‘I’ve done it in public already. What should I be shy about?’

Ray: ‘No. I won’t allow that. Let’s go up to the stairs and put your bra and panties back on.’

He stood up with a different aura and pulled her a few flight of stairs up, dressing her as though she was a kid. She could not understand why he would bother, especially to a guy who had sex with her.

Ray (whispering): ‘Being sexy and slutty is different. I don’t mind you being sexy with me, but never appear slutty. Understand?’

Perlin nodded her head submissively, a little scared by the change of his mood, but felt safer knowing he cared about her. They hugged each other a few seconds, before his watch beeped the hourly notice.

Ray: ‘It’s eleven now. The cab fare will increase from this time. Let’s meet another time?’

Perlin: ‘Okay. And I want you to know that I will never tell anyone about this. So you can feel safe and continue to meet me. I won’t sabotage your relationship, but promise me never to leave my life?’

Ray: ‘I promise.’

They walked to the main road for her cab and sealed their secret with a kiss, both feeling assured, but still a little horny from what just happened.

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