Alvin finally got his 24 year old girlfriend to wear the tiny pink tube dress he had ordered, even surprising himself with the shorter-than-expected length. Jolin knew he had a dress for her, but had no idea of its design. She merely brought a pair of safety shorts and a set of NuBra style black and pink laced bra. The moment they entered his bedroom, he rummaged through his wardrobe to take the dress out, ripping the transparent plastic bag off and holding it in front of her.

Jolin: ‘What! This is so short!’

Alvin: ‘Just try it on.’

She stripped herself off the casual tee and fleece shorts, and then changed into the pair of boyshorts. It was one of the small things girls wear to protect their decency under such circumstances. She pulled the dress over her head and let it fall to her hips, feeling a little shy about how short it was.

Alvin: ‘You’re not going to wear the bra?’

Jolin: ‘The dress is already padded. Luckily it fits.’

Well, that’s something new for him. But no matter if it fit, he would still make her wear it. Everything that was happening had turned him on, especially the accessibility of her braless state. Her thin legs certainly appeared longer, and her boobs and waist never looked so sexy. He opened one of the wardrobe doors and flashed a mirror, hinting to her about the unsightly black tights that were showing. That particular dress was so short that even bending a little would reveal her butt cheeks, exactly the idea that Alvin had.

After she removed the boyshorts, he handed her a matching pink g-string and watched her put it on. Jolin turned a few rounds to show him how it looked and snapped a few pictures of herself in that slutty dress.

Alvin then went to pack his small sling bag, slinging her bag over his shoulders once he was ready. It had seemed that they were heading out, with her in that mini dress.

Jolin: ‘Where are we going?’

Alvin: ‘Shopping?’

Shopping?! Walking in that outfit had worried her so much, with a cloud of shame over her wherever she went. As they strolled to the bus stops, eyes were staring at her legs. It was hard to notice a girl with well-defined shoulder lines and ample boobs that did not get ‘squeezed’ out under her armpits. The dress had enhanced her figure without her knowing.

During the wait for their bus, cars were slowing down to admire the sweet girl, thighs exposed all the way to her butt that the hemlines couldn’t cover. Her legs remained tightly crossed, and Alvin remained hard for most of the day.

Once they reached the top most floor of City Square Mall, he led her into the Gents after he confirmed that it was empty. The cubicle door was lightly shut behind them and Alvin pulled her close, kissing in her thin succulent lips that glimmered with the lip gloss she applied. But before he even laid his hands, she was already breathing hot air into his face. The signs were all pointing to how horny she was, looking even sexier in that small dress.

Jolin (whispering): ‘I am already turned on by this dress. I can’t wait for you to do me in it.’

She turned themselves around and placed him against the door, squatting down to unzip his jeans and lowering his undies to his feet. The thick scent of his erected cock couldn’t seem anymore tempting. It was red and throbbing, making little twitches with the pearly pre-cum at the tip. Holding it in her hand, it was just going into her mouth. The cute but long tongue of hers stuck out of her mouth and gave it a little sneak preview, licking the underside and tip like a melting ice cream.

It did not took too long for Alvin to lose his mind and pestered him to suck on it already. Of course, she wouldn’t refuse in this good mood. His eyes opened as her lips parted with her tongue out to receive his dick. Gliding her warm saliva along his shaft as she took it deeper. Jolin’s blowjob had always been his weakness, especially in such situations where he was so aroused, he might cum anytime.

With that tight mouth bobbing up and down, he could not keep his composure and kept struggling on the wall. Her speed increased after his knees went weak, bringing him to desperation as she tried to go down deeper.

Alvin: ‘Oh shit!’

Jolin (whispering): Shhh..

His rod gave way and spat the long overdue load into her mouth, filling her cheeks up. The teasing of her tongue on his pee hole did not help at all, only increasing the sensitivity to force his empty barrel drier. Unlike the other times where she would spit, she rose to her feet and held his face between her hands, swallowing with her mouth opened to remind him of how horny she was. It was definitely a strong message for her to do that.

Alvin: ‘I need to rest.’

Jolin: ‘Huh. What about me?’

Alvin: ‘Give me a while?’

Jolin: ‘Fine.’

She went to the toilet and sat on the cover while he leaned on the door, in some kind of zen mode to summon energy into his shrivelled dick. Jolin didn’t just sat there waiting though, her back was against the tank and feet rested at the edges of the plastic cover. To help her boyfriend ‘up’, her fingers sensually moved down her body and went between her legs, where the tiny translucent triangular cloth was darken from the wetness.

She had pushed it to the side and sank her fingers into her slit, pressing onto her clit and massaging it in circles. Moaning softly, Alvin was getting impatient at his dick that seemed unresponsive to the free show. He knew that if she continued going, her fingers would be the ones to satisfy her instead of him. But she had tried hard to hold herself back, giving in only at the last moment her body demanded it. He watched helplessly as her fingers disappeared into her pussy, assisted by the juiciness.

Her fingering was helping Alvin, but slowly. What could she do to arouse him quicker? A few ideas went tragic her mind and one finally appealed to her. She stopped masturbating and went out of the cubicle over to the sink, standing in front of the mirror and spreading her legs apart. Her fingers went back to her cunt, but had another task. She opened her slit with her index and ring finger, and ran her middle finger up and down the delicate folds.

Jolin (whispering): ‘Come fuck me?’

He happily got up and stood behind her, flicking his dickhead up and down the slippery raw flesh. In no time, he was harder than before and proceeded to force his cock into her. That sensation was indescribable as his hot rod met her cooler pussy. The fit was so satisfying she almost let off a scream when he pushed it all the way in. It had been the one of many times she wished he could stay inside forever.

Without wasting anymore time, he placed her long hair to the side and held her waist firmly. The thrusts began with no signs of stopping as his hormones overtook his mind. There was no worry of shooting too fast, and she was loving how wild they were. Sex has never felt hotter than this.

Her body was jerking back and forth while her dress was being pulled lower. The pair of 34B breasts kept bouncing as he pumped her harder. She could feel his pre-cum making her wetter, begging for him to go faster. It was a lust that would be hard to put out. Too much never seemed enough.

Jolin: ‘Go faster baby, I want to feel you deep inside me. Don’t stop.’

He accepted her request and went all out, moving out of sync every once in a while as he tries to pound quicker. In mere minutes, their feet were wet with a sudden downpour of a thin bodily fluid, accompanied with apologetic yet sensual moans from her. Both Alvin and Jolin never knew she could squirt, but that incident taught them something new.

Their bodies slapped hard against each other for the craziest ten minutes, totally covered in perspiration and juices. Her pussy had gone all wasted, thrown into spasms with the continuous bombardment of orgasms. Her life force had been reduced after a wave of deep but slow strokes of his dick, bringing her to an almost irrecoverable climax. Jolin’s knees were softened.

Jolin (whispering): ‘I can’t take it anymore. My legs.. ‘

Alvin: ‘I’m going to finish soon le. Hang in there k?’

She brought her feet together and Alvin opened his. Teleporting into another world of her body, her pussy was much tighter, yet as warm and slippery. In the last attempt to help him out, she had pushed her vaginal walls together with all her might. That was when Alvin knew he was in fact sissy weak in her mercy.

The thrusts did not last very long after the minor change in position. And he was jabbing in slower than before.

Alvin kept quiet during the last lap, and kept his rod parked throughout the ride, hips moving in small motion. That was the end. His semen flooded into her after she caught her breath, shocked by the creampie she did not expect. The hot load had stirred confusion as she found it extremely soothing to have his cum, but the worries of pregnancy bothered her at the same time.

He moved his dick a few more times until he was done, and pulled out. The leftovers dripped into the puddle at their feet, and she went back to the private cubicle for a rest. Breathing deeply, the comfort in her womb reminded her of how deeply they were in love. And Alvin just stood there at the door, watching her while his sweat dribbled down his forehead.

They had a good rest in the quiet washroom before leaving in the most carefree manner, hand in hand out of the Gents. They were so lucky not to have anyone walk in on them, but what are their chances? Were they pushing it a little too far?

And guys, what would you dare your girl to wear out?

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