Window Performance

Jennifer laid on the bed with the blindfolds on, as requested by William, her boyfriend. He had prepared a bag of surprises for her and the shy girl had no idea what was about to happen. She had never checked into a budget hotel for such things before and the sleaziness of it had made things awkward from the lobby to the room. Moaning sounds and creaking beds echoed in the corridor, but it did not turn her on at all. Only in the privacy of the room she could rest, and the blindfold helped a little.

William took the cuffs out of the black backpack and laid it around the bed, checking on the bed to make sure it would fit. His pretty Philippine-Chinese girlfriend wore a low cut dark grey camisole, boobs well supported by the sewn-on cups, and a pair of denim shorts to match it. He removed her shorts before securing her knees to the sides of the bed, and her wrists to the top most corner. Although Jennifer was a little doubtful about bondage, the fact that he took time to plan it showed her how much he wanted it. With her hands and legs restrained, her body appeared even more arousing to him, in just the top and plain cotton panties.

She was one of those conservative girls who dressed normal, sometimes even unappealing, as long as comfort made her day easier. Just for today, she heeded his advice and dressed a little more revealing, and all ready to submit to him. The straps at her knees were adjustable, giving him freedom to spread it wide apart in missionary.

The zipping noise and sounds of him undressing was unmistakable, and she knew it was about to begin. His weight pressed onto the area between her legs and she felt his body heat hovering above her. There was no foreplay of any sort, but little did she know he had lubbed himself so he could surprise her. Her panties were snipped away and top yanked above her boobs, revealing that curvy figure to him. She didn’t mind it at all, since it was William.

The movements on the bed gradually died down and his hands pressed onto the bed beside her ribs. Her pussy felt a little tickle at her entrance, and then his whole dick sank all the way into her. She did not have any time to prepare and the sudden enlargement of her vagina just screamed ‘pain’ into her mind. Knowing that she was suffering from the struggle of her feet, he went on to ram his dick into her, relieving the shock with pleasure. The huge change in sensation actually made her more sensitive, and she could feel the roughness of his shaft inside.

The desire for his cock to never stop remained in her mind as she moaned uncontrollably. No amount of slow breathing could take away the pleasure that filled her body. Her slit was reddened from the penetration, and it was gapping on its own whenever he took a pause. This newfound fetish had got her addicted to helpless sex, giving control of her body to someone she trusted. Throughout the whole time, William was just slamming his hips at her, reaching to her deepest and most sensitive spot. Needless to say, the bedsheets were stained with her leaking pussy, desperately lubricating the fierce action.

After some time, she could feel her pussy tighten even without climaxing, and William was slowing down as well. Was it about to end?

William: ‘Let’s change position.’

Before she could reply, he got off and stood with his feet beside her head. He knelt beside her arms and immediately went to feast on her pussy. The scent of his hairy dick was right in her face, and the stimulation at her genitals simply made her opened her mouth to catch the thick slab of wet, dripping dick. She could not move much of her head but he compensated by making small thrusts. The shallow dips only allowed her to keep her lips closed, toying with the little mushroom of his dick.

The change in position had delayed his ejaculation, while he get to lick his girl’s beautifully waxed small pussy. He had a weakness for her slit as it was hidden behind the innocent looking cameltoe, yet alluring when his tongue teased her clit to make it erect. The gentle appearance of her raw labia was as good as a freshly shucked oyster. She was so juicy and shy, making the whole 69 experience unforgettable. Her legs could not close no matter how hard she tried, exposing her privates like a porn star.

Well, that did turn her on a lot. The more shy someone appears, the wilder it gets behind closed doors. The dick pumping at her mouth kept her from saying anything, but he knew when to stop too. He picked himself up and buckled her wrists together. Still, her legs were the hardest to redo, not knowing what position he wanted next.

A few minutes of rest for the both of them extended his stamina by a fair bit, and it is time for something crazier. He limited the ropes between her legs and she could only take small steps, towards the window where he guided her to. She placed her hands on the glass, knees resting on the pillow at the ledge of a small space protruding from the window into the room.

Jennifer: ‘Where am I?’

William: ‘In front of the mirror.’

Jennifer: ‘No wonder it’s so cold.’

William: ‘I am going to warm you up just about now.’

In front of her was another hotel of the same height, with another couple in cowgirl. They had spotted Jennifer’s semi-naked body, and almost wanted to draw the curtains, until William appeared and waved to them. He went behind her and pulled her waist a little lower, and shoved his cock into her waiting pussy. That had shocked her twice in a row, but it definitely felt better than the first. As he rammed her from the back, her knees gradually shifted forward until her nipples touched the cold window, only to have them pressed by William.

The mixture of hot and cold drove her insane, and the darkness she was in had heightened her other senses. The couple opposite them took up the same position on a stool, and did the same, engaging in a wireless foursome.

William: ‘I will cum in this position k?’

Jennifer: ‘Oh yes.. Okay.’

He went all out to pump her harder, banging her body loud and clear. The taps of his testicles on her pussy was stirring something else in her, and she had no idea how to explain it to him. It simply felt complete. Their hotel sex actually opened her ‘eyes’ to this small but meaningful natural occurrence. Within minutes, her body was trembling with subtle orgasms that made the other pair jealous.

Fucking his girlfriend deep and hard, there was no regrets booking this room for her. Their bodies went non-stop, moaning and groaning with hair pulling and nipples fondling. His hands just could not get enough of her.

It was only after ten minutes when he whispered that he was about to cum, and he knew doing it raw was as far as she would allow. He pulled out just before the tipping point and helped her to turn around, ending the free show for the gentleman on the other side. He brought her hand to his throbbing cock and lightly tapped on her head. Without hesitation, she went down on him, going way deeper than she ever been.

Her convulsing throat had provided a sensation similar to her pussy, but much wetter. In a way, cumming down her throat definitely tasted better than on her tongue. She did not take any breaks and did her best, before he groaned out loud and she forced her mouth towards his balls. 3/4 – was all she could accommodate, right when he flushed his cum out of his nozzle and poured down her throat. Her fingers massaging his testicles did trigger another two rounds, but nothing more than that.

For the first time, he was truly exhausted and weak. It was the most worthwhile meet up they ever had, even for Jennifer who enjoyed herself throughout. He untied her hands and legs, before heading to the bed and falling on it. She raised the blindfold over her head to the streetlights that glared into the window she was at. A look of what the.. overcame her face and she turned around to see who was opposite.

The man who noticed them stood just beside the bed, letting his girl blow him while looking at Jennifer, giving a wave that sent her running towards William. She cuddled in his arms, calmed by his smiling, satisfied expression. How lucky was she to be with such a guy. Not just someone who brought her to a hotel and had wild sex, but a man who took great care of her. Nonetheless, a little guilt was felt in the corner of her heart, bearing the memories of public sex she had with another guy, who was special in his own ways.

And in his kenjataimu state of mind, was replaying the scenes where another girl, who had the ideal CFM face, took him from behind while turning sideways to show her large eyes and biting lips, moaning ‘fuck me harder’, and allowing him to cum deep into her pussy.

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