Stories: Thirty Days

Hello people! Long time since you guys read anything personal from J yeah? Well, for a personal challenge, I have written a short eBook in PDF format. The reason for this attempt is firstly to raise funds. I’m just going to summarise my situation here for those who are interested.

Career switch. Govt-subsidised course. Attend classes. No job for now.

If I may call this eBook, a novel, consists of 30 entries, revolving around a newly-wed couple, Bernice and ‘I’. My wife’s best friend, Sarah, got involved in ‘some’ ways and un/luckily, Sarah was also good friend with Shanice, my wife’s younger, sister-in-law. Sarah’s brother, Rick, returned to Singapore for a break during the period of this messy affair and he got involved too!

Does it sound boring? Well, like all the stories I’ve written for sale, you guys will have access to the first of many chapters, denoted in ‘Day’. Before you guys proceed to indulge in the first story, please remember the following;

You guys know my writing style. I am a rouge writer, with imperfect command of English. Don’t be surprised if there are minor errors. Spell-check only goes this far and trust me when I say I have checked through as thoroughly as I could. I am very female-biased, so whatever torture or BDSM you might come across WILL be gentle, or softcore.

Day 1 – Reality

Me: ‘Sarah? you’re here? Bernice didn’t tell me you’re coming.’
Bernice: ‘Just come in first.’

Carrying all the groceries into the kitchen, my raging hormones were confused as to be more raging, or less raging. Sarah, her best friend, had keys to our apartment that I wasn’t aware of. Just as I was ready to release my Kraken on my little girl, her friend had to be the cock block.

From the kitchen, I could see the two girls whispering, while I placed the eggs into the rack of the cryopreservation unit – my fridge that is, if you guys haven’t got it. Once I had everything packed, Bernice led me into the master bedroom, almost in tears as she spoke.

Bernice (sobbing): ‘Sarah is here because of a deal we made long time ago.’
Me: ‘Hey hey. Don’t cry. What kind of deal is it?’

Cries broke out as she tried to recall that piece of memory, scaring me at a level I had never encountered during our courting days. Half snorting and explaining, I knew what happened. It was a favour of a lifetime, one that must be honoured with the price Sarah paid for her happiness.

I had no idea how to ‘balance’ this favour. It wasn’t money, it wasn’t anything physical. The delicate heart Bernice could only take so much, and Sarah had kept this burden away for as long as she could. This was a huge favour to repay, and there was just no way I could replace it with something else.

The damage was done, price was paid. The beautiful picture we had painted for our friends and families at the wedding, was all built on this emotional expense their friendship had endured.

Me: ‘We can’t ignore this. What can we do now?’
Bernice (sobbing): ‘She wants to the repayment to start today. The one thing that connects to her is you. I promised her she could.. she could have sex with you.’

Me: ‘You actually suggested that? Seriously?’
Bernice: ‘I did.. I’m sorry. I can’t think of any other way out. She gave up the most important thing in her life for me, and you are the only important thing in my life I have.’

Me: ‘No wait. Listen to me. As a guy, I have nothing to lose. But as a husband, I have you to love.’

She wiped her tears away and brought me back into the living room. Sarah, the quiet looking girl in a blue tube flare dress, was looking at me with anticipation.

Bernice: ‘Sarah. I can be with him when.. when it happens right?’
Sarah: ‘Yes Bern. He’s yours at the end of the day. And it might make him feel better too.’
Bernice: ‘I’ll be fine babe. Just help me take this pain away.’

Sighing with sadness at outcome of her decision, I gave in and asked Sarah to proceed into the bedroom. Bernice followed quietly behind till the doors were shut, and the dancer girl began stripping down to her toned, well-built figure.

Sarah: ‘Bern, get naked too. C’mon.’

She went over to the guilt-filled wife and pulled her body-hugging t-shirt off, before tucking her thumbs into her shorts and lowered it with her panties.

Once Bernice was in the nude and covering her chastity with her arms, I was next to get naked. As Sarah requested, Bernice stripped me and I took my seat on the edge of the bed. Wifey then went behind me and held my flaccid dick, totally unreactive to the sexy, slim, fair skinned girl kneeling before me.

Feeling the tight hug from Bernice, Sarah’s mouth went over my dick and sucked on it hungrily, sliding her tongue gracefully under my cock with each stroke. Absurdly, I was harder than with my own girl. Wherever her skills came from, it sure felt like lots of practice, probably with a load of heartache too.

Sarah: ‘Bern, lie beside us k?’

She fell onto the centre of the bed reserved for our private acts and opened her legs. She then grabbed Bernice’s hand and placed it on her clit, automatically massaging it as she did the same for her. With one moaning in joy, the other was doing it in disgust.

Not wanting this to drag any longer, I fell over Sarah and popped the question, ‘condom?’. Her ‘nope’, came almost immediately and Bernice bit her lips in regret. Holding her knees high, I plunged my cock into her and felt the instant suffocation, that I thrust to relieve so I wouldn’t disappoint.

With my eyes closed, both their moans became my source of energy and I hammered her with all my might. Her first orgasm came very quickly and I found myself in a tighter situation. Between the loud pounding sounds, I saw tears roll down my wife’s cheeks, forcing me to ram even harder in revenge.

Sarah’s legs were weakening with each climax and it didn’t take long for her to shout for a time out. Covered in sweat, my dick was going into zen mode to calm itself down, almost losing interest after seeing my wife who was all wet and trembling from the sore clit rub.

Sarah: ‘I need a rest now. Your hubby is great! Can you suck him for a while?’

I took Sarah’s hand and picked myself up into a kneeling pose. Bernice’s hands went on my hips and took my dick into her mouth, casually bobbing her head just to put up a show. Little did she realise, the random strokes of her lips on my foreskin had caused an unwanted reaction, that almost made me cum right there.

Me: ‘Baby.. pause for a while.’
Sarah: ‘Cumming already? You’re so cute.’

She got off the bed and stacked the three pillows we had on the bed, before getting Bernice to lie down, hips raised by the pillow fort. Sarah climbed on top of her and lined her own pussy with hers, presenting a glorious sight of two, freshly shaven pussy.

Sarah (whispering): ‘Bern? Hey. Look at me.. ‘

Muffled moans came from where I couldn’t see but I knew they were making out. Their involuntarily hip motion was grinding each other, along with tiny gapping movements from their pussy lips.

Sarah: ‘You know which one to fuck more of right? But stop before you cum k?’

Her head turned back to my Bernice underneath her and slurping sounds came. Now that the visual distractions were gone, I sank my rod into my wife’s pussy, hoping to reassure her of my love and devotion. My mind registered the familiar sensation without problems and engaged in a fast-shallow stroke gear, pleasing my lovely wife at the speed she loved.

Just as I was lost in the beauty of love making, Bernice made an ‘mmm’ sound, jolting me out of her pussy. Something else was more important in this bedroom. I switched to Sarah’s overpowering pussy and gave her a taste of the cock her best friend owned, dipping into her cunt at shallow levels with high speed.

In under a minute, along with my desperate groans, Sarah’s butt shook like a mini quake and juices were forced out all over my dick, dripping onto my wife’s body. Sarah’s head rose and her shiver transcended across her body, all the way to her fingers which she clenched into a fist.

Sarah (whispering): ‘Fuck.. Fuck.. Fuck.. ‘

The tone she whispered those words was filled with jealousy and deprivation. I couldn’t imagine her, a girl with everything, not having access to someone who could satisfy her like I did.

Sarah: ‘Berniceeee.. Fuck me J.. all the way please.. ‘

I grabbed Bernice’s ankles to ascertain my stand and drilled into Sarah. Pushing her body down with my weight, my hips vibrated back and forth, teasing that cunt of hers that tried to tighten at my tempo. Too bad, high speed sex was my forte and both Bernice and I knew how long I could last.

Sarah (moaning): ‘Deeper! All the way inside me!’

Bernice finally had a chance to speak while her lips were free and the next words did not face any rejection from Sarah.

Bernice: ‘Babe! Let’s turn her over.’

I pulled out and we flipped her onto her back, still atop Bernice’s body. While I drove my cock into that manipulative slut again, Bernice kneaded her breast with one hand and use her other to rub her clit. Within a minute, Sarah’s eyes rolled white and her limbs no longer had any strength, shaking uncontrollably like a starfish.

Me: ‘Baby! I’m cumming!’

The Patrick Starfish insult ended the moment I pulled out, and she was left on her sides after Bernice pushed her away.

Me (panting): ‘Sarah.. where?’
Sarah (tiredly): ‘Inside.. ‘

Inside Bernice? Sure. She had the IV..

‘Me’. I repeated her own words and she nodded feebly.

Shit. Is there any way out?

Bernice (whispering): ‘Willy.. your willy!’

That long unused toy? I leaned over the bed and took the Clone-A-Willy from a box. Bernice then looked into the box and out came the warming lube. What a smart lady I married.

I smeared some of that lubricant on the tip and had Bernice go behind me. She held it at my navel and I helped Sarah into doggie, a position she had no way to see what we were up to. Thrusting my hips, that toy fucked away the initial coldness and went in at a depth none of us knew.

A quick whisper from Bernice later, I grunted out her exact words.

Me (grunting): ‘I’m cumming Sarah!’

I shoved that toy in all the way, and Bernice twisted it a little, duplicating the twitching effect. We stayed in that position for a few seconds, just to accommodate her shivering body. Relieved, I backed away with the dildo and Baby dropped it back into our Chamber of Secrets. Straightening things out as if we had not cheated.

Bernice: ‘Sarah. You okay?’
Sarah (panting): ‘Yeah. It’s so warm inside me.’

I went into the toilet and calmed myself down, sadly thinking about a confusing equation I faced at work while my real willy gave up. When I came out of the bathroom, Sarah was smiling weakly, assisted by Bernice to wash up.

Now that everything was settled, Sarah left in a drunk-like walk, leaving our apartment to ourselves.

Bernice: ‘I’m sorry Babe.’
Me: ‘We can’t use that trick forever.’
Bernice: ‘I know. We’ll think of something the next time k?’

With that, she kissed me onto the bed and swiped her hair behind her ears. My underwear was tugged low and my rising cock disappeared into her mouth. After a few minutes of rejuvenating blowjob, it was my turn to play. Her mouth was one thing I could never get enough of.

We went over to the window where a small platform stuck out, and she was placed on her knees. Grabbing a handful of her hair into a ponytail, my dick slammed into her pussy and rammed mercilessly, thoughts alternating between her and Sarah.

Sarah.. the perfect bachelorette, wealthy and gorgeous.. Before I knew it, I was humping my cock so deep into Bernice I could almost touch the grill. They had similar waistlines and shoulders, only difference being the hair colour. Sarah had the hot blonde highlights, a mark of wildness and unpredictability. And Bernice owned the dark, black hair she could style into any hairdo.

Bernice (pleading): ‘Cum into me baby.. all of it!’

Those words brought my mind (and heart) back to her and I fucked my last bit of energy out, pumping loads after loads of life into my dear wife’s pussy, while groaning like a bear going at it. Breathless and still shaking, she lifted herself off my dick and caught the errant droplets from her pussy, in her palm, and smeared it over her clit with a delightful smile.

Bernice: ‘Come, sit down.’

I dropped myself on the bed facing the window, and the dutiful lady went on her knees, licking my shaft clean. In front of my reddish eyes, she wiped her mouth on our blanket before jumping into bed, snuggling herself into a shrimp roll.

With dusk darkening the room, it was almost dinner time. Well, none of us could pick ourselves out of the bed after that ‘two’ rounds of sex. We snoozed through dinner and at nine plus, a pair of wet, thirsty lips went over my shrunken cock again, milking it for an after-dinner snack.

Guess who went to bed hungry? Between the times Bernice checked her phone and a message was flashed before my eyes. Apparently, the nightmare was just beginning.

Sarah (Whatsapp): ‘I’ll go over tomorrow. Have something nice to wear and remind him not to wear any underwear. The three of us are having dinner together.’

Bernice and I cuddled tightly, glad to know we still have each other through this weirdly ‘hard’ times. Apart from the race to raise money, we would be facing the greatest challenge of our lives, between lust – and love. Although unspoken, we had the same question in our head.

What’s next?

Wow. Can you imagine 30 days of that?! The formatting above might not be neat but in the PDF copy, everything will be nicely bolded, italicised and underlined. Conversations will be compressed to reduce file size for the benefit of all our mobile devices.

With ‘Day 1 – Reality‘, I will leave it up to you guys to decide if the novel is worthy of your money. Below are the details of the file you will be downloading via MEGA once payment is processed.

Title: Thirty Days
Format: PDF
File Size: 1.51mb
Length: 30,000+ words in 105 pages (including 1 Cover pg., 1 pg. Table of Content)

Pricing: SGD$20

Contact to buy

Note: Payment is currently limited to bank transfers only. Although I have provided a list price of SGD$20, you are welcome to contribute more. Any amount above that will be greatly appreciated, to show your support beyond this novel I wrote.

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