Easy Money

Resting at one of the stairs of her block, Angela was dead tired from her school that began early at 7am. It was a very windy afternoon and she knew she had to get some rest before her make up night class started at 6pm. Wearing a black skater skirt and white sleeveless blouse, her pink strapless bra that was showing through the translucent top had been admired by the guys in her school for the whole day, going unnoticed by her. Nonetheless, she finally got her time off to catch a nap, and all of her books were in her laptop bag.

Only a handful of people walked past the stairs, and did not bother with the tired girl. Until a guy came about while he took the flight of stairs up to the second level, where he lived. Taking his steps up, her stripped pink panties were showing in high contrast and he could even go close enough to get a close up view of it. In mere seconds, he decided to go for it and asked if she was keen in making some extra cash.

Marcus (whispering): ‘Hey.. excuse me?’

Angela: ‘Yes?’

Marcus: ‘Want to make some extra cash?’

Angela: ‘Huh? Want to what?’

Still half-awake, she couldn’t make out what he was mumbling at all. But the clarification got her up on her feet and almost ran down the stairs, until he blurted the amount he was willing to pay.

Marcus (whispering loudly): ‘Two hundred!’

Angela stopped midway on the stairs and turned back, giving his offer a thought, and weighing the dangers of the quick-cash deal. She could control what she wanted to do, and no one would know since he wasn’t related to her in any way. The money was the main temptation given how little savings she had, and nothing too dangerous could happen to her. That was how confident she was with her occasional gym visits.

Angela: ‘250?’

Marcus: ‘That will have to depends on how well you perform.’

Angela: ‘Okayyy. Where?’

He made his way to the second flight of stairs and stood there, waving to her as the spot for the deal. It was darker than normal under the overcast sky and he had assured her that the whole floor was empty, like ‘for sale’ empty. The footwear outside the doors was enough to let her feel comfortable, and she awaited for him to guide her.

Marcus’ belt hit the floor with his pants and sat himself down, patting on the empty space next to him. She took her place and he went on to spread her knees, kneading on her panties without much noises. The circular motion was quickly turning Angela on, at the same time she tried to bring herself into the mood. It would only be right to enjoy a little despite the unclean form of a ‘part-time’ job right? Soon, a patch of juices had soaked into the underwear and he asked her to remove it.

Once her pussy was in sight, he went a few steps lower and angled her pussy towards him. It was unlike the girls in adult videos, her pubic region were shaved, but was in a lighter skin tone, that matched her fair legs. He could see it clearly for the first time. His mouth dived in for the juicy abalone and his fingers slipped into her lubricated pussy easily, licking and finger-fucking her at the same time.

For Angela, this quickie had been going well so far, as she was the one being served up to this point. Clearly, he was experienced in teasing her clit and working on her g-spot, giving her the first public orgasm that sent fluid gushing out.

Marcus (whispering): ‘You can squirt?!’

Angela (answering shyly): ‘I didn’t know it until now.’

Confident about his skills, it was time for him to enjoy and he lowered the skirt to cover her pussy. He went back to where Angela sat and spoke two words into her ears ‘blow me’. Without wasting anymore time, she sat between his legs and kept her legs opened. One hand went to his shaft to guide it into her mouth, while the other went between her legs to keep herself horny. It had definitely made work easier when she masturbated. Her seventeen year old lips went over his little head and gave it a lick, before pushing her pouted mouth down his shaft.


He could not hold his groaning back from the tightness of her mouth. Her eyes kept watch on his expression while going up and down, swirling her tongue over the tip whenever she took a break. Marcus let her continue with the oral sex without any requests nor sudden pushing, allowing her to take her time to milk his rod. His eyes were closed and body leaned against the steps, mouth opening and closing, biting his own lips to contain the embarrassing groans.

After five minutes of her deadly lips, he stopped her and reached for his wallet to take a condom. Handing it to her, she tore it open with shocking violence, giving him a scare. But what followed showed him her real skills. Capping the tip over his rod, her mouth took over the task of rolling it down, up to the last inch, where she gave him one stroke of deep throat to get the rubber in place. He knew he could not take anymore of her blowjob, least he would cum before sex.

Once the protection was in place, he got up and placed his slippers together at where he sat. Going behind her and asking to place her knees on it. So, the first position was ‘doggie on the steps’. Her feet had a little trouble finding support, but he didn’t take too long to prove that she needed to step on something. He flicked his dick up and down her slit until he felt ready, and sank his meat inch by inch into her.

The separation of her vagina walls had met its limits with his size, not surprising for someone appearing to be in his late twenties or early thirties. Her knees would not go any wider to ease the slight pain, since his feet were opened behind her. That overwhelming tightness had immediately alerted that it would not take too long for him to cum. Unsure of what to do, she remained in the same position while his dick took a rest inside.

That throbbing stick was struggling with the contracting pussy, moving in a wavy motion as though she was milking him. There was nothing he could do to last any longer. What a way to spend S$200. After half a minute, he started pounding her butt and the long, deep strokes were sending her into the heavens. Her pussy had never felt so full before, with a dick that sealed closely around her insides. Every area was in contact with the thrusts and almost each strokes had stimulated a different experience for her.

His dick did not take too long to give her the first orgasm, where she moaned during the whole climax, scaring the hell out of Marcus. Although he did not stop pounding her, it was as close as telling his neighbours that some action was happening at his floor. The quietness came after a while and he resumed his speed, going in and out of the slippery pussy that just squirted. The trembling was still running through her body, but she was too high to give a hoot about it. She wanted more.

His hands had went around her body to fondle her boobs over her bra, but there was not really a need for it. She was already too horny for more. Each time he paused, she would jerk her body backwards to fuck his dick, and it felt extremely different when she did it on her own. It was just too overwhelming for Marcus, who had not met such a situation before.

After a long ten minutes of doggie, he decided to change to a cowgirl position, with her sitting on his opened legs. Angela wasted no time in swapping her pose, and held his dick upright while lowering herself. Her pussy was all excited for the reentry, and Marcus regretted his choice of stance. She had one hand on the railing and another behind his neck, holding on dearly for balance while her squatting legs warmed up from the up down bouncing. She was not as tight as before, but the speed and angle she went were as erotic.

Alternating between hops and grinds, he was desperately feeling for the less stimulating one so he could enjoy longer. He held her waist down after a few more strokes and Angela knew he preferred the grind. Her pussy rubbed against his groin continuously, while her g-spot was screaming for the largest orgasm she was building up. Moving in a steady speed, his mind shifted into the countdown for the one shot, if she had maintained her pace and pressure (of her vagina).

Marcus (whispering): ‘I am about to cum. Keep going.’

Angela (whispering loudly): ‘Oh my god.. me too. Let’s cum together.’

She went on and on as though time had slowed down, until the moment he held her slim waist still and thrashed his hips upwards, like a machine gun gone wild. His high attack speed drove her pussy into convulsion, delivering his seeds into the rubber tip while her pussy flushed like the toilet, covering his legs in watery juices. Once they were in this synchronised orgasm, his hands went weak and dropped her over his dick, where her pussy took over and moved in a wave, squeezing his meat tube upwards so every drop was emptied.

Strengthless, Angela fell on his body and he laid on the steps lifeless, breathing fast and shallow. In a way, the money was well spent, but it could be better if he had lasted longer – like every man had wished. They rested for a whole five minutes before she picked herself up, with help of the railings by the side. The reservoir in the condom was sagging with his huge load and she seemed to be excited by the amount of it.

Sitting by his side, she wore her panties back before adjusting her clothes, tided her hair and applying makeup until he recovered a couple of minutes later. His wallet opened and the thick wad of cash shone like gold in her face. He skipped the blue notes and went for the red ones, or rather, light red ones.

1.. 2.. 3..

Marcus: ‘Here. You earned it.’

S$300 easily went into her pocket and her gapping pussy was showing no signs of tiredness. The motivation had been ignited by the cash. She went between his legs and removed the condom for him, wiping him clean with the wet wipes she carried in her bag. It was after all service that helped her out this time, might as well complete it nicely.

Angela: ‘Do you have WeChat?’

Marcus: ‘Yeah.. ‘

Angela: ‘Can I add you so you can find me?’

He took his phone and added her contact, sending a notification to her phone instantly. There was something about this girl that made the whole session so special. Good looking, sexy, hardworking, and courteous. Why not RTF right? They bided farewell and she left the area, for another stairs to rest her tired mind, and maybe give herself another round of climax just to see if she could finger herself to squirt.

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