Finally Wayne managed to convinced Rach to meet him. Although she was only 15, he was attracted to her daringness and shyness at the same time. They met at town and the 30 year old man actually looked younger than she had seen in the photos, which they had been exchanging to tease each other for a long while. The mature looking Rach placed her arms under his and he brought her for dinner, followed by an unhappening movie.

The last part of the evening was spent in his car, where he drove to a reservoir where many couples hung out at, doing their usual kinky stuff in their rides. As he circled around the carpark, she had pulled her blue evening dress up to her hips and started fingering herself under the panties, turning Wayne even crazier with her moans.

Finally, a car left and he took the spot, between two vehicles that had their window curtain pulled over. They climbed into the backseat and he watched her finger herself to an orgasm.

Wayne: ‘You’re still a virgin right?’

Rach: ‘Yeah. So no sex.’

Wayne: ‘Not exactly. I brought this along.’

He had his silicon pussy in his workbag and showed it to her. She fiddled with the new toy and he started to remove his pants. He did not need to tell her what to do next, she initiated to take his dick and after spitting some saliva on her hand, went on to give him a handjob.

Wayne: ‘You want to try sucking it?’

Rach: ‘I don’t like to do that. But I can try.’

Her head went down on him and took his dick in her mouth, where she could not contain more than half his length. Still, she toyed with his dick using her tongue and although it wasn’t the best he had tried, was passable.

Her inexperienced mouth tried to do it for as long as she could, but he was eager to proceed on with his idea of having ‘sex’ with this virgin girl. Wayne stopped her after a while and made her lie on her back. He gave her the silicon toy and helped her to rub some of her juices on it before placing it above her pussy, with her thighs closed. He held her knees together and let her calves dangle at the sides.

He then brought his dick towards her and flicked the tip along her pussy. The tingle generated a moan from her but she quickly covered her pussy with her hands from the side.

Wayne: ‘Ready?’

Rach: ‘Yupp.’

He pushed his saliva covered dick into the opening of the fake pussy and groaned in ecstasy with the increased tightness from her legs. Plunging his dick all the way in, he rested inside for a while before taking out a finger-length vibrator, clicking it before slipping into Rach’s pussy. Her hands left her pussy and went to her clit, rubbing it vigorously as the humming was silenced in her vagina.

Thrusting his hips into her thighs, the silicon was doing a great job to satisfy his hunger for a real woman that seemed so close yet far from him. Pumping quicker, Rach was also nearing an orgasm. Her legs shut closer together and it made him lose control, pounding deep into the silicon. As she neared her second climax, he could not hold back any longer and filled the toy with his cum.

As his hips jerked uncontrollably, she took the fake pussy in her hand and reached for his balls with her other, massaging them while her hand continued to milk more cum out of him. He took some time to catch his breath and let her masturbate herself to her heart’s content. After he was calmer, he rinsed his toy briefly outside his car and packed it into his bag.

Rach: ‘That toy is so cool!’

Wayne: ‘Yeah. Better than nothing right?’

Rach: ‘Next time we try doggie with that?’

Wayne: ‘Haha. Next time. Where’s the vibrator?’

Rach: ‘Can I keep it till we reach my place?’

The car left the park and Rach spent the journey next to him, fingering and rubbing to the many orgasms she had been having that evening. His seat was stained by her wetness but her dress was in a much more exposed situation, a big patch where she had sat on.

Below her block, he had to ask her for a doggie there and then, which thankfully she agreed to. They shifted the car to a dark corner with trees and he got her into doggie position, with her butt sticking out of the car. He then placed the toy between her legs and below her pussy, before asking her to masturbate more.

The juices from her pussy leaked to the toy and that was when he rammed his cock in, thrusting even harder with her sweet sounding moans. The second session lasted longer with delay and she was so tempted to just let him pump her pussy full of cum.

Rach: ‘When you shoot, you can spray it all over my pussy.’

That offer alone sounded too good to be true, but there was no way he would miss that chance. Driven by her slender long body, he gave all of his strength and finally unloaded all over her pussy, which she relaxed her legs and let the toy fall. Rach reached for her pussy and smeared the sticky liquid all over, before fingering herself in that position.

A minute was all she needed to cum from it and Wayne dropped her off there while he washed his toy. Although there might be danger of her getting pregnant, she was the one who asked for that, and she was still a virgin. So effectively, he did not have sex with her.

The drive home was a fulfilling one, with his car camera playing back the wide angle scene of her masturbating and the non-penetrative sex they had at the two locations.

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