Step Mother.

Ever since Ray’s mum had left his family, his dad took the role of taking care of him and providing for their daily expenses. The divorce had spurred his dad to take up a better paying job that relied heavily on his working hours, giving him the potential to earn five digits income while running out long hours. The job required him to be overseas for weeks at times, and the lack of a parent to take care of Ray bothered dad a little. After a few months of the new lifestyle, dad finally broke news of his new wife-to-be, Kyu, to Ray. Being a 19 year old, he was used to the fact that his mum was gone, and the new step-mom would not affect him much.

A few weeks passed with his new mother settling in their house and a simple wedding dinner was thrown for them. As she tried to get to know Ray closer, he realised she could not speak English or Mandarin, making communication illogical for his dad to marry her. Nonetheless, life resumed and she took the role of his mother, taking care by cooking and carrying out her duties as a dutiful wife.

The nights he had spent at home did not change much, despite the introduction a new member. Every once in a while, Ray would keep watch at her to see if she would succumb to the money he had left lying around, but she proved to be a perfect wife. Being 28, his dad of 49 seemed a little too old for her, but it was understandable she did it for her family back home as well. She came from Indonesia, and unusually, a very fair and petite good looking woman. The traditional roles of a woman did apply to her family and thus, explaining the education level she had.

Soon, his dad left home for a month of deployment overseas and she was the only one in the house with Ray. That night, she was a little more carefree and came out of the shower attached to the kitchen in just an untied bathing robe, with a translucent night gown under. Ray, who was using his laptop in the living room could not believe his eyes and just stared at the erotic outfit she was in, that revealed her figure for a moment. She packed the emptied cup of Milo from the coffee table and headed for her room, which she pushed lightly, leaving a gap.

A sudden realisation of how open, and susceptible she was hit him. He brought his laptop to his room opposite to the master bedroom to take a peep at her. She was at the window looking out, while combing her hair, in just the translucent nightie, without any underwear. He returned to the gap after he set his laptop down and continued to admire her.

She then lay on the bed and turned the main lights off, leaving only the lamp beside to light her body. A few seconds of silent texting on her phone was all she did before pulling the drawer open, and taking out a flesh coloured dildo. As the opening of the door faced directly to the bed, there was no obstruction for her to notice that someone was outside.

The toy then disappeared between her legs and the masturbation began with gentle culling moans and deep breathing. Ray could not resist the change of her attitude and ran his hands into his loose boxers, stroking his dick as she moved her hand faster. In a minute, she climaxed and slowed to a pause, before turning her head to him and discovering that her son was looking at her. She quickly pulled the blanket over her body and Ray ran into his room, knocking his pinkie toe while collapsing onto his bed.

The next few minutes was silent as thoughts of the ugly consequences flooded his mind.

Kyu (calling from her room): ‘Ray? Come.’

His heartbeat got faster while he put on a decent pair of shorts and entered his dad’s room. She patted lightly on the bed and he took a seat, not getting too close to her.

Ray: ‘Mom, sorry.’

She shook her head apologetically and the message of guilt was quickly passed on to him. He could feel how shameful she felt, and it was her who was more concerned about not letting his dad find out. Not knowing how to explain to him, she could only place a finger on his and her lips, to hopefully tell him what she wanted to say.

Ray nodded sensibly and she shook his hands in relieve. He thumbed to his room but her hand remained on his, as though she had more to say. The international hand sign for ‘sleep’ (hands together by the ear) and a pat on the bed, showed him what she wanted him to do.

He signalled for her to wait and went to his room to bring his blanket and phone over. She tucked him in and lay under her blanket, while the toy was assumed to be still around her legs. The change of ambient brought Ray to a drowsy state in no time and as his snoring started, she turned the lights off.

The movements of her body did not bother him much, until he felt her hand on his chest. In the darkness, she shifted her body closer to him and lay in his chest, while letting him breath her after-shower scent. Her hand slid across his stomach and undid the button on his pants easily. Ray could not open his eyes as he did not want to let the fact that it was her mum who was advancing on him, bother his erection.

Her soft boobs rested on him and he felt the pointed tips on the side of his chest. Ray finally gave in and removed his shorts and boxers, leaving him open for her to do anything to him. Her head dived under the sheets and stopped at his groin. A change in his dick’s environment made him let loose a gasp and she then started to give him a blowjob. Unsure if it was his dad who taught her how, but the delicate use of her soft tongue swirling around the bottom of his penis head was heavenly to him. The selfless fast thrusts of her mouth up and down showed him how much she would do for a man that gave her family a better life.

Kyu went down deep on him and opened a world of deep throat for his enjoyment, gagging as his dick twitched in her throat. After some time, she slid her body over his and pulled her gown to her hips. A click on the lamp blasted his eyes with the sensual look of her body under the pink sheer material, boobs covered by a double layer to hide some indecency. He reached under her dress for her boobs and massaged them with care, kneading them like soft dough.

That move sent a shiver of weakness over her body and she increased her speed. She reached for his dick below her pussy and her widened eyes saw some regret. She could not imagine how someone at Ray’s age would have a girth that her fingers could not wrap around. It did not even occur to her that it was so huge when she sucked on it. Still, it was only pleasure that she was headed for.

She lifted her hips a little and glided downwards, stopping at the part under his little mushroom. Well, it did not seemed little to her anymore. The width had stretched her pussy this wide for the first time and the slow descend made her pussy even hungrier for the size of it. Ray paused for her and his eyes rolled back while her pussy swallowed his dick with tightness.

Soon, they were connected at their deepest parts and she rested for a moment. Thereafter, her body began bouncing on top of him, with gradually increasing speed. The laid back tempo did not last very long as she slammed harder on him to satisfy her addiction, milking him to desperation. The overwhelming sensation incurred the groans from Ray and he was barely holding himself in while her pussy forced itself over him.

Suddenly, he sat up and caused Kyu to fall on her back. He then moved his legs beside her butt and held her legs together. The extreme enclosure on his size blew her mind away and even without moving, she was moaning wildly. It was Ray’s turn to play.

Pumping his hips hard, the depth Kyu’s pussy was receiving was about what she could take. He relentlessly pounded his dick into her non-stop and she was getting quieter with every orgasm. The frequent signs of her body arching upwards and trembling hips got more constant, and it soon was going on continuously. The sight of his mum getting pleasured by his tool was beyond what words could describe. The danger and the thrill, when mixed, drove him even crazier.

His long shaft sank deep into her and pulled out in a flash, creating a vacuum that brought him back inside. The two of them went like sex-starved bunnies, and what do I mean? Imagine bunnies going about doing what they do best, but deprived for a few years. That was it. He felt his body losing control and let his dick flicked out of her.

With a finger pointing outwards of his pee hole, she understood what he meant and sat herself up. She changed into a crawl and let him lie on the pillow, before kneeling between his legs. Kyu took his dick into her mouth once again and forced herself down on him, fucking his dick violently. He did not take long to let his hands grab her hair and pushed her head down in his crouch, jerking his hips upwards to let the high-pressured cum exit his dick.

With his dick parked at her throat, she was taking it well and his cum just dribbled down her oesophagus into her stomach. He finally let go of her after she patted on his thighs to catch some air. Suffocated for half a minute, she breathed deeply and placed her palm on his body to keep him still. An ‘OK’ sign from her hand calmed him and she headed for the bathroom to wash up.

That night, they slept with each other, with Kyu in his arms. Of course, his hands did not behave themselves and instead, earned him another two rounds of mind-blowing sex. It was the start of an unacceptable relationship, in any sense.

The duo continued their nightly romps until the few days before his dad came back, and when he did, he spent a long time in her room, bonking her mad with her packets of Viagra he brought back with him. But since Ray could not use it for fear of his dad keeping count of it, the alone time Kyu and him was spent fucking around the house.

Unknown to Ray, that night when his dad returned from overseas, she had played a video from a hidden camera in their room, depicting how she satisfied his son – dutifully. That was when he went full berserk and ‘raped’ her over and over again that night. It was a deal he had made with her, to keep his son and him, pleased to have him in check. So, it wasn’t Ray who had a sick fetish, but his dad as well, for his wife to be fucked, but by someone he could trust.

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