Confessional Sex

Daphne had finally completed her O levels and the prom night was the first time she got to dress up the way she wanted. Behind all the excitement of seeing her friends after a long holiday, she would also be able to catch her crush, Chris, looking in his best. For a surprise, she did not meet up with any of her friends on that day for the makeover. She visited her hairdresser in the early afternoon and went home to prepare for the night. Donning a pink swirl party dress (catch a glimpse of the dress below this entry), she went with a translucent white laced tube bra that rested out of sight under the V-cut neckline, and a pair of sleazy pink laced panties. The design of the undies was an open crotch, with a string of pearls running along her slit. This was how she decided to feel sexy in that short dress on her 1.65m body.

The night was fairly routine, dinner was served as normal at The Legends, situated at Fort Canning Park. Throughout the meal, the DJs and emcee did a good job, and her eyes were fixated on her crush sitting next to her table. At the end of the whole programme, the crowd started going around tables and taking what seemed like their best and final photos to be in a long while. As everyone left or went out for more photos, she found Chris to be alone at one point in time, and summoned all of her courage to confess her feelings for him. A few steps away, she could see his blushing face and had a good feeling about it.

Daphne: ‘Umm.. Chris. I’ve got something to tell you.’
Chris: ‘Actually so do I.’
Daphne: ‘You go first?’
Chris: ‘I have been liking you for some time. But.. ‘

She placed her finger on his lips and it had told him all he needed to know. Nothing else mattered as long as her feelings towards him did not go unnoticed.

Daphne: ‘Me too. Do you want to go for a walk? Let’s disappear before anyone spots us.’

She left the place with her hair over her face to hide her flushed face, but Chris could not do the same. He excused himself to the gents and left the place through the backdoor, meeting his love at the top of the stairs leading to the dark trails.

They walked hand in hand for a distance, sensing how much passion they had from the strong yet sensual grip of their conjoined hands. The pearls between her pussy had been working well and she found herself wetter as they went deeper into the darkness. Finally, they went up the giant stone gate and stopped at a corner on top of it. He turned to face her and held her waist lightly, holding it in his hands.

She stepped towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, before letting him pull her body close and sealing their confession with a kiss. The imminent tongue fight got them all hot and the accidental slippage of one of the two shoulder straps was ignored. Chris’ lips then descended down her neck, and the release of her other shoulder strap allowed him to get closer to her chest. She then wriggled her arms out of the top and he helped himself to lower her tube bra.

Halfway through the oncoming nipples attacked, he erotically ended it on her boobs and looked at her.

Chris: ‘Are we moving too fast?’
Daphne: ‘I think we’re long overdue. Let’s make up for it.’

His mouth went straight for her nipples and sucked on the innocent tips, flicking and pinching it with his tongue and lips. Her moans got louder as he advanced and his hands finally landed on the back of her thighs. The unexpected jolt was received by her pussy that had been aroused for the longest time, since she put the panties on. His hands roamed upwards and went under her dress, moving to her panties and closing on her crouch.

Daphne’s hands were on his head, guiding him all over her chest as he continued sucking on her pleasure points. At last, his fingers reached the pearly part of the panties and he was silently shocked at what she wore. Tugging on the string of stimuli, her clit was in contact with the bumps and the constant brushing of it along her slit was getting unbearable.

She fumbled her hand to pull his teasing hand away and stepped out of the 2 inch heels. Giving her lips a lick, her body went down and she squatted with her legs wide open, while trying to free his pants with one hand. Of course, he did the honour of stripping his bottoms down as she went to masturbate herself with the panties. As soon as his dick was freed, she grabbed the base of it and directed it to her. In a breath stopping moment, her mouth inched in on his swollen dick head and gave a kiss.

Following that, was a tight squeeze of her lips and bringing her mouth down his shaft, satisfying the awaiting cock. Since it was the first time the both of them had ever had any intimate contact (no experience), the sensation of his dick in her warming wet mouth was heavenly. She relied on the blowjob scenes in the pornography she watched and worked hard to be as good as the girls in it. Shoving her head back and forth, the limits of Chris could not be as long lasting as expected.

He had to stop her after a while, but the impressions of her mouth stroking along his dick was unforgettable. It did not help that her top was down and her pair of perky breasts were exposed to him.

Chris: ‘Come, pull your top back. I wouldn’t want anyone to find us in such attire.’

She quickly readjusted her tube bra and straps, before letting him help her to remove her panties. Again, he had to stop once her panties was off and was presented with an invitation to claim her virginity.

Chris: ‘Are you sure?’
Daphne: ‘Yes I am. No regrets.’

She smiled at him and gave him a pat on his chest, reassuring him of her choice. Turning around and leaning on a mid-height ledge of the defence tower, she was waiting for him. He rolled her dress up and flipped it over her back to keep it in place. She widened her legs for him and reached between her legs so he would not enter the wrong hole. He brought his hips closer and stuck his rod on her hand, which then angled it upwards and parking it at the entrance.

Daphne: ‘Please put it in me.’

He took a deep breath and held it the moment he was an inch deep. The indescribable feeling of a tight, hot, satisfying and many more emotions made him wonder if he could even last at all.

Daphne: ‘Just go slow. But you can cum anytime.’
Chris: ‘But I haven’t even pleasured you.’

The full length of his dick was at last fitted into her pussy and he had to hold his position so he could go for more.

Chris: ‘I’ll give you the orgasms you deserve.’

His face was next to hers as he said those words, so she could reply softly too.

Daphne: ‘Chris, when I used my mouth earlier, I had already came. I don’t know why but sucking you off turned me on more.’

Knowing that she had her fun, he got more confident about his short stamina. Slowly, he lifted his chest away from her back and held her waist with more force. He leaned backwards and held onto her for support. Then, the gentle fuck happened and his dick was slurping sexily in and out of her. The harder his dick was working, he realised he was getting less sensitive. It was probably because she had not been doing anything like squeezing, but as long as he could last, she would gladly not disrupt his momentum.

Chris’ actions started to get bigger, and Daphne’s pussy was begging for more abuse. The slamming sounds of their bodies was prominent, but they were too engrossed to fix that. With his increasing speed, the only thing she could hang on to was his forearms that was holding her waist. The orgasms did come after about three minutes, but he was moving too fast from the unexplainable numbness that he did not realised she came.

Her pussy was dripping juices onto the concrete surface, and their groans and moans had covered the loud dripping sounds if in pure silence. The two melting bodies were going non-stop, Daphne receiving all the sexual orgasms and Chris having the time of his life.

Ultimately, the devilish speed he went at dwindled down to almost a stop as he felt the sudden burst of sensitivity of his dickhead, screaming loudly in his head that an explosion was at the door, unable to determine if he could cum if he pulled or remained.

Chris: ‘Baby, I am going to cum now. Wait wait.. ‘

She relaxed her pussy as much as she could, in fear an accident might happen. After all, no one wanted to be pregnant at sixteen right? He exited her body carefully with deep long breaths and when he was out, a little of his hype was gone. Daphne was quite a thoughtful girl, she understood what was happening and did not plan to disappoint nor waste the experience they just had.

She went back down wobbly to a squat, and placed her mouth over it, skipping the grip as his dick was well covered with both his pre-cum and her wetness. Leaving her mouth opened, she searched blindly for his wrists and placed his hands on the back of her head, beside her permed ponytail. He knew what he was allowed to do, but the job of not hurting this sweet first love was more important.

He pushed her head towards his dick, and her tongue ran along the bottom of his shaft, where the connecting nerves were. Knowing that he would be gentle, her hands went to his butt and drove her head down hard against him, forcing his dick down her throat with a series of chokes she was willing to bear with. Losing sight of her suffering, he accepted his control and brought her head down his dick the way she wanted him to have.

After two minutes of crazy mouth fuck, he stopped her mouth all the way at the smoothly shaved groin and squirted the humongous load down her throat, skipping the tasting part as the slimy curd flowed down to her stomach. Breathing heavily through her nose, she could feel the overwhelming warmth and it resembled the half-boiled eggs she had every morning. The few seconds proved to be difficult for her as her throat tried to handle the foreign meat.

He freed his hands after everything was expended and she remained squatted to catch her breath. Chris wore his pants back and helped her to her feet, before hugging her for as long as she needed to recover.

Chris: ‘I love you Daphne.’

Daphne: ‘I know. Your love is all in me. I love you too.’

He kept her panties in his pocket and they left the place, taking a leisure stroll out of the woods. Since then, their hands had never left each other and the crazy outdoor sex became an addiction they always enjoyed.

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