Bolster Ride.

For Serene’s twenty first’s birthday, it was a huge celebration at MBS and many presents were given to her, from lavish gifts to simple cards. She had a huge circle of friends and they were glad to have her as their centre of influence, from both high income to the average job holders. She had a fairly well maintained body for her age, average figure which she had always wanted to be slimmer – just like any girls. That night, she wore a simple black dress that ended around her thighs, and the curves complimented her body well. After the party ended, she started unwrapped the nicely wrapped presents one by one, while alone in the room that was still in a mess. Well, all she needed was the bed to sleep on until the next day.

As each gifts made her smile wider and wider, it was one of the few that got her curiosity, as it was a long soft item, like a bolster. She tore the wrapping paper away and was a little confused about the velvet material of the bolster. Another package attached to it was opened as well and it revealed a dildo that had a suction cup for the base. Unable to tell who was it from, she just finished up with the other presents and washed up to get ready to sleep.

On her bed, there was nothing else besides the constant updates from her FaceBook, wishing her well. So, she took the brown coloured bolster and the toy with her, trying to figure out what made the gift special. A rotation of the bolster revealed a little harness with a hole in the middle, and it did not take long for her to understand how it worked. She took the dildo and pulled the suction cup underneath the hole, and it stood firmly out of the bolster, as though asking her to use him wisely.

After her phone was set on the bedside desk, she wrapped her legs around the bolster, feeling the tip of the toy rest out of position under her pussy. In her mind, many thoughts were running around and she just could not believe this present would be the first to make her happy in a different way. As she fidgeted around, the bumpy texture of the dildo was brushing along her slit till she found herself getting turned on. It was even more sensual not to know who gave her the item, allowing her imagination to run wild.

Angling the bolster between her legs, the position it was in resembled a witch’s broomstick, just that she was lying sideways. The tip of the dildo slipped easily into her pussy and she could control the pace it entered by pushing the bolster with her feet. As soon as the whole length was parked tightly into her, she shifted her body to sit upright on the bed, legs on each side of the bolster. Slowly, she began to rock her hips and the ever-hard dildo stayed resolute in position for her pleasure.

With the unimaginable amount of control she had, her bouncing got faster and it took her only three minutes to her first orgasm from an inert dick. For habit, her body would be drained with each orgasm and she fell onto the pillows, stacked in twos. How could she stop when there’s a dick so safe to have more fun with? She brought the bolster to her chest with the dildo still inside of her, and used her legs around it to thrust it into her.

Pumping non-stop, her legs could keep pushing the dildo even when she climaxed, making her scream like a madwoman in the luxurious room. Her juices had flowed out of her pussy and onto the bedsheets, but it was just not enough for her. The dildo kept pumping into her and her pussy got more addicted to it. The juicy wet sounds echoed around the room and the constant shivers got her more weak after each round. There was just never once she had came so many times, and get filled with a dick so satisfying.

While the night passed, her movements got slower and after one last intense orgasm, she gave up her body to the awesome sex toy and fell asleep, with the dildo still in her. Don’t you guys wish it’s your dick sticking out of the bolster?

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