Red Tube

Kelvin: ‘Hey Dear, going to club tonight?’
Michelle: ‘Yupp. Help me pick a dress? I’m going to shower now.’

With that, she went into the shower attached to her bedroom and washed herself up to head out later. Kelvin went to her wardrobe and chose the red tube dress that he had been wanting her to wear. Taking the set of nipple stickers with a pair of red laced panties, he took his wireless vibrator and tucked it into the little pouch of the undies. After he did everything nicely, he changed out as well, intending to go with her.

After thirty minutes, she exited the toilet and gave him a wondering stare.

Michelle: ‘Are you sure? You’re coming too right? If not I can’t wear this.’
Kelvin: ‘Yeah. I’m going with you. Will be there to protect you de.’

She pasted the stickers on the little peaks and pulled the tube over her streamline body, trying to adjust it low enough to cover her butt, which the dress did with some strain. She knew the heavier panties had a wireless bullet in it, and did not mind it at all since he would be with her. Once she was done, Kelvin slipped his shirt on and left house with her.

Arriving at the club, they found a corner and settled themselves, letting Michelle head to the dance floor. Sitting comfortably on the couch, he clicked on the remote and watched her sudden change in mood, going wilder sooner than usual. With the bullet teasing directly over her clit, her moves got slutty and guys began to surround her, blocking his view of her.

She found one of them to be extremely hot in his tight black shirt and went over to him, grinding her butt all over his lap. He wrapped his arms around her neck and squeezed on her braless boobs without permission, but she wasn’t in the mind to reject. Her body enjoyed the massage on her breasts and together with her pussy hungry, her movements got more lewd.

Guy (whispering): ‘Wanna go outside for a break?’

A strong nod of her head agreed and he led her out of the noisy dance floor, heading to a back alley with rows of cars parked neatly. Kelvin had followed them out of the place and stood a distance, hiding himself from the guy.

The car doors opened and she climbed in first, before he followed and reached for the cup holder for a can of beer. She took it from him and drank in huge gulps, while the vibrator increased in speed to turn her on even more. Once the can was thrown out of the window, he leaned towards her for a kiss and she reciprocated, pushing his head harder on her lips. As Kelvin was dressed in black, he managed to snuck behind one of the blind spots at one corner of the boot.

He could not resist how steamy the duo was getting and his hard on was getting more painful in that jeans of his. Lit by the street lamps, he could see the guy’s hand running along her inner thighs, reaching under her dress and was surprised by the wireless vibrator.

Back in the car, he whispered to her about the toy and she admitted that her boyfriend was at the club as well. Sensing a little risk, he quickly pulled her panties off her legs and placed his fingers on her wet pussy, rubbing vigorously while she held onto the handle above the passenger seat. She initiated to pull her tube lower and peeled the stickers off, so he could suck on her erected tips.

After a bit of foreplay, he started to get into awkward positions to remove his jeans, and threw it over the driver’s headrest. His body disappeared behind the back seats and it was Michelle’s turn to play. She climbed over his body and held the seats at the rear window, below lowering her body over his dick before his eyes. It was definitely too sexy for him to bear as his hands reached for her boobs and fondled with them.

Michelle started to ride him hard, and the hopping suspensions were showing what the couple was doing in the car. Kelvin shifted his position in front of the passenger windows to see her hips grinding over the guy’s groin, sucking his dick in and out of her pussy. The guy’s hands descended to her waist and held them down firmly. His help did managed to drive his dick deeper into her and she was screaming as the orgasms rushed into her head, knocking her senseless as her pussy tightened.

Guy: ‘Let’s change position.’

Kelvin saw the pause and quickly went behind a door to take cover. The guy opened the door and stood outside, while Michelle got into doggie in the vehicle. As soon as her butt stuck out of the car, he drove his dick inside her in one move and made her hit her head on the hood. Her body fell back onto the seats and the guy began to thrust his hips at her. The loud slurping sounds coming from her pussy was so erotic that Kelvin almost took his dick out to wank there and then.

The guy groaned softly as her body trembled with pleasure, in turn making him ready to cum. Soon, his movements slowed down and abruptly stopped.

Guy: ‘I’m about to cum.’

Michelle crawled a few steps forward and turned her body to face his dick. He needed no instructions in front of her opened mouth and sank his dick forward. She took his full sized dick without gagging and let him fuck her at the same speed, quickly pumping in and out between her small pink lips. As she could only maintain minimal suction, it was in fact just about what he could handle.

Going non-stop at her face, he pressed her head deep against his crouch as the hot pile of cum shot into her, ramming ever lightly into her mouth. Since his dick had released in her throat, there was no need for her to swallow as the cum all went down into her stomach. After a minute, she moved away from him to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, as though she just finished a sumptuous meal.

Michelle turned back to her clothes and Kelvin appeared behind the corner, going face to face with the guy.

Guy: ‘Oh shit. I’m sorry.. ‘
Kelvin: ‘It’s okay. Just that it’s my turn now.’

Michelle heard his voice and looked outside, to find Kelvin’s pants down and dick standing upright.

Kelvin: ‘Turn your pussy to me.’

Once again, she turned her body around and waded back until her ass was outside the door. Kelvin sank his dick without warning into her tight pussy and pumped her deep and hard. Her body rose carefully to an upright position and he held her body up.

Kelvin: ‘Go to the other side and help yourself.’

The guy quickly darted for the other door and entered, still with his pants down. He sat in front of her and leaned on the closed door, while Kelvin kept pumping her slowly. Unexpectedly, he pushed her back towards him and his dick disappeared into her mouth again, sucking on the limp rod that was recovering quickly.

The slapping sounds of their abdomen were loud in the quiet alley, but it was too dark to be watched without notice. The guy’s dick had grown to a full length and she was using the ‘natural’ jerking of the rear-end-jerking to mouth fuck the lucky guy. Although it was his second load, her skills got him to shoot suddenly and it all went into her mouth which she swallowed without hesitation.

The sight of the guy’s body twitching uncontrollably made Kelvin even hornier and he went as fast as he could, before he gave her butt a slap, and pulled her body back onto his dick. A huge gush of cum sprayed into her. Michelle gasped at the volume of his load and stayed motionless while her pussy got filled with the hot lava.

A few seconds passed and he pulled out of her, dripping cum over the seat and road. She then wasted no time to pull her tube back and wore her panties back, handing the wireless bullet to Kelvin. They then left the guy’s car hand in hand and he just sat at the driver’s seat admiring her fine ass. With the both of them satisfied, they cabbed home for a good night of rest.

Would you wish it was your car?

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