Army Days

When I was doing my BMT in year 2010, June to October to be exact, I wrote a substantial amount of stories with the ultra mini personal computer (UMPC), a.k.a. netbooks. It wasn’t easy to hide at the top bed and write, but thankfully, I know my buddies in the same bunk can keep secrets.

My buddy’s name is Zack, Zachary for short and he was one of the many who knew what I wrote. Due to the fact I was so busy with my laptop. I didn’t have FaceBook then, cause it was a distraction. When the net was congested, I would write using the top of my cupboard, while listening to my mp3. In a way, I looked like a bookie. Hehe.

But I think it was unusual for guys to want to be turned on in camp, after all, there is nothing to look at! As much as porn is so sought after, I found my calling in words, or texts. So I wrote and wrote. It was the one thing that brought my mind away from the shagness, pain, aches. The next day would always be a scary one due to more training and more strengthening.

Girls, please don’t let your guys have it their way whenever they book out. Make sure they earn it, and not just because they bore with it for a week or two. Although, in the end, please give them what you are willing to do for them and not just all the way cause they felt like it. Hormones are sure raging, but protection, prevention and precaution must still be in place.

Guys, I know it is impossible to access pornography, but you can try going to my website, maybe in incognito mode, the times in BMT, I learnt that at times, my site is blocked, but most of the time it’s up. Get hard, get rest. Everyone knows what goes on in the shower or toilet (getting off if you get what I mean), but getting caught is lame. I do know of one person that got caught and I have no idea how or who.

I wrote non-stop every night, trying to hang on to a piece of reality in the main island of Singapore. the raging hormones definitely helped, and tamed to a certain extent I don’t have to be so vigorous once I booked out.

Love one another guys! 21/12/2012 is coming! Omg! What if my future posts never sees the light? Will someone find my hard disks and experience what is sex in pure lust? Okay. A black cat is looking at me from a distance. Have a good day guys.

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