Cum on Me

Liz was supposed to meet a few of her classmates for supper at the shopping centre near her house, White Sands, but being a girl, she spent too much time showering and by the time she left her house, it was close to 30 minutes late and her friends were waiting below her house impatiently. She quickly put on a halter top and a pair of denim shorts and quickly left home.

Alex had been waiting outside her house and when he saw her, he frantically rushed over.

Alex: ‘Liz! You really took your time hor?’
Liz: ‘Sorry lah. Let’s go.’
Alex: ‘Something happened to James. Follow me.’

She went with him to the next block and to one of the stairs. But there was no one there. Alex suddenly grabbed her hands and locked it behind her, almost breaking her arms. Then, another two of her classmates appeared with ropes and tied her to the railings at the little opening of the stairs. It was like a little window between two flights of stairs, common in older flats. With both her hands held above her head, she could barely rest her butt on the floor.

Alex: ‘Now, we will have a little fun with you.’

Liz: ‘What the fuck are you doing?’

Alex and the two guys undid their jeans and they untied her top, letting her halter rest just below her pair of firm boobs. One of them took out a pair of scissors and cut her shoulder straps of the bra, and roughly pulled it off. The three of them then held her while removed her bottoms, including her panties. Things were getting out of hand very quickly, and in no time, she was bottom naked with her clothes left undone on her.

Liz: ‘Guys! Better stop it or I’ll scream!’
Alex: ‘Go ahead if you dare.’

He then tied a loop with another spare rope around her neck and onto the rails, loose enough just for her to breath. If she struggled, it would choke her and render her throat voiceless. It was the perfect position for them to do whatever they wanted to her, including rape.

Right then, another three girls came up and lifted their mini skirts for the boys. Before Liz’s eyes, the boys daringly slipped their dicks into their girlfriends and started fucking away. Silent, but intense. The only noise was the quiet pounding of the pussies and quick, shallow breathing. Liz could not understand what were they doing. Why did they strip her but went to fuck their girls instead?

One of the guys took out his mobile phone while his girl went down on him, slurping and gagging on his dick. After two minutes or so, Clarence, another of her classmates, came to the steps. He was stunned for a few minutes but the guys did not exchange a single word. Clarence proceeded to undo his shorts and went to Liz, whose mouth had been opened to breath better.

Thrusting his dick into her mouth, the wall behind was serving as a stopper to prevent her from rejection. Liz had no choice but to let him use her mouth as relieve in order not to choke from the ropes.

Clarence was in Liz’s class, and an ex-boyfriend of Joyce. And in this situation, Liz was a girl that Joyce hated the most, despite Clarence had long broken up with her. It was more of a revenge than lust going out of control. Fifteen minutes into the forced blowjob, Liz’s make up had been smudged by her tears and saliva had wet most of her chest. Clarence then went down on his knees, took the remaining two pieces of ropes and tied both Liz’s ankles to the pipes nearby.

It was tight and painful, spreading her legs so wide. If not for her dance background, she would had been hurt badly. He then lifted her hips a little, and aimed his weiner at her pussy. With the ease on the loop around her neck, she could breath and speak.

Liz: ‘Please Clarence, don’t. Let me off this time. I’ll suck you.’
Clarence: ‘Are you in any position to bargain? You know what you did.’

She had betrayed Joyce when they were together, spreading rumours that he had been fucking around behind her back. Although it was true, it still did hurt the both of them. Liz watched in agony as his dick went into her. She was not turned on at all, but the saliva coating his dick was enough to let her feel the pleasure of having her pussy filled.

Liz (mouthing): ‘Fuck!’

It went in and he began moving his hips. Although it was all a mess for her, the slutty body she had, was so used to getting pleasure whenever needed. Be it in school, out with friends, movies, she would take time off to masturbate herself in private when she was turned on. Slowly, her body gave in and her pussy began flooding.

Clarence: ‘Yeah. That’s the way you slut.’

He was going faster than the other three boys, who were barely holding on to their load.

Alex: ‘Clarence, let us know when you’ve cummed. We’re going to spray it all over her body.’

Smiling with satisfaction, he thrust harder and deeper into Liz, making her moan without holding back. Her mouth was filled with one of the guy’s dick, while his girlfriend went on to help Alex’s partner, stroking his dick while she continued sucking him. Soon, the guy in her mouth had enough and sat at the steps, allowing his girlfriend to continue sucking him.

Right then, Liz saw one of the door at the level above the flight of stairs open. A man in his 40s came out in his singlet and boxers, probably disturbed by the commotion at his door steps. Everyone saw it and gestured him over. Shit was about to get real as he let his pants down like the rest of the boys, and the girls helped Liz to her feet, but faced her towards the view of the opposite flats. Liz pleaded to no avail as she felt the man’s dick penetrate into her. It was huge and her pussy were convulsing with excitement. The man then took control of her body and rammed hard into her pussy.

Liz was getting tired and sore, in pain from the extra large serving she received. Soon, the man groaned and went even faster. With his load building up, he pulled out of her and let her fall onto her knees, returning her back to the sitting/ choking position.

All the males gathered in front of her and the girls went to get dressed. Stroking themselves vigorously, the stranger among them finished first and splashed his yellowish load of cum onto her face, over her tight small body. Alex came next and he aimed it into her gasping mouth, which she closed and pushed his disgusting load over her lips and chin. Clarence and the other two guys got so turned on and with their girlfriends assisting them in jerking off, they too, emptied their semen over her body, with lumps sliding down her legs onto her pussy. No matter how hard she struggled, the liquid would end up between her legs.

The man, deprived of any chances of fucking such young girls, he forced his dick into her mouth again and went for another round. The group whipped out their cellphones and began snapping at her sad situation, with sticky white chunky patches of nutritional protein all over her body. As the group rested and watch, the luckily chap at her mouth drove his cock hard and paused, shooting his second thick load into her mouth. Choking uncontrollably, a huge gush exited through her nose and Alex’s phone which had been recording in video mode, managed to capture her miserable state and he quickly ended the recording.

Man: ‘Can she wait here for a while?’
Clarence: ‘Yeah. She got all the time in the world, it’s all yours.’

He left and returned with a bottle tinted brown. In front of it, wrote ‘Chloroform’. He poured some onto his boxers and held up against Liz’s mouth, until she went silent. The girls undid the constraints and allowed the man to bring her back to his place. Which only God knows what will happen to her.

The group left for their activities for the night, leaving Liz in the mercy of the lucky stranger. Her shorts, panties and cut-up bra were still strewn on the steps. And the constant moans and pleas carried on into the night at the man’s house.

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