It was quite an experience, to be sitting in the corner, watching her lie in the arms of another man, while his hands ran all over and in between any crevices that were usually reserved for me. Part of my curiosity, was caused by how gentle, careful he was treating her, as if she was, his queen. And mind you, he wasn’t someone we knew, just one of many men who responded to our ad, for a man willing to pay, host and follow every condition listed for our comfort.

If I was watching a video of their tryst, I might have mistaken him to be me, given how seamless her hand moved into his boxers for his manhood. The fact that she has turned her head less than two times to me, already told me enough of how comfortable she felt with him, a man we acquainted solely based on ‘money’.

At the moment he brushed a finger into the moist, crack of her pussy, I saw her instinctive urge to slide her head down his chest. To which after I nodded in response to her brief glimpse of uncertainty at me, she continued her southward journey to his cock, that was standing hard and tall to her teasing earlier.

In one, swift descend of her luscious lips, she made him groan aloud, like how I would whenever she did that to me. As she moved the rest of her body to a more ‘accessible’ position, my eyes were fixated on his fingertips, finding their way around her curvaceous bum, into the darker region between her thighs, and over her pussy.

Pushing just one, thick finger into her body, he made her moan into his groin, a sign of distraction she most wary of. Before he could move any more in any direction, her head was already bobbing up and down, in an attempt to throw his concentration off from fingering her sensitive womanhood.

Yet, her relentless mouthfuck seemed to have no effect on him, as he forced his finger deep into her and found a tempo he liked, that suspended her in a never-ending journey of euphoria. From where I was, I could see her erratic head movements, almost in synchrony to how deep, fast, hard he was ‘wriggling’ inside of her. No matter how wild she went down on him, he never lost his composure.

It wasn’t until five or so minutes later, did she submit to his vigorous digging, collapsing to her side and moaning freely into the air-conditioned room.

Without wasting a second, he fetched the condom I provided and let her cap him on. For a moment, I thought it was inconsiderate of her to just mount herself on top of him, impatiently tucking his rubberised cock into her pussy. Like clockwork, she began riding him in the all-too-familiar manner she rode me, carelessly slamming and grinding her hips all over his groin for her own pleasure.

That said, her dominance, bravery to follow her urges, were some of her attributes I felt most addicted to. For as many moments we got intimate, it felt as thought I could just lie back, relax, and enjoy being conquered by her desire for joy.

While he was groaning for his life under her vicious, riding skill, I got a little distracted, at the tiny difference between what she did for him, and I. As subtle as it may be, her motive(s) were slightly different when she went down on him, climbed atop him, and possibly bent over for him later.

I could tell right away, that when she did those exact same things to me, she felt.. dominant, powerful, and rewarded in some ways. But faced with a man whose stamina, strength and endurance, all seemed to be unshakable, a teeny weeny bit of passion were lost. She might be doing all the work, but when she doesn’t get the sense of happiness from giving, how could she remain interested?

Not that she had gotten lazy at any point, but to see her spend all her energy to get a flash of non-existent weakness from him, and receive nothing but a strong front to ‘outlast’ her, it helped me realised, what she meant when she said that ‘I was her favourite man to please’.

I get contented too easily.

‘Ahhh!’, a loud moan from her snapped me back to reality, at the scene where he was expending his last bit of stamina at her. The rest of the monotonous ‘fun’ ended with a sack of cum-filled condom, to both our relief.

That man, has left her wobbly in her knees that I felt obligated to help her up and out of bed, for the bathroom where she rinsed the wetness off herself. Seeing that reassuring smile from her, I couldn’t help but hugged her tightly for a long time, until he checked in on our delay.

After she put her clothes back on, we left the room to him and made our way to my place. There was no way I could let this cute, obedient baby girl do anymore work, so I placed my knees between her legs and endearingly slipped my unprotected cock into her, unleashing the lust and desire I held in throughout their ‘moment’ together.

What else, could taste better the blend of my cum, with her bodily fluids, served warm from her vagina back into her mouth.

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