More Drugs

‘Umm hi.. I am Cherie? Emily said I get more from you?’

(Him) ‘Cherie? Emily?’

As the man, clad in a singlet and shorts, repeated those names, he stuck his head out of the doorway and took a quick peek in both directions, before turning his body sideways to let the skinny, brown-haired girl into his house.

Sitting on the sofa in silence, he couldn’t believe how one user could so easily lead him to another, especially when both of them were underaged and still schooling.

(Him) ‘So, what did Emily say you can get from me?’

(Cherie) ‘Umm.. the drugs?’

(Him) ‘Did she tell you what to expect?’

(Cherie) ‘Ya.. she said that you will make me take some in front of you.’

(Him) ‘Good. Sit down next to me.’

Like a puppy about to receive her treat, she dropped her backpack and joined him on the sofa, where he fetched a sachet of white powder from a drawer under the coffee table. Mentally prepared to ‘prove’ her trustworthiness to him, she smiled as she watched him open the Ziploc pouch, dipping a finger into it to coat some onto his fingertip.

(Him) ‘Open your legs.’


‘It gets absorbed faster that way. Take it, or leave it.’

Tempted by how close she was to the product that would secure her rebellious ‘status’ in Emily’s eyes, she swallowed her pride, along with her fears and doubts, and spread her legs to flash her white cotten panties under the high-waist, denim skirt.

Two pokes on her panty-clad pussy was all it took for her to learn of his impatience, spurring her hasty response to take it off. It was the first time, she would flash her fourteen-year-old pussy to a man, and even more so, a stranger.

The man, with lust in his eyes, used his clean index finger first, to tease her clit under she was slightly moist. With ‘pleasure’ added to the mix of emotions running through her head, her body gradually accepted the small price she had to pay to get what she was after.

Once she was ‘soft’ all over, he switched fingers to rub some magic dust deeper into her vagina, taking no less than five seconds for her eyes to roll white in euphoria. The weakened girl was then left alone, for however long he needed to set up a GoPro for some leverage.

By the time he returned to his seat, she was well into the ‘climax’ of the Class-A poison. To be seated next to a fit, young, girl almost one-third his seniority, he couldn’t help but get harder for her than any other ‘customers’. With nothing to restrain him, he helped himself to her hand – first.

Her small hand, on his thick, 7-inch, was nothing but mesmerising. The softness, fairness, gentleness of her grip, were worth ‘using’ to jerk himself off. For the first ten minutes she was high, he was high too, from a different kind of vice. The more he looked at her bubbly, peaceful face, the more he wanted to have her for himself.

No girls her age, would ever find him attractive, if not for his specialty. With that in mind, he put her in a more comfortable, parallel position on the couch. From where he sat, he had full access to her pussy covered sparsely in fine strands of pubes, wet, pink, and twitching to his every prod at her clit.

(He whispered) ‘do you want me inside you?’

‘uhhh.. uhhh.. ‘

There was no way he could let the chance go to waste. His shorts fell to the ground in a flash, and he was between her legs in no time. The entry, easier said than done, brought him over the edge and back, as his fully erected cock disappeared an inch at a time into her body.

Despite his excitement, he kept his eyes on her face, filled with joy, sexuality, instead of pain or reluctance. At that point in time, he was down to the last inch, where he delivered a surprise jab into her hips.

For the first few minutes he fucked her tight, warm pussy, she was just moaning in pleasure, making noises that he would only get harder and thicker to. Moving past the point of no return, he increased his tempo shoving his manhood into her childhood, until she made no more sound and her eyes began to widen at him.

Not wanting to take any risks, he pulled out of her and smeared more coke onto his finger, ‘topping up’ his credits in terms of extending her high. Falling right back into a trance, he resumed his violent, relentless thrusts into her petite frame.

Needless to say, his average stamina of thirty-minutes was shattered single-puss-ily by Cherie, cutting short the happiest time of his life down to fifteen. Like the quick-witted criminal he was, he chose to cum over her body instead of inside, for obvious reasons.

After he cleaned up, he continued to fuel her high for another hour or so, until she was back, and clueless. When she touched herself down there to check if he did something to her while she was ‘out’, it only got her more horny, to the point she fingered herself for the ‘first’ time in the unfamiliarity of his toilet.

As a reward for her (unknown) work done, and a secret just between them, he gave her one more sachet, for her to enjoy alone. For the better or worse, she would be dosing only when she was over at either Emily’s, or his place, as she did enjoy the vivid ‘imaginary’ scenes where she got fucked whenever she was high.

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