Fateful Surprise

Strapped and gagged on the chair, Jovian couldn’t believe his eyes when Melissa, his wife, let someone else into their hotel room. What started out as a sex-cation, became more mysterious when she asked to tie him up. Being a good sport, he thought she was going to try something new until the doorbell rang.

The guest, brought into his view with a blindfold over his eyes, was none other than his ex-wife, Kathryn. Melissa, faced with his reluctant, fearful expression, couldn’t care less about his emotions and undid her oversized, flannel shirt one button at a time, revealing the shiny, nipple clamps, along with the loop of a wireless vibrator sticking out of her exposed pussy.

A quick whisper into Kat’s ear brought her closer to where he sat, until her fumbling hands felt his head that was at her chest level. Once she has determined their positions, she groped her way down to his groin, where an erection was pitched in the most confusing emotion ever. For one, he was relieved to see her in good shape, but never was he prepared for her to deep-throat him on her first stroke down.

Without restrain, her face buried itself fast and hard into his groin, sending his cock straight down her throat, before sliding out to her lips for her to repeat the same moves again. Unlike how he has described Kat’s ‘skills’ to Melissa before, he was groaning and trembling violently in his seat, as if he was cumming throughout the whole, forceful blowjob.

After a good, five minutes of mind-blowing mouth-fuck, Kathryn got up and turned herself around, lowering her pussy over his dick that were still wrapped within her fingers. As soon as her pussy devoured the very tip of his penis, he let off a loud groan to express what possibly could be her tightness, a distant recollection of her casual curiosity for ‘kegel’.

When the mindless, cowgirl-style, fucking began, Melissa’s spiteful fondling of his balls caused him to scream into the gag-ball at his mouth. While he knew exactly why he was getting harder, he wouldn’t know that it was Mel’s other hand that was rubbing his ex-wife’s clit to help heighten her sensation.

Just when Jovian was grunting at the top of his lungs, the hand under his balls disappeared, only to surface behind his butt. Melissa, then drove him wilder by shoving his ass upward on every downward-stroke his ex-lover did. The deep penetrations, combined with overpowering, life-changing tightness, fueled by secrecy, lubricated by his mysterious identity, finally tipped Kat over the edge with a powerful orgasm.

The inner walls of her vagina simply collapsed on him and produced a milking motion inside, made ‘worse’ by Mel’s massage on his testicles from some direction he couldn’t tell. His agony, emotional distress, came in the form of an intense explosion into his ex-wife’s pussy, pumping her full of his masculine syrup that warmed her so lovingly.

After recovering some of her strength from the orgasm, Kathryn was led into the bathroom, then out of the hotel room with her clothes back in place. The chair-bound boy was then freed, for his turn to tie just Melissa’s wrists on the arm-section of the chair, so he could fuck his guilt, her insanity, and their punishment, out of her.

Sadly, he couldn’t last more than ten minutes in that standing doggy, given how much he had gone through from that unimaginable ‘idea’ Melissa had to bring in his ex-wife.

What a mind job.

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