Short Times

(I muttered to ourselves) ‘seriously? when I am drunk?’

With all my might, I lifted my hips up so she could lower my jeans, just enough to expose my dick. A few kisses here and there went unrecipocated due to my exhaustion, but that didn’t stop her from climbing over my hips, thereafter pushing against my chest to raise herself upright.

For most part, I couldn’t feel any more physical contact beyond her lips (she kissed me on), and her hands she used to pick herself up. After jerking my disinterested cock sloppily for some time, the next thing I felt was the familiar softness of her pussy, that slipped right over the top.

The instance she let herself down onto my groin, I grabbed her ankles out of shock, for the smoothness of her descend. It was so slippery, warm, and bascially, soothing. I could barely see her silhouette, let alone her expression that I was most curious to see since she was presumably high as well.

That attempt to make out her face soon went away once she bounced harder and faster on top of me, stopping just at the tiniest contact of her ass. For one, she was much more agile and sober, especially at the way she controlled her pace. It was just at the right spot to milk my cock, but not overwhelm my senses. In short, it felt like a really slippery handjob in the comfort of her pussy.

All I could do was to squirm in weakness, as her pussy sucked the strength out of me. That ungodly rhythm, paired with the juicy, up-down motion, simply left me suspended in the state of euphoria-like bliss.

After an unknown amount of time, I sensed the urge building up inside me and that was when I called out to her, louder and louder till her ass fell completely onto my lap. At the back of my mind, I knew that it wasn’t her, but neither was she slowing or caring about the fact that I was about to cum inside her.

My hands, were pinned under hers as she rocked the fuck out of our genitals, almost squashing them to a pulp too many times in a row. Needless to say, there was only one place my seeds were going under her control – up, up, and into.

In her most vulnerable (weak) state and timing, the load I blew was so big that she could only hold onto the base of my shaft, in an attempt to control the flow into her climatic pussy. Not only were my balls and the area around it clear of any cum, her pussy did not let even a single drop go to waste when she got up.

When the lights finally came on, everyone was found inappropriately-dressed, fucking someone else besides their rightful partner in numerous positions.

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