Raw, Hot, and Illegal

As soon as the car came to a stop under her block, Jacie climbed into the backseat in just her blouse and panties, having removed everything on the ride back. Apart from stripping the non-essential clothes off, her hand was also a little tired, from jerking his dick for most part of the journey.

Now that he is in the backseat with her, she was ready to go down on the cock that she had erected so diligently. As expected, his pants came off as quickly as any man would before sex, thereafter laying back to let her get started with her mouth, while he fiddled with the remote control linked to the wireless vibrator inside her.

Like the hardworking girl she was, her mouth, along with her hand, bobbed up and down as viciously as the toy buzzed, at times causing her to deep throat him so rapidly that he just went mindless. The over-abundant saliva, combined with her glib tongue and skilful handjob, easily sent him ‘high’ and crazy, signalled by his forceful grasp at the back of her head to fuck her mouth.

When he let her resume control of the blowjob, he reached around her bum with one hand and carefully pulled the drenched vibrator out, her cue to end the oral sex and prepare herself for part two.

That evening, instead of letting him do the work, Jacie decided to climb over his lap, to claim her first, ever cowgirl ride. As surprised as he was, he didn’t resist and savoured the process of having a pussy go over his dick, in a slow, and disciplined fashion. From there on, all he could do was to enjoy the ride, though it was clearly difficult when she was in full control of the tempo.

Bouncing hard and fast on his cock, she was moaning in the less-than-cute voice he heard when he did the work. That said, she was unbelievably tight in that position, conquering his ego with that soft, narrow pussy sliding repeatedly up and down over his blood-filled organ.

The way she raised herself to the very tip of his cock, before letting herself ‘go’ all the way to the base, completely weakened AND energised him. He had never seen her so active and participative in their little tryst that almost happened on a daily basis.

Fearing the worst, he stopped her midway the joy ride and bent her over in doggystyle towards the side. There, he finally got his wish to watch himself splitting that delicate, juicy, small hole with his manhood, that too, caused her to scream out in pleasure and pain.

Holding her tiny waist in his big hands, he jerked her backwards as he rammed forth, shocking her into a voiceless scream. His exit would then stir up a little unwillingness (from her), before a hard thrust wiped her sanity away. The constant bombardment of endorphins, oxytocin, ultimately suspended her in a constant state of lust, that brought her knee-buckling orgasms after orgasms.

With each climax shrinking the space he was previously moving in and out of in rhythm, it was inevitable that he would soon cross the point-of-no-return. Before she knew, he had to pull himself out of her, physically and mentally.

That, didn’t stop her from jumping on him though, forcefully re-inserting his cock to fuck herself silly with the wrath of a cowgirl. Needless to say, things quickly got out of hand as he failed to gather enough strength to take her ‘out’, penis rode to a pulp as she slammed her hips against his.

After two minutes of intense ‘rape’, she made that face which was directly relative to the impossible tightness he froze abruptly to. In a way, you could say that she had effortlessly vacuumed his cum straight out of his cock, into her pussy for its first, ever creampie experience.

Who could blame her for loving it so much that she continued fucking him until he shoved her aside. That mess she made, in terms of unprotected sex and Plan-B, angered him enough to put her in doggystyle again, this time, fucking her till it was her turn to beg for mercy, and a second load that overflowed out of her sore pussy.

Besides stumbling, there was no other way she could to the lift, given how intense and ‘full’ she was. Not only did she have school the next day, she foresaw how difficult it would be to focus in his class, especially when he could turn her vibrator on or off anytime he liked.

But after school tomorrow, like every day for the past two years, she would be on her knees, getting hammered by that huge cock that hopefully, would fill her up again. Having sexually awakened by a dedicated teacher, it was no wonder why her body picked him to get overwhelmingly wet for, as if she was already his sex slave.

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